– Hi Jyrki, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with THE 69 EYES?

FANGS for you guys having me here! We’ve just released our 10th album and it feels like a new chapter has started in the adventures of the Helsinki Vampires!

– You have just released your new album, entitled «X», which I personally think is a return to your roots after some albums that differed to your earlier releases. Is this album bringing us back the old THE 69 EYES to stay?

This is more Goth’n’Roll than «Back In Blood» which has a dose of Hollywood Sleaze on it. «X» has more keyboards and melancholic melodies, so at times it can remind of «Paris Kills» or «Blessed Be».


– I’ve read while you were writing the lyrics for this record you broke up with your girlfriend. Did that make you easier the task of writing lyrics? Anyway, where did you draw inspiration from for some of your previous releases?

Photo by Pauli Rouvinen

You know «Back In Blood» was inspired by old skool vampire fantasy, so this is more real and personal. I really split up with my ex-girl, so it was easy to turn my melancholy into lyrics and music. That’s how the theme of this album is a bit different, since it’s more personal and from my real life. The 69 Eyes’ songs have always had my personal experiences but they’ve mixed up pop culture, movie, comics and so on rock’n’roll references.


– I personally think «X» is a more intense album, with a bigger emotional content. Was this what you were aiming for? Or does jus each album represent a certain moment in time?

I actually see our earlier albums like notes from my diary sometimes. We’ve lived through those times. As now I’m singing straight about my thoughts of my wrong gone romance, it’ll be interesting to see how people can share these feelings with me, as I’m sharing them with the listeners.


– If I’m not mistaken you pick the title «X» because you had never celebrate anything and, somehow, is a way to remark this your 10th album so, looking back, what would you change about THE 69 EYES career (attitude, albums, etc.)? Is there anything you regret of having done or haven’t done?

It’s been quite a ride, you know! I think we’ve always managed to create timeless music and albums. I guess the only thing could be that we should’ve probably dressed up in black on the «Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams» album shots, hahaha! But it was in the mid-90’s and all the fashion got lost by then anyways…


– The track «I Know what you did Last Summer» is a clear nod to that movie but, why this one? Anyway you have also had different «tributes» (so to speak) to different films as «The Crow» with «Brandon Lee» or «Lost Boys» with the song with the same name so, what other movies would you like to write and sing about?

I’ve always loved the title of that movie. Besides it has a couple of hot scream queens from the 90’s, it’s a classic! I can’t wait to see fans dressing up in fisherman’s raincoats in the audience as we play that song, haha! The next I’d like to do my tribute to some Hammer films like «Blood On the Satan’s Claw» or «The Curse Of the Crimson Altar»..actually we wrote a song called «The 9th Gate», maybe that will come out in the next album! I love that movie!


– The cover artwork has a different vibe to the previous ones; what did you want to express with it? Anyway it contains all the band’s essence.

Photo by Pauli Rouvinen

Come on, it’s still a voodoo cover! It’s a trip through this album as you stare at the psychedelic cover and listen to the whole record, it opens doors.


– You have already filmed a video for «Red», with none less than Elvira. How did you managed to have her on the video? How did the shooting go? And do you plan doing any other video off this record?

That’s seriosuly probably the coolest thing The 69 Eyes has ever done: Elvira representing our video!!! That’s the ultimate TOP on our career. I also think that the video itself is the most beautiful we’ve ever done. We did it with director Patric Ullaeus in the amazing counrtyside of Gothenburg, it was a magickal weekend. We’re going to film another video with him for the next single «Borderline».


– All this about «X» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Love Runs Away.


– Your vocals have always reminded me to Peter Steele at range, and to Ian Astbury at style but, what have been some of the most influential vocalists?

Elvis, Ricky Nelson, Jim Morrison, Bowie, Andrew Eldrich,and Glenn Danzig


– THE 69 EYES was formed back n the 90’s, and a lot of things have changed since then but, besides the maturity and getting older, what has changed in those guys that started the band 2 decades ago?

We’re better lovers.


– And what have been both the best and worst moments with/for the band since then?

The worst moments have been those 2-3 times we had have to cancel a show for some serious reason. The best moment is when Elvira starts our new video «Red»!


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

Touring, loving and rocking!


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

FANGS for believing in the Helsinki Vampires! Be one of us.


Sergio Fernández



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