– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with FUELED BY FIRE?

Hey what’s up guy’s, everything is great on this side. Right now we are just working on getting our music tight and eventually coming up with a set for our upcoming tour with Suicidal Angels in Europe late January

– Last July you released your newest album, «Trapped in Perdition». Now that it’s been a few months since it came out; what are your feelings on the final outcome? And how was its feedback?

Yes it has been that long now, I feel the album sounds great for its final outcome. While on tour we were sending emails back n forth with scratch tracks, picking things to fix up. After the hurricane of messages the final product is fantastic. The feedback to Trapped is positive. A lot of the reviews say how much we’ve grown from our previous records. True. I think we still have a lot of growing, as musicians.


– As I said, this record was release some months ago, but I would like to dwell a little bit into it anyways. First difference between «Trapped in Perdition» and your two previous albums is that this was your first time working with a producer. Why did you think it was time to work with an external producer?

Yes this was our first time having a producer on board for an album. We wanted to do things differently, we wanted to go into a legit studio with legit equipment and do it professionally. Erik Rutan was the cherry on top. Our previous records was just us going into the studio, laying our songs down and that’s it. This time we put hours of studio time, did things over n over until it was right. We all got a little edgy since no one has ever pushed us to the limit. Then again no one has ever pushed us but us.


– This producer was none less than Erik Rutan. How was working with him like? And did he get the sound you were looking for?

Working with Rutan, it was definitely work. he pushed us to our max musically, physically and mentally. They don’t call him Drill Srgt for nothing. The sound we were looking for was topped from the sound we got. I think it captures every instrument perfectly


– Also the guitar work here feels to me more technical than on your previous releases. Was this something youw were striving for? Or did you rather let just things flow on a natural way?

Yea i agree it definitely has more technicality compared to our previous releases but yes it was more of a natural thing just pretty much what came out we weren’t focusing on making the album technical or anything it’s just the way things turned out but I guess it also has to do alot with our influences on this album we where influence by alot of bands that definitely don’t do not lack on the technical side. -Chris


– «Trapped in Perdition» I would also dare say is your darkest effort to date. Does each album you release depict a certain moment in your life? Or after only two albums you are still shaping your own musical identity?

I would agree with you on this one. Yes it is our darkest one to date. And yes. I guess it is safe to say that each album does have some kind of influence on our writing. Lyrically and musically. I think our musical identity is almost complete. Growing is always good


– This has been your first opus with NoiseArt Records. How are things working with them thus far?

Things with our label are great. Great support, and put us out there on badass tours. We are happy with NoiseArt Records


– All this about «Trapped in Perdition» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Reply It Again


– And finally what are your near-future plans? I see early next year you have coming up a really long run.

Hell ya we cant wait. We cant wait to hit the road, we belong on it day n night. We have Conquring Europe with Suicidal Angels and in June we have Hellfest and Metal fest for summer.. We hope it dosnt stop there!


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

If you havent gotten a copy of Trapped In Perdition GET IT! See you sickfucks from the stage! Dont forget to burn your grass!


Sergio Fernández


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