– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with BLOODBOUND?

Hi, we are currently preparing for a big show with Sabaton at Scandinavium Gothenburg on Friday 16, looking forward to that. We are also planning a tour in march next year to support the new album, we are really excited to play the new album live and meet the fans on the road

– You are a quite active band, always releasing albums on a regular basis. Your latest one is entitled «In the Name of Metal». What are your expectations on it? Do the good reviews you have always gotten make you work under pressure?

We don’t feel any pressure from the critics, but we don’t want to let the fans down. We appreciate the good reviews, but it’s more important what the fans think. We always try to do our best


– In fact the melodic Metal scene seems to be somehow saturated but you have managed to stand out so, what do you think you are bringing new compared to other bands in your style?

For us the song writing process is the most important thing, we try to make memorable songs. It’s not that much about trying to re-invent the wheel, a good song is a good song. That’s what I want to hear when I go to a concert and that’s what our fans want to hear.


– This new opus I think is the one that reflects the best whas BLOODBOUND has always been striving for, with a perfect combination of melody and power. Could you say this is the «climax» (so to speak) of the band?

Yes, I think it’s the best album so far in that point of view. We wanted the new album to stand out a bit more than the previous ones. And we were not afraid to take it “over the top” in some songs.


– On some tracks I can notice influences from bands such as IRON MAIDEN, MERCYFUL FATE, EDGUY, etc., but, what have been some of your musical references? What are the bands that have influenced you the most?

Iron maiden, Judas Priest, Accept and Helloween are probably the biggest influences, but you can even hear some Manowar and Bon Jovi influences on this album! That wouldn’t have happened in the past. We don’t want to limit ourselves.


– Overall I think you have surpassed your previous albums in all aspects. Do you always try to top over your previous album or is just the experience and progression time gives you?

Thank you We decided that we didn’t want to release just a “good” album, we wanted it to be more than that. So we wrote alot of song ideas before we felt that it was time for this album, it had to stand out.


– Even production sounds just great. Are you satisfied with the work done by Jonas Kjellgren? How was the production process like?

This is the best bloodbound production so far I think, and we are super-pleased with Jonas Kjellgren. He is not only a genius behind the mixing desk, he is also a very funny guy to work with. We laughed our asses off during the mix!


– And lyric-wise; what are some of the main topics covered this time around?

Of course it’s the traditional evil theme…as always;) But this time it’s also a tribute to METAL and all that it stands for. Both the serious side and the fanny side of it. “In The Name Of Metal” is about how it is to grow up as a metalhead. Being an outsider and at the same time feeling the brotherhood in metal music.


– All this about «In the Name of Metal» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Power, Passion and comittment!


– You are a band that has always had as characteristic the line-up changes, as you have been through a lot of them, specially on vocalists. Due to this I would like to know if the songwriting process changes with each new effort and if the current line-up looks like a steady one.

The song writing process only changed abit on the “Tabula Rasa” album, were Urban was writing all the lyrics himself. He didn’t want to sing anything that we had written, so we eventually had to let him go as the collaboration didn’t work. We have now finally a stable line-up that works greatJ


– You have just published a video for the title-track. How did the shooting go? And do you plan doing any other clips off this CD?

Yes, the video shoot was great fun. We used alot of fire and pyro in the video, at one point we had to evacuate the building because of all the smoke! Thomas Tjäder who has worked with In Flames directed the video and it turned out pretty cool. There are no plans for a second video so far…but you never know.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

To do as many live shows as possible, I hope we can land on a good booking agency soon….


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Everything is possible in the name of METAL!




Sergio Fernández


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