– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. How is everything going right now into the band’s camp?

Hello ! No problem, thanx for showing interest in our band. Well Going good these days, just taking it a bit easy after over your in the US, had a great time over there and the respons was awesome. played with alot of great bands and met alot of cool ppl. No that we are back home we will start rehearsing and get ready for a couple of shows we have in Debmark and Sweden later this year. Also very busy on working with my guitarendorsment, which i will be revealing later this month if it all works out. Also started to work on some new ides, for new songs that will be on our next album…We never take time of with kraanium ,always something to do, hehe.

– First of all, could you please share some history of KRAANIUM and tell us how did the band get together?

Well it first started out back in 2002 when we were just exprerimenting a bit with different brutal styles and played a more simple and easier form of grind/slamming death metal. But we just recorded a demo and etc and really had no plans with the band except for fun. Then we stopped with the band for some years due to other different project we had at the time. but some years later decided to start up again, but with different line up and play a more brutal slamming style of metal. and todays Kraanium was born .


– You will soon have a new album out, “Post Mortal Coital Fixation”. What are your expectations with this new effort?

I think we progressed alot as a band on this recorded, both musicwise and lyric wise. The songs are bit more variation and we took more time in the studi to work with the songs and make them better. We had alot of trouble in the studio which ended up recording it 2 or 3 times, so it was a natural progression in the songs due to this fact as well.

Think we also have managed to put a but more different influences into our new songs that nearlier. So hopefully it will appeal to even more fans of brutal death metal and not just to the fans of the slam genre.


– What could you say are the main differences between your new record and your previous “The Art of Female Sodomy”? As you have always remained true to yourself.

First of all i think that the vocals have progressed alot on the new one and has more variaton than the last. And as i mentioned in the other question, we feel we have progressed and have more variation in the song composition as well. And since we have a new drummer on the new one, the drumming is also a bit different thatn the last one. And we have all 13 new songs, so its more of a full new album compared to the last one which had some old songs re-recorded as well.


– Within your usual straight-forward and brutal sound, I could say this new piece is more mature but as aggressive as always, with all the band’s essence and with a more complete songwriting. What are your thoughts on this?

I think you are right abt that and thanks alot of sharing this with us, cos this is our thoughts exactly as well. There should always be some form of progression from cd to cd which i think we have managed very good on the new cd even if we are noit trying to reinvent the wheel. We just play what we like best : brutal slamming death metal without really trying to do anythin ew in the genre but this works good for us and people seem to agree so no need to change the recipe,hehehe.


– How was the songwriting process this time around?

Long ,haha! As i mentioned before, we took our time in the stuido and even wrote some of the songs there which we have never had the time to do before, this was a very good way to do it cos it helped us play around with new ideas in a way that we never had the chance to do before.


– If I’m not mistaken you mastered the album at Imperial Mastering with Colin Davis. Did you get the sound you wanted for this CD?

I think the sound turned out very good yes! There is always things that could have been different, but in a recording process you can never expect to get the sound that ypu plan from the start. We didnt really have any special request for how we wanted it to sound other thatn heavy and brutal sounding, which i think we managed to get to a degree around 90 % of what we were looking for.

Colin really did a great job in making it sound heavy and brutal, great job!


– This being said, how could you describe “Post Mortal Coital Fixation” in just 3 words?

Northern Slamming Brutality!


– This is your first piece with Comatose Music. How is everything going with them thus far?

Our work with Comatose so far has been great, Steve Green is doing a great job in taking care of us and promoting our new cd. He also did a great jobe on setting ut our tour and taking care of us when we were over there. If all goes well we will also be releasing our next cd on the same label. We set out to find a US label with the purpose of getting more known in the states, and this have been working out great so far, thanx to Comatose music and the rest of the awesome band we share the label with.


– You are hailing from Norway, a country that it seems to be known overall for its Black Metal scene, but we don’t actually know that many bands playing your style. How is the Death/Brutal Death Metal scene over there? Any interesting acts worth mentioning?

Hehe as u can expect the majority of metalheads up here listen to black metal yeah, but we have some good death metal bands as well. Maybe not playing the slamming style as we do, so i think we are the only band from Norway doing this! But a couple of other good death metal bands to mention is The sickening and Blood red throne.


– I read you will be touring the US next June; what do you expect from this tour? Due to the aforementioned, does your music maybe work better outside of Europe? As America seems to be a good country for Brutal Death Metal bands. And, anyway, do you have plans for touring Europe anytime soon?

Our tour went great! Best experience as a band so far i think. And people seem to appreciate the music as much over there as here. Played with alot of great bands and met alot of good people, not really anything more to say. We would love to go back there and do another tour some other year for sure. Off course we had some problems here and there, but that can always be expected when you are touring. But Steve from Comatose did a great job in organising, setting up the tour and taking great care of us over there \m/


– Beside this, what are some other near-future plans for KRAANIUM?

Well we have some shows comming up that we need to rehearse for, as mentioned earlier. Also our drummer Mitch Rider will come over from UK to play with us soon and try to make some new songs, looking forward to that. Also we are still working to get our music video out for the song «Slammed Kranial Remains» that is feautered on our nex cd Post mortal coital fixation.

As well as that we are trying to start working on a Euro tour for next year, also maybe a little UK tour later this year. So alot of plans for us.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.



Tania Giménez



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