– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with MALIGNANT TUMOUR?

Hi Sergio. First of all I would like to say big hello to all your readers and fans of Malignant Tumour. Well, we are in good mood now. After playing shows there and there we have few weeks off to work on new song and we gonna recording some songs for upcoming split 7” EP with our mexican friends Acidez. So we are working on band all time…as always.

– First off, and despite you are a veteran band; could you please make some history of the band? As I bet, specially in Spain, some people knew a little bit more about you thank to the shows with POSSESSED earlier this year.

Hmm….history of the band is long but not really interesting story. Band arise in 1991 and still going strong in 2013. We had several style changes and many line ups thunderstorms…hahaha…as most of the bands who playing more than 20 years. I guess wewere much more known in Spain back in 90´s when we were part of the grind or gore scene. But as you said thanx to our common gigs with legendary Possessed we might hit some new fans and hopefully we can come back to Spain one day.


– You have just released your new album, entitled «Overdose and Overdrive». How is its feedback being thus far? And what are your expectations on the record?

So far, so good I have to say. I don´t know exact selling numbers but our label War Anthem records from Germany told us that they are almost sold out of first press which is great for us. This album got much more bigger distribution over the europe and reviews are really great so far. Of course there are some people who hate it and they always will be for one reason or another. But it´s ok. Most important is that our fans like it and they show it on our gigs, which is perfect.


– Throughout the years the band evolved musically going for a different style, but could you say the band has also evolved from your previous «Earthshaker» to this new «Overdose and Overdrive»?

I think that Overdose album is quite similar to the Earthshaker, but a bit more simple and raw. We never know how the songs will work before we recorded it in the studio. We come with just raw structure and then we work on it very hard. Result is on our album. You can hear metal, you can hear crustcore music, you can hear punk or rock´n´roll music. This mixture you can hear at Overdose&Overdrive album.


– Each album you release perfects and solidifies the band’s trademark, always keeping your standards, though during 2 decades of career you haven’t released much albums. Is necessary taking your time to perfect your sound and also in order to release the album you really want to release?

Main reason, why we have not many albums out during those 22 years are line up changes. There were about 30 musicians in Malignant Tumour during whole history and every change took time to rehearse again and again. We are working pretty fast I have to say, our latest album was written in three months. But we play shows very often and we don´t have a time to rehearse new songs, so we taking every two years about three months off to do new songs and work for new ideas..


– You are a band with a strong attitude and a particular aesthetic. Due to this, does it worry you the fact some people won’t take you seriously?

Oh yes….our attitude. I heard a lot about this. First of all we are heavy metal band. OK? Hope everyone can understand it. Second, we love a humour. Our humour is sometime very twisted and weird but it´s just who we are. We are doing our music very seriously but we are using some metal or rock cliches to make fun of it. If someone think we are non serous band then we are….hehehehe…choose what do you want.


– With such a particular sound, I would like to know how does the songwriting process tend to be like for MALIGNANT TUMOUR.

As I told, our songwriting process is nothing really difficult and I guess many of bands doing the same shit. Some one find a main riff then second riff, then you sit with band in rehearsal room and working on it together till song is done. Sometimes you throw the song away because you find it as crap, but most of them wound up on some records…


– In fact you blend influences from different music styles but, what have been the most influential bands for you?

I can not say this, because every band member listening different kind of music. But what we all like are the classic bands like Kreator, Metallica, Anthrax, Saxon or Judas Priest but also extreme music as grind core, hard core or punk….


– Talking about such, your current logo is assembled from letters from logos on well-known bands. How did this arise? Have those bands been important for MALIGNANT TUMOUR?

It was once again our idea which come out from our common after rehearsal parties and I don´t remember who first said it, but we found it as good idea and I like this logo it´s funny and people like it as well which is great.


– This has been your first opus with War Anthem Records after working with Metal Age Productions so, how is everything going with them so far?

War Anthem Records doing great job so far. We got everything we need and those boys really work their asses off. They are really trustfull and this is quite important in these days. We already spoke about new album and they are interesting to release it, so most probably we will working with them again.


– All this about «Overdose and Overdrive» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Raw, dirty with flavour of whiskey and cigarettes…it´s more than three words, right? Hahaha..


– You are hailing from Czech Republic, a country with a quite strong Metal scene, specially into Death and Black Metal, but not with so many bands similar to you so, any other Czech bands into your style worth suggesting?

Hmm…..good question. I know some bands who would like to play kind of music we play or they are trying at least. Someone better, someone worse. One name I can say is HEJTMAN, from Prague. Good friends of us. We are not really popular in czech scene and lot of people say bullshit about us, so I don´t care so much about czech scene like before.


– As I said earlier, you were formed over 2 decades ago so, what could you say have been both the best and worst moments with/for the band to date?

Best moment in band history is to play live. Every show is something special and I love to play live. If you sharing stage with names like Slayer, Kreator or Carcass what can be better? And as for worst experience…..probably some of my hangovers. Oh yes….hehehehe


– Throughout all these years you have released split albums with several bands but, if you had to choose three bands to release a split with and you haven’t done it yet; which ones would you choose?

I would say Disfear, Kreator and Bolt Thrower. But I speak only for my self…


– And finally; what are your near-future plans?

As I said, we gonna record some songs for split 7 “ EP, then we gonna play as much as we can. We planning tour in Mexico in spring 2014 and european tour in autumn 2014. If any one is interested in Malignant Tumour feel free to contact us.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanx a lot to everyone who read whole article, we hope to play again in Spain sooner or later. Take care and CHEERS!!!




Sergio Fernández


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