– Hello, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to?

Well,right now are promoting our latest album,which just came out thru CM recs. we are also doing a few shows down in south america.

– First of all, why did you pick the name «Krisiun»? Both its origin and meaning.

The name was a suggestion from the brother of our first singer. He was a student of occult sciences,constellations,the moon and all that stuff. Krisiun is the deepest and the darkest crater located on the moon,it also means seas of abominations. We thought that would be a cool name.


– To start getting a bit into your new album, why did you decide to name this effort «The Great Execution»? I would also like you to tell us how does it fit with the lyrics and what are some of the lyrical ideas covered this time.

We’ve put a lot of work and effort on this album,we had some extra time to work and build the songs up, it means more work and longer songs.we thought Great execution would be a suitable name. the lyrics are a bit more varied this time around like the songs as well. The topics are pretty much agressive,though we try to give it a meaning. We are kind of exploring our feelings about all the struggle and fierceness you have to have to survive as a death metal band.Some of the other topics can vary from Ancient history to world’s modern degratation,


– I could say this is, overall, a more brutal and striaght-forward album, without any fillers. What was the main reason behind this decision?

I don’t think we’ve ever added any filler to an album.we’ve might fucked it up here and there,but we’ve allways being a straight forward metal band. this album may sound more straight forward because of the recording,which is sounding cleaner and more organinc.you can definitely blast this one up and you will still hear what’s going on. and of course,the songs are longer and more varied,with more mid tempo parts,which makes it our heaviest album.


– Anyway, how could you describe it in just 3 words?

the good,the bad and the ugly.


– In «The Great Execution» we can also find more lengthy tunes, anyway the record doesn’t sound monotonous at all. Was this something easy to get?

Thanks,like i said we had more time to write the songs.We knew what we were lookikng for. It does take a lot of work but we’ve being jamming together for a long time,.


– In general I think is a risky and varied album for KRISIUN which supposes a clear evolution in your career. Do you see this CD as an actual step forward in your career?

Anybody can judge the way they want.It’s being almost 20 years of relentless death metal. I know for sure we are a loyal band to those who support us.There’s so much crap out there claming to be metal,i can’t even tell. In my opinion this album is our most agressive and heaviest album.


– Due to this I would like to know how was the songwriting process like and if anything changed during it.

The writting process is very simple,lots of rehearsals,weed,barbecue and beer.


– In production terms is also great, it sounds clear, modern and warm yet filthy and raw. Would you mind to shed some light on how was the production process like? I read you worked again with Andy Classen, so I guess you may be happy with his work.

Well,Andy became a friend thru the years.He shown him self very interested about doing the new one. he was calling us and telling us about his new ideas and stuff.We had a few different options but we knew he was the one,once again. It’s not just about the sound,the whole atmosphere was very important as well.


– On the other hand, cover artwork was crafted by Japanese artist Toshi Egawa, known for having worked with other several bands. Why did you choose him and what does the artwork represent?

Toshi was presented by our A&R Jessica, we were looking for a handmade drawing this time around,as soon as we’ve checked some of his art,we choose him right the way


– You are signed to Century Media since your 2000 album «Conquerors of Armageddon», so I guess things are going great for you with such a well-known label into the Metal scene, moreover nowadays seems to be difficult being with the same label for so many years. Have you ever thought about having a change and moving away from them?

Well,we thought about leaving CM and looking for something else,we also had a few offers,which i respect pretty much. but we found out it would a wrong idea,moving to a another label would might give us a strong support initially,but then,it would be the same after all. most of bands that left CM are now back.


– After so many years with KRISIUN, what have been the best and worst moments with it?

I think the worst is getting too drunk and wasted during a tour,the hungovers can be terrible on a tour bus. the best moments were when we’ve got to meet and hang out with the bands and friends we like.


– In fact you haven’t had any line-up changes, does this affect the band in a positive way or the opposite? Specially considering you tend to tour a lot.

I think it’s a big plus. we can play as loud as tight and deliever a relentless performance,as we respect and like each other in the band.


– Finally, what does future hold for KRISIUN? What are your near-future plans?

I can’t tell what future holds. Our future plans are survive as a band,stay healthy and determined. We are coming over europe next jan. for a tour with Malevolent Creation and Vital Remains.


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for your time. Now feel free to add some final words.

Thanks you a lot for the interview.

Tania Giménez



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