– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with RED FANG?

Things are quite busy in the Red Fang camp. We’re preparing to leave on a 2 week tour tomorrow.

– You have just released your new album, entitled «Whales and Leeches». What are your expectations on it? As your albums always have gotten a great response.

we try not to have any expectations when putting out a record. We’re proud of it though, and hope people enjoy it.


– You have been touring constantly for the last two years so, when and how did «Whales and Leeches» start to be shapped?

we took 3 months off of touring earlier this year to concentrate on song writing.


– And how was the creative process? I mean, can you write on the road or do you need any kind of special environment?

It’s true that we don’t write on the road. Our van is small and our tour schedule doesn’t leave much time for it. We do most of the songwriting at home and at our rehearsal space. It’s a collaborative effort and comes together with a lot of arguing.


– If your previous records were just superb, with «Whales and Leeches» you have overcame them all; you have completed the circle and have created an opus that perfects the best elements on your previous releases. Do you feel like this is, somehow, your musical climax?

I think the new record is representative of where we’re at musically. I would shy away from words like opus. That’s not really something we can determine. It is a good record, in my opinion. I only hope people agree with me. I would say that we’ve developed musically, in what way is hard to say. It’s more aggressive than our other records. Maybe we’re angrier now?


– I personally think is, without any doubt, your most mature effort to date, featuring 11 tracks that could become hits of the band, all of them so, what’s your favourite track off the new CD and why?

I really like ‘Dawn Rising’. It’s very different from our other songs. I think it’s my favorite because it was so fun collaborating with Mike Scheidt from Yob. He’s an incredible musician and really created a new sound for us.


– The cover artwork features a lot of elements; why you mind to tell us how did you work on it and what does it represent?

Orion Landau created the album art. It was his brainchild he made after hearing the record. I think it’s really complex and represents the album well in that there are so many different styles of songs and the chaotic nature of the artwork depicts that. We wanted something that was reflective of our Pacific Northwest home. I think it looks kick ass.


– On the album you have had guest appearances by Mike Scheidt and Pall Jenkins. Would you mind to tell us how did everything arise and what have they brought with their cooperation?

We are just lucky to know those guys. They’re terrific people who were gracious enough to lend their talent to our band. The songs they worked on needed an element that Aaron and I were at a loss to create. I think they did a great job finding the energy in the songs they worked on and improved them immeasurably.


– All this about «Whales and Leeches» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?



– And finally; what are your near-future plans? That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

We plan on touring as much as possible, get gold teeth, and watch the money roll right in.

-Bryan/Red Fang

Sergio Fernández


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