– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with ADORNED BROOD?

Currently we are up in the air, flying over the Atlantic Ocean, heading to Brazil. We didn’t get any breakfast by now but we’re very excited to play our first show in South America soon. Everything is doing very good with the band and we’re very happy to get so much good reviews for our new release Kuningaz.

– First off, why did you pick «Adorned Brood» as the band’s name?

The Name Adorned Brood for us expresses something like: «The wolf in sheepskin». We wanted to have a representation of the combination of beautiful melodies and heavy music in our band name.


– Forming during the 90’s, you were almost pioneers into Folk Metal, a style pretty prolific in the last few years so, what are your thoughts on the hype the genre is nowadays? Do you consider something positive the fact there are a lot of bands coming out lately into the genre?

On our opinion, there is a little recess. At least concerning the German Pagan Metal scene. All in all the genre gave birth to a lot of good bands, but also to a lot of bands, that are doing all the same. This does not mean, that they are not good, but we think that there needs to be some fresh air in the Pagan Metal genre. And this is why we combined different influences and experimented a lot on our new album Kuningaz. We don’t care about any hype.


– You have just released your new album, «Kuningaz». What are your expectations on it?

Actually there are a lot of good reactions o Kuningaz. By the way: Thanks for your review! We are very proud about all these nice words and we hope, that most of our fans like the album as well. We think, that the new songs will be a blast at our upcoming shows. We also expect to catch the ears of many metal fans independent from style, because we think that the album breaks the barriers of Pagan metal and offers quite a lot more.


– Getting a bit deeper into this new opus; what do some of its lyrics deal with?

The titlesong Kuningaz is about «Hermann der Cherusker». He fought against the romans in the «Varusschlacht», also known as battle in the teutoburg forest, and defeated them. But the album is not only about this topic. All in all, the lyrics are again about the ancient gods, warriors and Valhalla, but we also mixed the old mythology with some modern topics. The song «A War Poem» for example is about love.


– And does it share a link with the cover artwork? In fact the cover looks great, and if I’m not mistaken was crafted by the seasoned artist Kris Verwimp.

Yes, you are right. The cover was created by Kris Verwimp and he did a great job again. He also designed the artwork to our last album «Hammerfeste». The scull at the cover is «Kuningaz» resp. «Hermann der Cherusker». The mouth symbolises the gate to Valhalla.


– On this effort I’ve noticed a specially good balance between Folk and Metal, giving a more important role to these two different worlds. Was this something you wanted to get or is this good mix just the experience time and work gives you?

Thanks! We did not especially focus on creating this balance. It just worked out that way. Our flutist Anne knows a talented viola player, who was interested in contributing to our album. The two of them added a lot of good folk parts to our riffs. Jan thought it would be a good idea to have some acoustic songs without vocals on the album and we also had a line up change on the drums. Our new drummer Mischa likes to play hard stuff! Maybe this gave birth to that contrast of hard metal riffs and folk elements, which creates the balance, you are talking about. Kuningaz could be seen as a link between our last CDs «Hammerfeste» and «Noor» and our older songs. It contains a lot of modern elements, but also all this atmospheric folk lines, that are characteristic for our older recordings.


– I also think guitars are just superb, quite vartied and it seems to be more focus on them (and on melodies in general). Did you approach the six strings on a different way?

We always try to improve things on new albums. Therefore we worked hard on getting the most out of every guitar riff and melody. To reach a more dimensional sound we layered several guitars playing different chord shapes and even experimented with lots of effects. We also used more acoustic guitars and other acoustic string instruments. In the intro «Einkehr» for example, you can hear Irish Bouzouki, 12-String Guitars and a Mandolin.


– You have always had a really honest sound, and the production this time around fits perfectly this vibe. Are you satisfied with the work done by Kai Stahlenberg?

Kuningaz is our best-produced album so far. We are very satisfied with it. Especially because Kai had to handle and mix a lot of tracks. The production was very difficult because of the big amount of different instruments and vocal tracks we used.


– As I said earlier, you are almost pioneers into the style, but I have always thought you have never gotten the attention or success you deserve. Now what you are signed to Massacre, do you think this will change? And how is everything going with them so far?

Thanks for your nice words again. Massacre Records are doing a really good job. We get a lot of promo, press and also a lot of interview requests. 😉 Of course we hope, that this will take its efforts. But last but not least it’s the love to music and the support of our fans that leads us to continue with Adorned Brood.


– All this about «Kuningaz» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

hard melancholic Folkmetal


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

Next year, we have our 20th band anniversary. Therefore we are going to play a lot of live shows. We are also planning a special release for next year.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you for the interview.

Hey metal heads and Pagan metal fans: Check out our new album Kuningaz and feel free to visit our Facebook page:

See you at our shows.

Stay Brood!


Sergio Fernández

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