– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with WITCHCRAFT?

Ola: We just finished our tour in Norway and this weekend we will play a festival with Entombed and Candlemass. We are thrilled to play live again and are looking forward to start touring Europe next year!

– Have been 5 years since your previous studio album, «The Alchemist», and your new «Legend». And throughout these years the band has been through several things so, what do you think has changed in WITCHCRAFT?

Ola: We have got three new members and new energy. I think that we sound better than ever and we have developed as musicians during these 5 years.


– This new «Legend» has already got an overwhelming feedback so, considering how have the first reactions been; what are your expectations on this new opus?

Ola: We want to tour as much as possible and knowing that a lot of people like the album will of course help us doing so. It is always good to hear that something you create is enjoyed by the listeners. Hopefully this record will take us to places we haven’t been before.

– As I said before, throughout these 5 years you’ve been through some changes so, do you think these situations have helped creating such a superb new record? Did the gap of time between both records helped you seeing things in perspective and, therefore, perfecting your style?

Ola: That might be the case. We had the time that we needed to “perfect” the songs. The new members gave their input and it all helped to create a really good album.


– In fact after giving «Legend» some spins I think anyone interested in knowing what’s WITCHCRAFT all about; they just need to play this album where we can find the whole band’s essence. Is what we find on this opus your actual personality or evolution is a constant process for you, so you will always be shaping your own sound and trying out new things?

Ola: We will always try new things but it will also always be sounding like Witchcraft. When you eveolve as persons you evolve as a band and that is part of the sound. I think that it is important to do what you feel like because it will always sound better then.


– For this record Magnus has focused only on his vocals, without playing guitar anymore. What made him take this decision? And how do you think has this affected the final product?

Ola: Magnus plays some guitar on the recording but it is true that he focuses on the vocals and in my opinion he sings better than ever.


– And you’ve changed almost the entire line-up so, could you say the current line-up is a steady one?

Ola: This is the best line-up I’ve played with and it is steady as a rock.


– «Legend» has been your first release with Nuclear Blast, one of the most important labels in Metal. How is everything workin with them so far? Do you think they can provide you more coverage?

Ola: It is working out very well. We wanted a change and I fell that this is a good step for us! NB can help us to reach more people and in the end that is important for us as a band.


– This album was recorded with seasoned producer Jens Bogren, and I think in production terms you’ve managed to get a special vibe, having a better and well fitting sound for WITCHCRAFT. Was this kind of sound what you were aiming for? As it sounds really organic, even with a certain live feeling.

Ola: Yes I feel that Jens found the perfect sound for this album and I’m very pleased. We wanted a heavier sound than before and I knew that Jens was the man to create it for us. We recorded live for a week to get that feeling then we added what needed to be added later.


– On the other hand, would you mind to tell us what does the cover artwork represent? As it seems to depict perfectly the dark vibe your music has.

Ola: That was our intention. Something that represents the vibe on the record. Andreas Norrefjord created it for us after hearing the songs.


– And is it connected to the overall album’s concept? Which is it?

Ola: That is a question for Magnus but I guess that you’d have to listen to the lyrics and interpret them for yourself.


– All this being said; how could you describe «Legend» in just 3 words?

Heavy, beautiful and dark.


– We could say you are back in a perfect era for Doom Metal and similars so, how do you see right now this scene?

Ola: I don’t know, we’ll know in a few months if people appreciate what we do but it seems like there is a big interest nowadays.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? Will there be a new album soon or we will have to wait another 5 years until the next one?

Ola: There will be an album out much sooner than 5 years this time! We will tour first and in between tours we will record and write.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Ola: Live long and prosper!


Sergio Fernández



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