– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into the NECROPHOBIC’s camp right now?

Joakim: The album is out in just a few days, so it’s an exciting time to get the reactions of it.

– You have always released really solid albums, and your previous «Death to All» was no exception, it also got a really good response both from the fans and press. Due to this, are you big critics of yourself? Is something you strive for to top over your previous release with each new album?

Joakim: Thanks. Of course you always want to do better and better all the time, on each album and we think we do that. At least not the opposite. I don’t know if we are more critical towards ourselves than other bands are to themselves. Maybe we are and that’s good, in that case.


– Anyway, how satisfied are you with the final outcome on «Womb of Lilithu»?

Joakim: Very satisfied. It’s a strong, powerful and grand album and I think it has a strong possibility to become many fans’ favourite album in the long run, cause it has a lot of quality.


– On this album we can see two line-up changes: Sebastian and Johan have been replaced by Fredrik Folkare and Robert Sennebäck. How have hey fitted in?

Joakim: Actually, Robert is no longer with us. He decided to leave the band early last year. He didn’t have the time that has to be put into this band, among other things and he told us that he rather step away than stand in the way.

Fredrik fit very well into the band and have a large responsibility of the song writing and that was what we were looking for. Sebastian wrote much of the music during his many years in the band, so we needed a strong music composer, and Fredrik is that person. But also on a personal level, we find Fredrik to fit great in the band and that is just as important.


– Anyway on the album Fredrik played all guitar parts so, what could you say has he brought to NECROPHOBIC?

Joakim: Like I said, he brought both a great personality and also a skilful guitar player and music composer. And he is also responsible for the great and powerful production of the album, as we recorded the album by ourselves. And speaking of recording albums, that’s how we really came in contact with Fredrik in the first place. Of course we knew him as he is also in Unleashed, but he mixed our last two albums, “Hrimthursum” and “Death to All” and when we ended up in the situation to find a new guitar player, he was the first that came to our minds.


– Throughout your musical career you have been through several line-up changes. Being the only founding member remaining in the band and considering (specially when you started) the really innovative sound you had, is it easy to keep your sound recognizable?

Joakim: We’ve proven that we can, even though some line-up changes, but we are of course very serious about no matter who we bring into this band, has to understand how important our style and sound is and that it has to be in a certain way.


– If I’m not mistaken Sebastian was (with Tobias) one of the band’s main songwriters. Do you think this has had any kind of impact on your new «Womb of Lilithu»? Personally I see a similar songwriting approach and structures, stil 100% NECROPHOBIC.

Joakim: Yes, and that demands great musicianship to be able to write songs for this band.


– Several songs (at least its titles, as I haven’t had the chance of reading the lyrics) make reference to demons but, could you shed some light on what do some of the lyrics on this album deal with?

Joakim: When the album is out, in just a few days, read the lyrics and make your own interpretation. I don’t want to explain, or tell you what you shall think, hear or see. Like you do if you look at a painting or see a movie. You don’t get it explained by the artist or the director. I don’t see the reason why it should be any different with this “artform”.


– Since a few years ago your albums are getting longer, being this «Womb of Lilithu» your longest album to date, and featuring none less than 14 songs. On this digital era we are living in, where people has easy access to a lot of different bands and albums, do you think listeners will take the time to listen to a over an hour album?

Joakim: If you are interested in music, yes. And if it attracts you, yes. But I don’t see any other trouble putting out over an hour of music to those who are interested in music. Are people really that stressed, that they cannot take the time?


– As I said, «Womb of Lilithu» contains 14 songs, that makes me wonder if you had many other songs written that didn’t make it into the record?

Joakim: No, we did these songs and since we didn’t think any of them were bad, they all ended up on the album, with a lyrical concept of demons.


– I personally think production here sounds more modern, giving a really powerful sound to the album. In terms of production it reminds me a little bit to «Hrimthursum». Why did you think this album needed again this kind of cleaner sound?

Joakim: As it’s a very grand and epic album, it needed this sound. The music and its structure come out in a better way with this type of sound, that in a way is more similar to “Hrimthursum” than “Death to All”, which was more a straight in your face album.


– In fact tracks like «Opium Black» had that epic vibe «Hrimthursum» had, still keeping the ferocious and brutal edge from «Death to All». Did this come out just on a natural way? Or was it something intended to, somehow, blend different elements that stood out on your two latest releases?

Joakim: When the songs were written and it was time for us to record the album, you have already a clue what you are looking for. It takes some time to serach for “that” sound that you are looking for, but you cannot decide in advance how it will end up sounding. It also has to do with the vibe you have when you play and record everything. That’s the magic with music. That’s nothing that can be decided.


– And talking about such, how is the creative process in NECROPHOBIC? I mean, is it a natural, instinctive process or rather something planned, following a certain vision or preconceived idea for each album?

Joakim: I can only speak for myself here and when I write music, being a drummer that cannot play guitar, I hear different melodies in my head and get a vision on how it can be arranged. Then I talk with the guitarist (Fredrik) about it and from there form the song. Much music comes from practising sessions and/or jamming sessions also, of course.


– All this about «Womb of Lilithu» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Joakim: Dark. Grand. Powerful.


– Throughout all these years of career you haven’t been really lucky with labels. Now, after Regain went bankrupt, you are working for first time with Season of Mist so, how is everything working? Does it look like this will be a steady cooperaiton?

Joakim: Everything is working fine so far and it’s great to have this strong and professional label behind you. They have many people there working with different things and that is a big difference from what we have had before. It really shows now, when the album has gone from production to where we are now, with the album soon out and all this media that needs to be done. There are a lot of ways to push and promote, but that also need strong personnel that works with it, having their own area of responsibility, so to speak. Some is responsible to take care of that and another one is responsible to take care of this, you know. It’s not a single person’s work that makes an album release a successful one.


– Earlier this year David Parland sadly passed away. You formed NECROPHOBIC with him back in 1989 and played together until he left in 1996. As I said earlier, back when you started you were doing something new, different, mixing different influences to create your own sound instead of doing the kind of Death Metal most Swedish bands were doing back then. So now, over two decades later, what do you think is the legacy David left to the Metal world?

Joakim: Music was his passion and he was a great musician and left this earth too early. He gave you some great songs and albums and you should never forget him.


– And finally, what are now youe near-future plans? What are your plans to support your new album?

Joakim: Hit the road and play…


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Joakim: Thanks for the support!

Tania Giménez

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