– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with NETTLECARRIER?

All is well within the carriers. Very good reviews on the album and it seems like at least some people have understood what we are about

– Though all of you are seasoned artists into the Metal scene, NETTLECARRIER is a quite young new project that will really soon release its debut album so, first off, could you please share some history of the band?

Me and Mannevond started out in 2004 rehearsing at his place. Back then it was merely a project between our other bands Ljå and Koldbrann. Not much happened before we recruited Vold on drums and recored the 7” “To strangle the hero of heaven” in 2007.

After that recording i formed Djevel and he became a member of Urgehal, so NettlCarrier was sort of put on ice, even though i still kept on composing music.

After we released Dødssanger with Djevel i put all my energy back in NettleCarrier and asked Dirge Rep to join. Him saying yes was the spark we needed to go and record the album.


– And how did you come up with the bands name? I guess it may fit perfectly with that halo you dislodge with your music.

It was our former drummer that introduced the name. It`s a strange and eerie name i think- A Nettlecarrier is a portrait of a man walking the earth with a pile of nettles rubbing them on all life. A spreader of disease and death


– «NettleCarrier» will come out just in a few days. What are your expectations on this opus? And what are your feelings on the final product?

My expectations are not any- I am extremely satisfied with the album, but I really don’t care what people think of it.

The album portraits and manifests everything i wanted it to do.


– Though you were formed in 2004 if I’m not mistaken, you will now release your debut album, «NettleCarrier». Why has it taken you so long? Has been easy for the band to get a record deal?

As I mentiones above it was all our other bands that mainly caused NettleCarrier to evolve slowly.

After the 7” we had many offers and we did in some way sign to another label, but when we were ready to record the album they did not have any money, so we decided to release it on Indie.


– Anyway you are active musicians with several other bands, well-known into the extreme Metal scene so, what does NETTLECARRIER provide you other bands can’t?

I compose all the music in NettleCarrier so I can only speak for myself what NettleCarrier means aside from my other band Djevel: Whilst Djevel is based upon ancient Norwegian devilworship, NettleCarrier portraits a more universal occult figure. I think that both musically and lyrically NettleCarrier provides a more sinister path for me- NettleCarrier is black metal in a harsh way. It awakens different aspects in me than Djevel do.


– In fact we could say you are a so-called «all-star band», which uses to be a double-edged sword but, what are the pros and cons of this? I guess it’d be easy to get more attention and to reach more people but, on the other hand, everyone might always expect more and more from you.

I see your point and I guess its easy to assume so. We are by no means an all-star-band. Our persons are of NO interest in these bands.


– Due to this I guess some people may be wondering if this is just a parallel projct or a strady band with future plans.

NettleCarrier is absolutely a band with a path thats nearly not finished- After i have finished the new Djevel album i will start on the next NettleCarrier album, and i know allready that it will be a very grim one


– Your style is pure Norwegian Black Metal, solid, clear and effective. What could you say you are bringing to the BM scene?

We are merely bringing black metal, no more no less- Black metal is not supposed to evolve and be proggresive, its when you start to do that you become “extreme metal”- What the hell is that anyway?? Its just a label for band not knowing what the fuck they are doing….


– And talking about your style; what have been the main musical and non-musical influences behind this «NettleCarrier»?

In NettleCarrier i only draw inspiration from black metal, no special bands really, and by that i mean the feeling of black metal- Its a manifestation of my most aggressive feelings. On the non musical aspect there are the subject of Nigromancy that have infectetd this album.


– I think music goes a step further and steps out of what it’s simply music, each song is a different world. The whole album it’s like a journey filled with different emotions so, what does your music mean to you? Is it an art form? A way to channel your feelings and thoughts?

Well then you are one of the few that are able to grasp my intentions with this album. My music is as i said a manifestation of my deepest and most aggressive feelings and thoughts. I am a very complex person with many different aspects in my life; on one side there are my family and job, and on the other side there is black metal- These things dont go hand in hand, but balanced the right way they complete eachother and make the other stronger and close to perfection. I could under no cicumstances only have black metal in my life. I need different platforms to in order to reach the levels where i want to be in life and death


– How was the songwriting process behind this CD?

It actually took quite a long time since i also composed the Djevel album in the same period. But since i write all the songs its easier to complete it. I just record demos and give to Dirge Rep and Mannevond, and then we record in the studio when i have enough songs. We never rehearse.


– And what some of the main ideas covered with your lyrics (which, by the way, are in Norwegian)?

There is no concept on this albums, and the subjects do differ a bit, but the antichristian and occult is the main themes. 4 songs are in norwegian, 3 in english.


– The cover artwork was crafted by seasoned Truls Espedal, and it has a strong personality I believe. What did you want to express with it?

I first made the logo and decided that it would play a big part in the cover. The backdrop with death is ment as a fundament for the symbols in the logo. It gives me a feeling of something complete


– And all this about «NettleCarrier» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Dark malicious & violent


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

First we record the new Djevel album, then we take on the toll of another NettleCarrier album next year.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanx for supporting and avoid all false; ANTI King ov Hell


Sergio Fernández



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