First of all… Could you tell us how do you began in the world of music, as Girlschool were born?


Kim and Enid grew up on the same street and because the boys wouldn¹t allow them to join in playing in their bands they started their own called ŒPainted Lady¹ playing cover versions at local pubs, when Denise and Kelly joined the band becameGirlschool


How would you describe Girlschool sound and attitude?


We play music we enjoy hard and heavy and with as much attitude as we have

We play from the heart and only play music that is natural to us, so as long as we¹re enjoying it that should show in our songs and sound which we would class as Rock!


Girlschool was one of the precursory bands in the NWOBHM arise at the beginning of the 80¹s, especially in the among femmale bands, and nowadays continues being one of the important references within world-wide the rock scene, As Girlschool feels at the moment after so many years of musical trajectory?


We¹re proud to have been around for so long and still having great support. We often meet girls who have picked up guitars because they have seen us playing at some point in our careers and that¹s encouraging to us all.

We¹ve never split up in all those years and we¹ll continue to play as long as we all still enjoy it.


It is not very common that bands of feminine Rock survive as much time, but you do it, how do you obtain this?


Because we enjoy doing what we do, there¹s been a few line up changes but only 10 different members in all that time, the day we feel like we¹re going through the motions is the day we stop!


What moves you to continue making music?


Again because we enjoy it, you can¹t write or make music if you¹re hearts not in it, not Œreal¹ music anyway. It¹s in our blood, we all love music so nothing can stop us wanting to make more and more.


Last year you published your last album «Believe», how it sounds like?


We¹re all really happy with the album, we¹ve kept the old Girlschool style but given it a much more modern production thanks to Tim Hammil our producer. The album has something for everyone, lot¹s of different influences.


How is going the welcome of Believe?


It¹s been very well received so we¹ve been encouraged by the comments so far,we¹ve had some great revues and great reactions live too to the new songs.

There¹s been a few problems with distribution and so on but hopefully anyone who really wants to hear it can contact the web site to purchase a copy.


After Believe, what future projects do you have?


LAt the end of last year we re recorded ŒEmergency¹ and ŒLondon¹ to give them a more up to date and released them just in time for the Motorhead tour, they were released as downloads only on

October 9th 2006 we will be releasing a new version of ŒCrazy¹ which was re-mixed by Ace from ŒSkunk Annansie¹ that will be on most download sites as of then.


What differences we can see between the first Girlschool girls the girls of «Believe»?


There are a few differences in that we now all have new influences which probably come out in our music. We all listen to different bands so when it comes to writing there¹s a huge pool of influences to pick from. Live we always give it our all and that will never change no matter what line up. I think the band is pretty much the same in spirit and attitude but we¹ve all grown up and lived a little nowadays and we have so many more experiences to draw from.


What¹s the meaning of Girlschool for you? What¹s it meaning in your life?


It¹s been a huge part of all our lives, for me personally I¹ve only been with the girls for the past 7 years but being a part of such a great band has been a great experience for me.


Girlschool estays always playing heavy metal, can you tell us how do you survived to musical fashions?


I think if you play music that you believe in you shouldn¹
t worry about fashions etc who cares what¹s in vogue, trends come and go but there will always be a fan base for good Rock music.


How classic band of Heavy Metal you have elbowed to you with the best thing at world-wide level, as is your favorite bands, those that have influenced somehow in your music?


We all love different bands Denise loves Rainbow and AC/DC, Kim loves Deep Purple and Led Zepellin, Enid loves David Bowie and Led Zepellin and I love Alice Cooper, Rammstein and the Foo fighters, we all love tons of other bands besides those but they¹d be the most influencial to us in our writing.


After beeing together all this years… what is the relation between the members of Girlschool?


We¹re still in touch with most of the former members of Girlschool, I share a flat with Kelly Johnson, Cris Bonacci lives about a mile away as does Tracey Lamb and of course we all meet up for a few drinks now and then. Gil Weston lives in the Midlands but we see her whenever we gig that way and whenever she¹s in London.


Girlschool is a band with a long trajectory, you never thought of breaking up the band or giving you a rest?


Never, the bands never split up, there¹s been a few quiet years where not much has happened but in that time members did side projects which is how I met Kim in 1995.

we try to stay fresh by not gigging constantly so we don¹t look like a band going through the motions. We won¹t break up until we¹re no longer enjoying playing and I can¹t see that happening in the near future.


In Spain there are some interesting rock bands, do you know about anyone of them?


Whenever we play there we always watch the support bands and I have to say we¹ve like quite a few bands so far although I¹m afraid I can¹t actually remember what any of them are called.

Enid spends a great deal of time in Spain with her Spanish boyfriend Luis, we¹ve played a few times over there over the years with a lot of great bands and hopefully will be doing so again very soon.


The last time we can saw Girlschool in Spain was at Femme Rock Fest… what can you tell us about that concert?


That was a fun weekend and a very well organised event too for a good cause. The band before us Sweet Little Sister were pretty good too. Hopefully we¹ll be coming back soon to play we always have a great time there.


Before Femme Rock Festival you played in Spain with Alice Cooper. What you remember about this tour with Alice Cooper?


Well with him being my musical hero since I was at school it was a huge event for me. The gigs and the crowds were great too. I remember almost not making it to our gig in Pamplona as we almost ran out of petrol, I would have been gutted if that would have happened.


And… when we are going to be able see you again in Spain?


We¹re in talks at the moment with an agent about coming to Europe for a few shows in Nov/Dec this year and there should be at least 2 Spanish dates included in that.


As you know, in Queens Of Steel we support women in rock and metal scene. All of you lived the 80¹s, do you think that now women in rock are better viewed than in the 80¹s?


I think so yes, it¹s not as rare these days at long last. I do wish there were more female bands that lasted the distance though, there¹s just not enough around but at least there are more female musicians in general which is encouraging.


Do you have relation with any femmale band or atist?


We get a lot of e mail from female musicians thanking us for influencing over the years, girls just starting up now who saw us 2 or 3 years ago at gigs etc that see that you can be in an all girl band and play Rock music. Whenever we gig we do tend to try and give up and coming girl bands a slot with us too.


What women in rock do you listen to?


Personally I love Evanescence, what a great band and she has a great voice. We¹ll listen to and support anyone who has a real passion for what they do and gives it their allŠmale or female.


Lots of thanks for the interview, it¹s a honour for as to speak with you. Now, if you want to tell something, this lines are yours.


Look out for tour dates to be announced very soon and hopefully we¹ll see you at the Spanish dates. CHEERS you lot


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