– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into the TRANCEMISSION’s camp right now?

Relaxed, relaxed… Everthing’s fine! We had some brilliant shows and people like the new album very much.

– You have a really long musical career but, how did TRANCE born?

I would you ask you to please go on our homepage: trancemission-music.com.

Here you can find a detailed description of the beginning under the button: “Biographie”.


– You started back in the 70’s as TRANCE but later on you had to change the band’s name to TRANCEMISSION; though you’ve gone back and forth with these names. Would you mind to shed some light on these name’s changes?

It’s a matter of rights. Apart from that, TranceMission feels like my „baby“. Since more than 10 years we’re playing together in the actual line-up. I also decided for this change of name to leave the past behind.


– I’d dare say your voice has always been one of the band’s trademarks so, what singers could you say have influenced your vocal style?

Ian Gillan, David Byron, Robert Plant, Bon Scott, Mark Farner, John Fogerty, Dan McCafferty…


– When you started bands as SCORPIONS were becoming successful in Germany, anyway you decided to go for a heavier style. What bands helped you creating the TRANCE’s sound?

Just take the bands of the singers I mentioned – but in the end, I think, we are one-of-a-kind!:@)


– In fact back in the 80’s Germany had a strong Rock/metal scene but, but do you think that Metal movement from that decade never settled fully in your country? I mean, there were many great bands such as STORMWITCH, HIGH TENSION or GRAVESTONE, but never got a really strong international success. Maybe the attention the NWOBHM got made the German’s 80’s Heavy Metal music rested in its shadow?

Well, you always have a fistful of “heroes” worldwide, who are big-sellers. And it’s very rare, that a major-company signs several other bands. I remember some of our colleagues (I don’t want to say their name) who had a first chance with a major, but then flopped. One of them had to sell their eqipment to travel back from the States!!! Anyway, without having a major-deal, we sold more than 150.000 copies worldwide with the first two albums!


– There were also well-known acts as ACCEPT, SCORPIONS or BONFIRE but, on the other hand, a lot of other great bands as yourself, NOISEHUNTER, or BULLET remained into the underground. Why didn’t you have the good luck bigger names into the scene got? What do you think was the main reason behind this?

… like I told you before… The other thing is – you’ve got a contract with a producer, who holds your band back from the big scene, cause he don’t want a competitor to his “house-bands”…


– And how was back then the scene in Germany? Not only in terms of bands, but also tours, fans, etc. As the overall musical scene has changed a lot since then.

Sorry – I don’t understand that question.


– Despite you were formed in the 70’s, you didn’t release your first full-length album until 82. With albums like “Victory” and the “Break the Chains” hit, the 80’s seemed to be your best period. How did you live those first albums and the attention you draw? What are your memories of that era?

Many places, many people, many fans and friends. Playing concerts all over Europe. Lots of fun, Rock ‘n’ Roll and anecdotes or simply being unique and doin’ our own thing…


– Later on, if I’m not mistaken, you had some trouble with your record label and promotion. Could you please elaborate a bit on this?

I’d only like to say: Mismanagement! To talk about all those things from the past would not only be boring – it would take hundreds of pages in this interview… So please let’s spare this your readers!


– For almost 20 years yourself and Berger were the core of the band, how did you face his departure? Did that fact affect TRANCEMISSION in any way?

As I told you before the actual line-up is more than 10 years together now. And – no reason to change it! TRANCEMISSION feels like my “baby”. Nevertheless ideas and songs grow up with the musicians. The material sounds different if you change the members! That’s true. Hope ya like it even so!:@)


– After some years of silence you came back in 2000. What prompted the band’s “dissolution” and what motivated your later come back?

Bury the bad memories of the past. Say – it’s enough! … And then come back with a new breath and a new breeze…


– Then was when it started a new chapter for the band. How has everything been for you during this last decade?

Relaxed. Anything’s makable – nothing must! Nowadays it feels good to be established with all the jobs we do. The musicians get along brilliant. We are not dependent on the band. And that means fun, Rock’n’Roll, adventure…


– In fact I think tools as the internet have helped solidifying your name as a cult band. Have you noticed due to technology you are now able to reach more people (as well younger fans)?

Yes, you’re right. Let’s see!


– And now you recently signed to Pure Rock Records. How has everything been with them so far?

We can’t complain. The deal is absolutely fair. And we are closely connected with each others.


– With this label you have released your new album, “Naked Flames”. How has its feedback been? Has it fulfilled your expectations?

Oh yes! With very few exceptions the feedbacks are really great! Anyway – our audience loves the new songs – mostly the whole album!


– “Naked Flames” gives a big role to acoustic sounds and mid tempos. How did you come up with this idea?

What do you mean with “acoustic”?! No programming? – Yes! 100% handmade.

That’s what we wanted to do. Pure Hardrock.


– The title-track is separated in two different parts; why did you decide to do this? Anyway I think both parts contain a different feeling, for instance the second one has an almost epic emotion.

And the first one too! Look at that guy on the cover with the flaming head… He’s „burning“ to do something, to change something, to start a new part in his life. The fire shows a kind of „positive energy“. So at last it always depends on yourself what you make out of your life and when you start to do it. And this is exactly the situation in Part One and Part Two. Maybe we used some different symbols…


– On one song you’ve done a duet with female singer Lalena Katz. How and why did you decide to have her on the album? And could you introduce Lalena a little bit?

I saw some of Lalena’s live-gigs. And she was really terrific! Her voice sounds so

skilful… That young lady sings jazz, soul, funk, pop, country, rock or metal. And she’s got a fantastic appearance on stage. I invited her to my studio and we tried out some stuff. I knew immediately that she would be the right woman to do this song with me! And Lalena loves “You” like I do.


– There are also songs that manage to stand out due to its originality, as “Sex me Up”, which is quite different to the other songs on the album due to its strong Rock feeling, with nuances from the 80’s Hard Rock and 70’s Rock at guitars, even certain Blues flavour. Was creating a versatile and dynamic record something you strived for?

This question sounds a bit strange to me. I hate musical drawers anyway. I never thought about keeping a special style or anything. For me, each new album is a new challenge, the discovery of a new world… So I write songs on a gut level and always straight from the heart. I just take the liberty of doing this. I don’t let nail me down.


– In fact I think “Naked Flames” is a risky album, which shows your passion for what you are doing. Is it easy to keep this passion alive for over 30 years?

Not really – if you always play the same shit! Sorry – but like I told you: I don’t let nail me down. That keeps the thing exciting and alive!


– And talking about such, after 3 decades, how could you sum up these years of existence for TRANCEMISSION?

Rooockn ‘n’ Roooll!!! I answered already in question No.9.


– Anyway despite your hiatus and all these years you’ve been playing music, you have always kept alive the old spirit of the 80’s. Is this nowadays something easy to keep?

I believe that real good songs will never die. Some of them will become “evergreens”.

And as long as the live-audience shouts out your lyrics word by word, it makes you hope for the best…


– And finally, what are the near-future plans for the band? Have you started writing any material for a new electric/faster album on the purest TRANCEMISSION tradition?

So, what the f…. is an “electric” album?! We play “electric” guitars, “electric” basses and we use “electric” microphones to record the rest…

But…okay – we’re working on it…


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for taking your time. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Inspired from this interview, I’d like to leave you folks a message with the second verse of “Naked Flames (Part Two):








Tania Giménez



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