– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into the CONDOR’s camp right now?

Hi, everything is good over here. Last week we had the release gig for our first full-length album, which was a blast. Insane from Sweden and Infant Death from Trondheim played with us, and they kicks ass.

– First off, as you have just released your debut full-length album; could you please make some history of the band? And why did you pick «Condor» as the band’s name? I bet it has something to do with AURA NOIR…

The band started out in 2009 after me (Magnus) and Herman decided that we wanted to play something more extreme than our current bands at the time. So we both quit our bands and started up together. Christoffer joined after about 6 months, and then we recorded our first demo in 2010. In 2011 we recorded our EP «Speedwagon» and now a full-length album. Haha, yes, the bandname is taken from the Aura Noir song.


– You started the band being really young so, what were back then your goals?

Our goals was simply to get some music out there, and hopefully release something in vinyl, which we now finally have done. I also had a personal goal: to see someone i didn’t know wearing a Condor shirt, hehe.


– And you are playing a really old school style, highly influenced by the 80’s. How did you get into this music?

Hm, I really don’t remember. I guess it all started with Metallica for me. Then Slayer and so on. Aura Noir and Death ware probably the bands that really got me into the underground, and made me interested in checking out more extreme music.


– Just a few weeks ago you played at Bunker, in your home country, which has become a great home festival for underground bands with a traditional sound. Is playing at fests like this a good opportunity for younger bands as yours?

Yes, playing at small festivals like that is what I like the most. Not only getting to play live, but then we also get to go to the festival for free, and get free beer. I guess it is also a good way to spread the music. At least Bunker, where people come from all over the world.


– And then next 21st you have the release show of your album. What can people to see onstage from CONDOR?

Haha, sorry for answering this interview so late. The gig was good, and the support bands crushed aswell.


– You are hailing from Kolbotn, which has a really good Metal scene with bands as OBLITERATION or DARKTHRONE among others, not to say about the so called Kolbotn thrashers union, a banner that has always reminded me a little bit to the «True Norwegian Black Metal», which feels more like a marketing tool to me. Anyway, how positive is for a Thrash band to be hailing from a town like Kolbotn? Is there more support between the bands maybe?

Haha yes, i can see what you mean. There are a lot of cool bands from Kolbotn, which probably makes it easier for a band like Condor to get promo. There are a lot of people who is really into the «Kolbotn scene», and we might get a little more attention being from this little place. Yes, it is really much support between the bands. All the guys from ObliMantheon have helped us a lot, and Fenriz as well.


– In fact you’ve been one of the «Band of the Week». Has this helped you in terms of promotion?

Yes, if it wasn’t for BOTW we would be playing at Live Evil in London in October!


– Your first release was the «Facing the First Winter» demo, and with the «Speedwagon» EP you evolved a lot in different ways but, how do you think those both releases differ between them?

FTFW is certainly different from Speedwagon, yes. After recording FTFW we started to find more our style. FTFW is just a mix of many genres, and has no real structure to it. If i could have changed anything about the demo, i would have thrashed a lot of the songs, and just kept Facing the first Winter, Inferno, From the Fields and Ready for Winter.


– In fact «Speedwagon» made you guys gain certain reputation into the extreme underground. What did this EP mean to you? Did it open you any doors? As you managed to play with bands as AURA NOIR for instance.

I guess it did. Speedwagon was our first proper release, so it was the first time we really got to show what Condor was about. The band now is really different from the band that recorded FTFW, and i feel that the new record is more of an extension of Speedwagon.


– You are now signed to Demonhood. How is everything working with them? With bands as COBOLT 60 or KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR among their rooster it feels like a quite fitting label for you.

Demonhoos is working out fine, and has a lot of cool bands. For example Töxik Death, who has a record coming up!


– With them you have just released, as I said earlier, your first album, «Condor». How is its feedback being so far? And are yourself satisfied with the final outcome?

We have gotten some good review so far, but apart from that we haven’t gotten that myth feedback yet. The final outcome was quite pleasing, except for the sound on Pagan Ritual and the Intro. We recorded those two songs a couple of months after the rest of the songs, and we had to mix them ourself. We probably should have worked more on the mix on those two songs.


– Among Norwegian Black Metal bands is quite usual to find sounds inspired by nature, but we can’t find that much Thrash or Black/Thrash acts adding that kind of inspiration, but I think, subtly, you have always kept that trademark. Is really nature an inspiration for you or is it just my perception?

It is not as much of an inspiration for me as it is for the other members, so it is kinda hard for me to answer this question. BUT! Listen to RUST from Sweden, then you’ll hear true nature inspiration!


– Anyway with each release your are digging even deeper into Thrash and adding more Punk elements. Is something planned or do you just let things flow on a natural way?

We don’t plan that kind of stuff, it just happens. When we made the songs for Speedwagon we all listened to a lot of punk, and when we made the LP we all where listening to a lot of heavy metal, which you can hear on the third track «Blood Fever». I personally have always been really into BlackThrash, Herman is more into heavy metal and 70’s rocknroll and Chris is into everything.


– In that sense with «Condor» you are following a little bit the footsteps of «Speedwagon», maturing everything, for instance songwriting is more dynamic and songs are more distinguishable. Could you say this is just a natural evolution?

Yes, we have worked on the album for a long time, so it was natural for it to be more dynamic than earlier releases. We have also grown musically after starting a lot

of side project, and discovering a lot of new bands and genres.


– All this about «Condor» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Raw. Unholy. Thrash.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

We will play at Live Evil, which will be Hermans last gig with us. He decided to quit the band a long time ago, he just wanted to play the gigs we already had planned. We have found a replacement, Øyvind Kvam (Purple Hill Witch and live drummer for Mabuse), so we’ll see how that works out.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Baby, disco is fuck.


Tania Giménez

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