– First off thanks for answering our interview. How has the making of thenew album been?

It was awesome! We did our best to keep the typical GRAVE DIGGER trademarks, but we put some tiny little enhancements to the songs and arrangements as well.

– The record is entitled «Clash of the Gods». Tell us a bit what consists this new opus on and if, like on some of your previous albums, there exists any concept behind it.

It’s not a complete concept album, just half and half of the Greek mythology. The first half of the album is about the great Greek monsters like hades, cerberus and medusa for example, the second half is about Odysseus and his long way back home.


– Listening to the album, the basis is again the same that has always given the band a really good result; fast starts, mid tempos, epic choirs, ballads and back again to speed. Is it easy to record a CD having already set these foundations?

Never change a running system. Our fans get what they expect with a little part of development from album to album, that’s the main part of our success. GD changed their still once in their career and it was the darkest part in GD history.


– Another thing that caughts my attention is the guitar sound since you joined the band; they are way more melodic and clear when it comes to solos. Are you personally satisfied with your work in the band?

Yes, with the actual album I’m 100% satisfied in every direction. The sound is the perfect balance between traditional and modern and some solo spots are the best I’ve ever recorded in my life.


– And are the rest of the members happy with you?

I hope so 🙂 In fact they told me that they like the guitar work a lot on «Clash Of The Gods», so it looks like that everybody’s fine with the result.


– Which songs off the album do you think will work better on a live scenario? I could personally specially standout «God of Terror», «Medusa», «Clash of the Gods», «Call of the Siren» and «Home at Last».

As far as I can see there will be 4 songs on the upcoming setlist, which probably will be «Medusa», «Home At Last», «Death Angel And The Grave Digger» and «Clash of the Gods».


– You are in the band since 2009 but GRAVE DIGGER has been active sicne the 80’s. What was your opinion about the band before joining them? And how was your entrance?

Chris gave me a call at late 2009 that my predecessor has left the band and there are some booked shows left which has to be performed and if I am willing to to the fire department to fix the shows. I had just 3 weeks to learn all the songs but it all went well, to be honest more than well, the band feeling was awesome, so the whole band decided to take me as a permanent member at the end of 2009.


– You recorded with them in 2010 «The Clans will Rise Again»; how has everything been between each album? Do you feel you fit completely in the group?

Great guys, great moods, lots of fun, awesome shows and absolute professional behavior, what else can you expect from a band?


– Talking about tours and so on; how is your schedule right now in terms of shows? And what about the future? What are your plans? Is there anything you haven’t done yet but you would like to?

We’ll do some more festivals this year and in the beginning of 2013 we’ll start the European dates of the GERMAN METAL ATTACK tour featuring GRAVE DIGGER, MAJESTY, WIZARD and GUN BARREL. An awesome package for all fans of true German metal and the pre-sales are pretty well.


– That hasbeen everything from our side. Thank you for everything and hope to see you in Spain. Best wishes.

You’re welcome. Hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows.


Paco Gómez



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