– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into the VOLTURE’s camp right now?

Ryan Waste: No problem Tania, thanks for your patience. I’m about to head to VOLTURE practice in the next hour actually. We’ve been writing a lot of new music and we feel like a full functioning band once again.

– You recently released your debut album so, first of all, could you please make some history of the band?

We started in 2008 with just our guitarist Nick Poulos and myself coming up with some basic heavy metal riffs. We had talked about forming a band so I called upon an old friend Barry Cover to play drums. I knew that he would nail the style and he did. We eventually added a second guitarist Dave Boyd from the band TWISTED TOWER DIRE. Our first vocalist Brent Hubbard had amazing talent but didn’t want to tour and live the rock ‘n roll lifestyle. He was later replaced by the more adaptable Jack Bauer who fills out the current lineup that is Volture.


– Though, as I said, you have just released your first full-length record, prior to its release you already had a name into the underground scene. For instance, your first release was a split with Swedes ENFORCER, when they were quite known and two albums out. Did that first release help you out in terms of exposure?

The ENFORCER Split was a last minute idea that Earache Records had and we were just about to release our first Mini LP «Shocking Its Prey» We liked Enforcer’s music and thought our styles would fit well together so we went for it. It may of helped a little bit, but there were so few of those records pressed that it will probably end up more of a collectors item than anything. «Shocking Its Prey» is now out of print from the defunct Heavy Artillery label so those records are hard to come by now as well. I think we have made our mark already by putting out limited rare vinyl right out of the gate!


– This first full-length is entitled «On the Edge», considered the response your split, EP and single got, what are your expectations on it? And how is its feedback being thus far?

The response has been really good. It’s hard changing a vocalist right before a debut album, but we definitely prevailed. It was cool because our old singer Brent came in a laid down some harmonies and backing vocals to «pass the torch.» We had been sitting on a lot of the songs for several years so it was refreshing to finally let them see the light of day on an album.


– Digging deeper into this effort, would you mind to elaborate a bit on the cover artwork? I personally think it has certain «Mad Max» vibe to it.

You were right to think «Mad Max» that was a definite influence. Our new singer Jack rides motorcycles as well and it was our way of introducing him in the band. Several of the songs have concepts that tie into the artwork like the title track «On the Edge», «Desert Pursuit» and «Ride the Nite». If you read into the lyrics and you will see. We also were influenced by old 1970’s biker exploitation movie posters. I worked closely with the artist Andrei Bouzikov who did the painting. We are old friends and collaborators. The original art is now hanging on my wall!


– Lyrics are diverse, you don’t seem to follow a settled pattern, so I would like to know where do you take inspiration in life from to create them.

The lyrics were written mostly by Jack and myself sitting down and hashing out ideas. We had to write the album under a serious time crunch due to the lineup change. The other guys in the band helped out too, that’s why I believe it came out so diverse. I think it’s interesting when the whole band contributes to the lyric writing, it’s keeps themes less one-sided. Some of the songs draw from real life experience, for example «Deep Dweller». Jack used to work on underwater oil rigs as a deep sea diver. The song is based on «The Rapture of the Deep» where you lose oxygen in your brain and begin to hallucinate. It’s a scary real life tale of underwater death!


– This has been your first opus with your new singer, Jack Bauer. How has he fitted in? What has he brought to VOLTURE?

Jack immediately fit right in with the band. He is the most easy-going vocalist I’ve ever worked with. He accepts challenges right on the spot with an extremely positive attitude. That energy is very important to the group. Not only is he a great singer, he has an even better live stage presence that engages that crowd, which is equally important.


– This album came out through High Roller Records, which seems to be a really good home for bands into your style and are a well-stablished company too. How are things working with them?

We are very happy with High Roller and I have the utmost respect for our label. There were always the one I was shooting for with Volture and we’re proud to be a part of it. HRR has hands down the best roster and re-issues of any current label. Half the reason I’m happy to be on High Roller is for the inside hook-up on their vinyl!


– Listening to the album is obvious you are not following any trend, nor trying to copy any other act. You are just a band playing traditional Heavy Metal with European flavour I could say. Do you try to just do your own thing or when you are writing do you tend to look to what some bands did and let yourself be influenced by other bands? And what have been some of the most influential bands for VOLTURE?

Thanks for recognizing that we don’t follow any trends. We could go on and on about the NWOBHM effect on us, but most of our influences come from older bands all across the map. I could name so many but I’ll give you one from each country (for the most part) to keep it interesting: TALON (GER), HEAVY LOAD (SWE), BARON ROJO (ESP) , DANGER ZONE (ITA), RANDY (DNK), H-BOMB (FRA), STEELOVER (BEL), ANGUS (NLD), BLIZARD (JPN), SHOCK (BRA), BLACK ANGELS (CHE), SLANDER (UK), WITCHKILLER (CAN) and LEATHER NUNN (US) If your country didn’t get represented, my apologies. I’m late for band practice now and that was just off the top of my head…


– In fact you are also playing in MUNICIPAL WASTE, which has a really different style to VOLTURE but both bands have a really traditional, 80’s musical basis. How did you get into this kind of music?

I grew up on heavy metal and got into punk and hardcore later. I’m a fan of both styles so I have freedom to take each band to the extreme. I sing and play bass in a newer band called BAT (w/ Nick from VOLTURE on guitar and Felix Griffin formerly of DRI on drums) that mixes both styles and it tends to work well too. As long as I can get my aggression out and play music, I’m happy.


– Still about that, what does MUNICIPAL WASTE provide you VOLTURE can’t and vice versa? And if you had to choose: Heavy Metal or Thrash Metal?

They both give me a creative outlet, so it’s hard to say what they provide separately. I’m more of a Heavy Metal fan if I had to choose. It was my first love and it will be my last.


– All this about «On the Edge» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?



– I’ve read in several interviews your favourite band since a kid has always been JUDAS PRIEST. Due to this I would like to know if you could choose one artist to cooperate with, which one would you choose?

PRIEST rules, they always will. I’ve got to play with a lot of my heroes and they were one of them. I think it would of been amazing to collaborate with the late great Phil Lynott of THIN LIZZY. He left us way too soon…


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? How’s the live situation right now?

VOLTURE is writing some killer new heavy metal tunes and I’m heading to practice right after this. I’m running late remember?! We have a European tour being booked in MARCH 2014 with our Canadian brothers in CAULDRON. We will be covering all of mainland Europe including SPAIN so watch out for the CAULTURE SHOCK!!!


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks again for the interview Tania! SUPPORT HEAVY METAL WORLDWIDE!


Ryan Waste


Tania Giménez


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