– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you currently up to?

Hello, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share some things with you about our new album!!! Right now I’m organizing the next steps of promoting «Ravenlord», which includes tour dates, video clips, etc.

– First of all, I would like you to share some history of the band.

The band was founded in 2000 and since then, in an eleven year-period we did 7 CD releases … And if you search, you ‘ll see that not so many bands have managed such a thing in the market … As with everybody, we had our share of hard times as a band, for example we had many member changes through the years … but the more the hard times, the more we realized that it ‘s always very important stay united … a band never depends on only one person … you have to work as a team, or else it’s gonna be difficult to keep it together … Long time ago, when Gus G left the band, many people said that it was the end of Mystic Prophecy … and in that point, as in every other album, we proved that the band’s future did not depend on some musicians alone …  besides, if one observes the band’s history they will see that the band has significantly improved its status after the first 3 albums, and in Fireangel, the 6th album entered the German charts in 77th place … this proves that Mystic Prophecy has gained a lot of fame, making many fans … otherwise, of course, you simply can’t make it if you ‘re not true to your visions … and through the years Mystic Prophecy has managed to get over all the hard times and member changes without losing their strength, integrity, and passion for making great music, a fact that you will realize with “Ravenlord”.


– And why did you pick the name «Mystic Prophecy»? Does it have something to do with the general band’s concept?

Back in 2000, when we started the band everyone was talking about the New Millennium, about prophecies from Nostradamus, from the Incas, etc. and about how the world as we know it, is coming to an end … that’s actually how I decided to name the band «Mystic Prophecy».


– You have recently released your latest «Ravenlord»; how’s its feedback going so far? Are you guys satisfied with it?

The feedback from the fans is already unbelievable … they seem to like it very much, in Amazon we are Nr. 1 in digital downloads amongst Rock Legends, and we are sure that “Ravenlord” is going to enter the charts, as “Fireangel” did before it (77th place in Germany) we feel so happy about it, and we can’t wait to go on tour and play live !!! We can definitely say we’re satisfied with everything in “Ravenlord”, otherwise there’s no way we would put anything in there that we don’t like, or have second thought about it, if it’s not exactly as we visioned it … sound … songs … the graphics design, the cover … everything in the best possible quality …


– Though you music has always been really powerful and thick, I could say this time you have gone even a step forward, providing an ever darker sound. Does this have something to do with the album’s title?

We consider ourselves as evolving musicians, and in order to maintain interest and keep our fans intrigued by our musical vision, we have to surpass our level every time we make an album, but also, everyone can see that Mystic Prophecy has a very strong identity as a band. So, it is essential to always give a clear and strong message with every new album, this time we managed to give the massive sound we know we can, and combine it with new, fresh ideas … Now, having 3 people working on the new songs instead of 2 in «Fireangel» I think made a difference for the better .. As you have probably seen from the lyrics, “Ravenlord” is a one-concept album … this obviously leads to the fact that the album has an entity of its own, we consider it to be a part of our way to develop as musicians and composers, better think of it as a new chapter for Mystic Prophecy …


– Tracks as «Die Now» really manage to standout, as this one sounds really modern, even with certain Death Metal elements. What could you comment on this concrete tune?

I don’t think that it’s got so much to do with Death Metal … «Die Now» is a song with clear influences from old Bay Area Thrash, like Testament, Exodus, Forbidden … it just has a lower tune on the guitars, which makes it darker and modern sounding … my musical roots, as well as Markus’ and Connie’s lie in the same place, hence making songs together like «Die Now» …


– Other as «Damned Tonight» are almost a 100% thrashing blast, anyway you have always had some Speed, Power and Heavy influences as well so, what are your main musical influences? And what about your non-musical inspirations?

As I said above, our main influences are from the 80’s Bay Area Thrash Metal scene, a fact you can hear in many of our songs … I believe this is one strong element, which distinguishes Mystic Prophecy from bands of our style … Other than that, I actually listen to all kinds of music … if something is good I don’t really care whose song is it, or who plays it … from metal, rock, pop, soul … From older bands I like Iron Maiden, Exodus, Testament, Queen, Forbidden, Slayer, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Badlands, and many more … from newer bands, and different styles, I like AlterBridge, 3 Doors Down, Suicidal Angels, Slipknot, Volbeat …

Non-musical inspirations have more to do with my search for lyrics, in which I write aboutwhat concerns me every day, like world financial crisis, corrupt politics, wars, poverty, etc.


