– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with IMPENDING DOOM?

David: Everything is great, we are home with our families right now for the next couple days before we head off to Australia for our «Baptized In Filth» headlining tour.


– Your latest album, «Baptized in Filth» came out last March. How was its feedback like? Did it fulfill your expectations?

David: Feedback has been amazing, fans seem to really be into it, more so than previous records which is always the goal, I’d say it definitely met my expectations.


– On this record I think we can find quite real lyrics but, what experiences or feelings do inspire you to write them?

David: Things that occur in our day to day lives, experience, and our view on the world.


– And what’s the main concept behind this opus?

David: To shine a light in this dark world in a very honest way, we don’t beat around the bush, we tell it how it is whether others want to hear it or not.


– It also seems like the concept has a strong link with the album’s title. Would you mind to tell us how did you come up with it?

David: It’s kind of a metaphor for mindless indulgence and self glorification in this world. Being baptized and covered in the filth of the world, being worldly possessions, and selfishness.


– «Baptized in Filth» is a really aggressive album, maybe even your angriest record so far. Do each album represent a certain moment in time?

David: In a way yes, our music and lyrics come from what we are gong through at the time. We went through rough times recording this album, which is why it turned out the way it did, you can hear the emotion in the vocals, and riffs. Those feelings were real, the lyrics and content were on our mind when recording this and I believe it shows.


– In fact this fits perfectly the overall really heavy and dark sound the CD has. Was this the sound you were looking for this effort?

David: Yes and no. We wanted to bring back what we think «our sound» is and that was the heavy, creepy, Erie vibe you got from the first two albums, so we wanted to bring that back, what we found was it wasent hard to do so, it’s just what came out of us when writing and recording, it was the record we were always meant to create.


– I personally think «Baptized in Filth» also sounds more mature, it gives the feeling like with this record you had more confidence on yourself so, could you say this is the album you’ve always wanted to release?

David: Yes, we went all out with this album, tried some new things, and tried to outdo ourselves in every way. The songs flow better, structures and more mature, production is better, every aspect we wanted to try to make bigger and better.


– Anyway I guess there is always room for evolution. Is this also something important for IMPENDING DOOM?

David: Of course, I love each album we have put out, each is different, we will never put out the same record.


– I’ve read this time around you had more time to prepare the album. Could you say this has had a positive effect on the final product?

David: We had more time than there will be violence which helped but like any band the stress and pressure was there. We even wrote a few songs in the studio because ideas kept flowing and we didn’t want to miss something that could have made the album better. So yes more time but like always rushed in the end.


– On the other hand, seasoned Brent Elliott crafted the artwork. He is an experienced artist that has worked with bands such as JOB FOR A COWBOY or WHITECHAPEL among others. Why did you decide to go for him and how did you work on the visuals?

David: Hes a great metal artist, he was the only person we were interested in. We love his past work with other bands and are pleased with what he did for us.


– And how was the production process like?

David: A lot different than all the other albums, we tracked drums, guitars, and bass in Richmond, Va with Andreas. He was basic allí another member of the band for that time, pushed us and had all these ideas for the album, he really cared about the big picture of the album. Then we did vocals in New Jersey with the legend Machine! He took brook and shaped him into the vocalist he saw in him. Pushed and pushed him to do better and without a doubt in my mind the vocals on this record destroy any previous doom album. We will definitely be working with Machine in the future again.


– All this about «Baptized in Filth» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

David: Righteously terrifying music.


– I guess everyone knows you are a Christian band, which isn’t something really usual into the Metal scene so, do you think this has opened more doors for the band or rather the opposite?

David: Yeah, that’s what this band is all about, being unusual, and spreading the name of Christ to the masses.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

David: Australia, the U.S. with For Today, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica. Bring it on.


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more for your time. If you want to add some final words; last lines are all yours.

David: Thank you all for the support, we love you all! Pick up Baptized In Filth today if you haven’t already!

-David Sittig

Impending Doom


Tania Giménez



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