– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you currently up to?

Just home right now. Not doing much.

– You have recently unleashed your new album, «One Wing», which it seems like is getting overwhelming reviews. Did you expect such an enthusiastic feedback? And are you guys satisfied with the result obtained?

Def excited about the results. Of course we never know what to expect…..We never really expect anything we just write albums based on what we feel like we want to hear and we just hope that it will always translate well over to people.


– After giving the album some spins I’d dare say this is your most experimental opus to date. Did you have a clear vision of the sound you wanted to get with this new record before starting the creative process?

Not really, we just started writing. Eventually you can just let the songs speak for themselves and in a way they will tell you where you should go. We are very impulsive when we write songs and albums, so we never really know where it is all going to rest until we are looking at it.


– Songs as for instance»First» showcase this innovation with certain Western elements and, if I’m not mistaken, with vocalist Angela Plake as guest artist. Would you mind to tell us the story behind this track and why did you decide to have a guest singer?

First was just an idea originally….»Can we mix in that world with our world and it FEEL okay?» …We have several ideas like that with every album, sometimes the songs make the cut and sometimes they don’t. I think «First» ended up very nice, it is something we are stoked on. As for Angela, it was very impulsive, we just wanted an intro for the song «First» so we got her into the studio and just started winging it. The lyrics and melody were something I have had for a while…..the lyrics obviously from our album The Fiancee, and everything just started falling into place. It felt right so we went with it.


– This being said, with «One Wing», you’ve gone a step further and blended all your usual and very own elements pushing them to a new level, in fact you have never stopped evolving with each new release. Is this evolution something important for your growth (both personal and musical, as I guess in most cases both things are strongly connected)?

I think the evolution is very natural and bound to happen based on the simple idea that we never want to grow complacent with the music we are writing or feel like we are writing the same record over and over. We don’t ever talk about it or anything, It just comes with the songs we write.


– I could also say the new album is a more emotional one, with a high degree of passion and honesty. Due to this I would like to know how was the songwriting process and if this time around did it change at all.

Writing for this was much the same in the sense of musically etc, but lyrically, I attempted to write the majority of my lyrics while we were touring in Russia for 2 weeks and I believe that could have had a lot to do with how they came out. In Russia we were very dependent on the people around us, we literally could not get anything accomplished without our translator or driver or folks like that. It can be a vast contrast to someone like myself who typically feels very in control of my surroundings. I def sense a sort of desperation in my lyrics for this album, and I think it generally comes from writing while over there.


– Nowadays is not easy to find such an original, passionate and frantic album, and I don’t even think «One Wing» is easy to digest at all. Could you say creating and performing this record has been a challenge for you? And do you think it could be changelling for your listeners?

Writing for this album came pretty easily for us. I could understand it being a «challenge» to digest if someone didn’t already know our band but (in my opinion) if you have been following our band for a while I think it makes a lot of sense. That might just be me though, obviously I am neck deep into it so maybe I am not the best person to ask, ha ha.


– Anyway you have always had your very own sound but, as I said earlier, evolution seems a constant process for THE CHARIOT so, do you think you are still shaping your musical identity? Is there always room for progression?

Hopefully with every record we ever put out it will progress in some way. I think it is inevitable, I mean, the longer we are on this earth the more inspired we get the better musicians we become (in theory) and therefor I would like to think that every record will benefit from that.


– And, do you guys have any musical limits?

Well, we have no limits on what we CAN create, the only limits are based on what we feel make sense on one album. We have had ideas and songs on previous albums that we all have loved but if we felt like it didn’t benefit the ALBUM as a whole then we would drop it. Sometimes those ideas/songs found a home on later albums, sometimes they haven’t.


– Once more you have gone for Matt Goldman to produce the album. What does make this team so good for any THE CHARIOT’s CD?

He NEVER wants to de-humanize a song just because it might be more convenient. Technology can be a great thing, but it has also been used to suck the very human nature out of plenty of albums and bands. Goldman and us have a very similar view on technology and when we feel we should use it. We never use it to hide reality.


– And all this about «One Wing» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Remember first loves.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans?

Tour, Tour, Tour.


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more. If you want to add some final words; last lines are all yours.

From one grateful hear to another……Thanks.


The Chariot


Tania Giménez



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