– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going into the CHROME MOLLY’s camp right now?

Everything is fantastic right now, with the real ease of the album and recent show at Wacken we couldn’t be happier. The band are playing well together and enjoying playing live

– Earlier this year you released «Gunpowder Diplomacy», your first album in 22 years so, how did you feel about it? I bet after such a long time it might be an exciting moment for you.

The response from the album has been amazing, working with Toby Jepson was a great experience, he actually got the sound of the band down on CD


– Your reunion coincides with the 30th anniversary of your debut album. How do you now regard at it?

30 years seems like a long time, be we still have loads to offer, our live shows are getting great review, so we don’t intend stopping anytime soon


– It’s obvious since the band’s split-up a lot of things have changed into the music world but, what’s the overall balance you can make out of the evolution the music bussiness has been through?

For us it’s recording techniques, back in the 80’s making a record was a very costly and time consuming


– I personally think CHROME MOLLY never got the recognition it really diserved so now, with tools as the Internet, do you think this will change?

we are hoping so, we just always seemed to be on the brink in the 80’s, the only obstical now is to realise we still sound fresh and not just a bunch of old boys, we still kick ass


– As I said, earlier this year you released your first album in 22 years so, first off, what prompted the band’s reunion with the original line-up?

We just started playing together to clear out there cobwebs, then Nic met the flunder of Wacken, and offered us a spot, things have snowballed since then, the boys had some great song idea, so the album came pretty easy


– After listening to the album I can surely say it has a strong 80’s sound, you have kept your essence intact. Was this how you wanted the record to sound?

we sure did, that wa sour era, we tried to keep the sound without sounding too dated


– And with all the new and modern gear, was it easy to keep that traditional vibe?

we just played and stayed true to us, the sound came naturally


– After so many years without working together; how was the creative process?

pretty straightforward really, Nic and John bring the song ideas to the band to be worked on, same as in the 80’s really


– I believe compositions are better, well-developed and really organic, quite more mature. I guess with your experience this was just a natural evolution?

It was, we are a lot les angry than back in the day, experience of 30 years is a good thing sometimes


– Your vocals have also been through a clear improvement I could say, now they do sound harsher and rougher, which I think fits your sound better. How did you approach your vocal lines?

I did lots of work with Toby Jepson (Little Angels) who produced the record, as he is a vocalist himself we worked really well together, I learnt a lot from him and I think I came out a better singer for the experience


– The whole album displays a lot of energy, as we can hear in tracks as «Short Sharp Rock». Is it easy to keep this energy alive after so many years?

Actually yes, we were always a high energy baby, we haven’t mellowed with age at all


– All this about «Gunpowder Diplomacy»; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Pure, British, Rock


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? Can we expect more albums by CHROME MOLLY?

you sure can, hoping to re record some old songs in the new style, then another album of new material


Tania Giménez

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