– Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. How is everything going right now with POSSESSION? What are you currently up to?
Despite our previous statements, We are now working on a full lenght album as inspiration is on our side again.


– I won’t ask you to make some history of the band, but I’d rather first off like you to tell us what motivated you to form POSSESSION in first place.
Our devotion, our faith, our visions, … call it as you want … but Possession never was and will never be a hobby for us. I.Dveikus and I were playing in a band together while Mestema and Pz.Kpfw were playing in another band. Both bands were going nowhere and, at some point, it was kinda logical to drop these meaningless projects in order to focus on a new one, especially since we realised that we had and still have a lot of tastes, visions and beliefs in common.

– All of you have already played in other bands previously, as for instance DAWN OF CRUCIFIXION. How has your previous musical experience helped shaping what you are doing with POSSESSION?
I’d like to write this once for all : Possession is not the continuation of Dawn Of Crucifixion who was a totally different project. At some point, I didn’t even wanted to go on a stage anymore after Dawn of Crucifixion split because of so many bad experiences in this band… Dawn of Crucifixion taught me a lesson : to never give my trust anymore in the wrong people…


– Your first release was the «His Best Deceit» demo, which I think it already showed a singular style into a traditional sound. Did you have clear with that first release what you wanted to do?
At that time, we wanted to play furious and extreme Metal just the way we like to listen to it but we were still looking for our path. It now has been found.

– And now you have just released your newest EP, «1585-1646». You had the release gig last 6th in Germany along with  RITUALIZATION, DEATHCULT and KHTHONIIK CERVIIKS. How did this ceremony go?
This ritual was the celebration of all the efforts we put in this release for a year. As usual for our release ceremonies, the bands that were present are bands we respect as musicians and partners in crime so to speak.  It was a great and insane night.

– As always, it’s being released by Iron Bonehead Productions and Invictus Prouctions. How did you get to work with them simnultaneously?
At the beginning of the band, we considered ( and still consider ) both labels as the best labels to release our music. We told them that we wanted to work with them and that we would not get in touch with any other label if they weren’t interested in us. We stay and remain devoted to them. Loyalty is an important belief for the Possession entity.

– Once more you recorded it at Phorgath’s studio, Blackout. Having worked there and with him for all your releases, makes easier to get the sound you are looking for?
Working with him is also part of our identity. We consider Phorgath, as Patrick of Iron Bonehead, Darragh of Invictus and Chris Moyen of Thorncross design who takes possession covercare of all our visuals and artworks. They are for us silent members of Possession.

– «1585-1646» tells the story of a French witch. Was it easy to tell a story with just a few songs? And where did you get inspiration or how did you do some research for this story/lyrics?
This is correct. This MLP tells the story of a witch who lived in France back in the late 16th / early 17th Century. We read a lot about these topics that fascinate us.

– So somehow «1585-1646» is a kind of journey where music and lyrics complement each other. Was your intention to transport the listener to some kind of journey?
Absolutely, yes. We mixed some historical elements we found in books with our own visions and fantasies in order to write the lyrics which are this time printed with the physical release so that people can enter some sort of journey by reading the lyrics while listening to the music.

– As I said earlier, even though it’s obvious you are inspired by 80’s and early 90’s Metal (I wouldn’t say just Death or Black Metal, as I can even find some nuances from Heavy Metal in your music), you don’t just limit yourself to redo what it has already done, but add to that your own touch. How easy is to bring something personal to a really classic sound? Maybe is it matter of having broad influences and tastes?
The answer is in your question.  Of course we  are very inspired by the old south american scene, but we do not refuse to use other influences.  All of Possession’s members share a passion for bands like,  ,    80’s and early 90’s black and death Metal but also 80’s Heavy, Thrash, … .  Our passion for Real Metal is the root of the band.

– And talking about such, what bands could you mention as the main influences for your music? Because, as I said earlier, I think there’s more in your music than just Black and Death Metal. Also, what are some of your non-musical inspirations?
As mentioned before, Our main source of inspiration is the late 80s / early 90s black/death scene, bands like Sarcofago, Archgoat, old Impaled Nazarene, Mortuary Drape…  We enjoy all noble genres of Metal, from classic Heavy Metal to Black and Death Metal. Our non musical inspirations are taken from some books and movies mostly.


– All this about «1585-1646» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?
Not an easy one but I’d said : Cursed, Possessed and Furious.

– You are hailing from Belgium, that currently has a great underground scene with bands such as SLAUGHTER MESSIAH, GOAT TORMENT or HORACLE, but at least here isn’t really known. How’s the Metal scene over there as an insider?
There are great bands in Belgium, as those you have mentioned. But there are also so many joke scum bands without any devotion on their music. We despite them ( you know how you are…). I would advice you to check also to Emptiness, Maleficence, Saqra’s Cult, Gae Bolga, and LVTHN…

– Finally, what are now your near-future plans? What’s the next step for POSSESSION?
Releasing a full lenght album. we are currently talking with a US booker who’s interested to bring us to the US and Canada for some gigs in 2016. We’ll see if that happens eventually.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.
Thanks for your interest. I salute your readers.

Tania Giménez

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