– Also due to these blend of different Metal styles, with is specially notorious on this new effort I’d dare say, I would like to know how does the songwriting process tend to be like in MYSTIC PROPHECY and if anything change during it this time around.

In this album the songs were written by 3 people, me, Markus and Connie … 6 songs were written by me and Markus, and the other 5 by me and Connie … Markus is in the band for the last 8 years and knows exactly what is needed for a song to sound like Mystic Prophecy … I personally think that he is one of the top-five rhythm guitarists in the world … Connie is with us for the last 3 years, but he is unbelievably talented … he plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards … he has a really good voice … he was interested from the very beginning to compose with us …. I believe that the new album has versatility and freshness, because more than two people worked on making it … a new, good musician, always adds something fresh in the band …


– You have featured a cover for Ozzy’s «Miracle Man»; would you mind elaborate a bit on why did you choose these concrete track? And what other songs would you like to cover in a future?

One day Markus told me that he did «Miracle Man» in another tempo. I listened to it and liked it a lot, because he gave the song some more aggression and rhythm. I believe it’s rather boring to make a song cover and not change anything … Of course, the original always sounds so great, but you just have to do something different in it, to make interesting, in your own way … I have many ideas on covering great songs like «Miracle Man», I ‘ll just wait and choose for the right one, hopefully for the next album …


– This has been your first full-length with new drummer Claudio; how’s everything doing with him? What has he brought to the band?

I ‘m sorry you have misunderstood … Claudio Sisto is no longer the drummer in the band … our drummer is TYRRONE SILVA … Claudio Sisto helped us for several months through gigs and festivals we had in 2010, but unfortunately his previous engagements prevented him from being in the band … the new album was recorded with TYRRONE SILVA, and he is 100% our new drummer in Mystic Prophecy … he is an amazing drummer, and everybody can hear this in our new album …


– As I said, this album sounds even more powerful, which I think is also thanks to the great production you’ve had. In fact yourself took production duties; is positive for MYSTIC PROPHECY having a band’s member taking production duties?

The album’s production was made by me and the sound engineering was made, as in any other previous albums, by Christian Schmid. I believe that we always have amazing results in all fields … production, sound sources-signals, etc. I ‘ve been the producer in all Mystic Prophecy albums, so it’s not something new to me … and it’s definitely positive, because, when we make new songs, I know very well what I want in order to have the desired results at the end of the production … there’s always a vision when I start working on something.


– On the other hand, well-known Fredrik Nordström mixed the album; are you satisfied with his work?

Fredrik Nordström does the mix for the last 4 albums and is the right person to do the mix for Mystic Prophecy … he always does the right stuff to achieve the Mystic Prophecy sound … we work for the last 7 years together, and we totally trust each other on our work …. So, Fredrik Nordström on the mixing, Christian Schmid as the recording engineer …. never change a winning team …


– About the artwork, you have worked again with Jonas Kawalek, who did the art for «Satanic Curses», so I guess you may be satisfied with his work…

Jonas is an amazing graphics designer, you can clearly see it on all his works, we ‘ve worked together during the last years, for Mystic Prophecy and we always have great results, he’s definitely a part of our team …


– Finally, what are your near-future plans? What can we expect from MYSTIC PROPHECY from now on?

Right now, we have confirmed European tour dates in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in March and April, for promoting «Ravenlord», and more are on the way, plus we have confirmed our participation in the US Prog Power Metal Festival, along with Symphony-X and Pretty Maids, this is our first time playing in the US, and we’re really happy about it !!!

We ‘re also planning some shows in Asia, we ‘ll announce them as soon as they ‘re confirmed.


– That has been all from my side, thank you once more. If you now want to add some final words; last lines are all yours.

I believe that everybody who knows Mystic Prophecy and watch the band’s career they know that we always show our best in every new album, actually better every time … for us, quality in songwriting and sound is absolutely crucial, and there ‘s not a chance that we let our fans down with any musical experiments … The new Mystic Prophecy album has got balls, power, melodies, fast and mid-tempo songs … anything a metal fan needs to be happy … Thank you so much for giving me the chance to talk once again, see you on tour !!!





Sergio Fernández



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