– Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. How is everything going right now with BLACK TRIP with the release of your second full-length album?
Everything is working good. We’re waiting for the response and the release. Trying to figure out a good set list for the live shows. We’re really excited!


– Your first 7» came out in 2012, which already made the band get some fame, your debut album came out in 2013 (in 2014 in the rest of Europe), and now, when «Goin’ Under» is still fresh, you are releasing your sophomore record. It seems like everything has happened quite fast for BLACK TRIP. How have these years been for the band like?
We’re trying to work the same way as the bands in the 70’s. Not waiting to long between every release. It took a long time for me to write the music for the first album. But now I’m on a roll. I’ve already written and recorded demos for two new songs after the the recording of Shadowline.

– You are a drummer, but in BLACK TRIP you are playing guitar. How different is it? Do you have a prefered role?
I’m not a drummer at the moment actually. I only play in Black trip right now. Which is just fine. Of course it’s a big difference between drums and guitar. But after me doing over 20 albums as a drummer, it feels like a relief to do something different. As it is now, I only play drums whilst recording demos for new songs.

– Your new album will come out next month, and is entitled «Shadowline». Are you pleased wih the final outcome? When I interviewed Joseph in support of «Goin’ Under» he told us that it was a bit of pressure because you had to make a better album than «Goin’ Under. Do you think you have managed to top over it?
Black_Trip_Shadowline_Press_2I do! I think it’s more diverse and more interesting. I personally didn’t feel any pressure. When I write songs I only try to think of what I would like to here when drinking a beer och two.

– «Goin’ Under» was basically written by yourself and Joseph. Some of the band members didn’t know each other that good, so I guess these last 2 years, apart from a musical joruney may have also been somehow like a personal learning experience. Is it easier to work togther knowing yourselves a little bit better?
I think the main difference is that we all have become better, and more confident in the process of songwriting. We have found our formula to make the best out of the band.

– And how has this affected the songwriting on the album? As this has been your first opus made like a band.
I still write songs in the same way. I always record a demo with all the instruments before sharing anything with band. I’ve never felt confident just showing riffs in the rehearsal bunker. I wrote 6 out of the 10 songs on Shadowline. Which makes it more interesting this time.


– For «Goin’ Under» Joseph was the responsible for the lyrics. Is he still in charge? Or did any other member cooperate?
No. Joseph still write all the lyrics. Which works for the best, since he write all the vocal melodies.

– In fact my first impression of the album was that it’s more diverse than the debut album. I guess this was just a natural result of having a bigger songwriting team?
As I said earlier. I guess we all has come closer to the concept of the band, and knowing what works, and don’t work for the band. Which is great!

– All the band members have really different backgrounds, specially linked to extreme Metal. How do your other bands, or the bands you were part of in the past, affect what you are doing now with BLACK TRIP?
Nothing at all actually. I can still come up with ideas for songs that wouldn’t work with Black trip. But when I write songs for us, it’s clear to me if it’s gonna work for the band or not. But since I have a background as a drummer it really helps me in understanding the building stones of a good rock song I guess.

– For instance «The Storm» is a really dynamic song. A 5 minute song with a lot of different elements, it’s a bit what «No Tomorrow» was for your first album. Did this song just come out naurally or was your plan to have something more elaborated like this? As everything in BLACK TRIP seems to be honest and spontaneous.
The storm came from a demo Joseph wrote and recorded around the time we wrote the first album actually. We all heard that it would become a Black_Trip-Peter_Pressgreat epic song!

– In fact in this song (as well as in some other tracks) in the album, I noticed for first time a subtle BÖC element. Is it just my perception?
Well. As I said in the press statement. I listened a lot to old Geordie with Brian Johnson, and a lot of BÖC. But I meant it gave me inspiration in how to give the songs more dynamics and atmosphere. But necessarily not in the actual songwriting. But if you here it, you here it.

– Were you specially listening to certain bands while shaping «Shadowline»?
As mentioned above. Both Geordie and böc has been a good ease for the ear. But a band that has influenced me the most while writing both the songs for Shadowline and Goin’ under is the band The hand of doom that released one album in 1979 named Poisonoise. It has so much that I’m looking for in music. Filthy, dirty rock with a punk attitude. Check them out! I just love everything about them!

– Anyway most songs are just BLACK TRIP 100%, as the title track. I guess this is exactly why it’s the title track but, was it easy to choose? As well as the first single, «Berlin Model 32». Why did you pick that one?
I think all the songs on the album qualify a 100% as Black trip. Actually. The first single, which we’re gonna do a video for is Danger. But I had a gut feeling that Berlin model 32 would work out fine as a teaser for the album!

– I also think this album blends even better the 70’s Hard Rock with the early 70’s/80’s NWOBHM sound. Do you now have a clearer idea of what your sound is? Or do you know better how to give life to your ideas on a more exact way?
We talked a lot with Nicke Andersson before we went into his studio. We wanted a luxurious 70’s sound. And I think we nailed it. It’s hard to have a totally clear idea before the studio. Everything changes a bit, and take new turns when recorded properly. That’s the beauty with music. You can never be to sure how it’s gonna turn out in the end.


– Sound-wise «Shadowline» is once more superb. It sounds thick, organic, it has soul… This time you recorded with Nicke Andersson, who seems to have a good ear and a good musical taste too. How was it like? Didn’t you consider working again with Fred Estby?
It was a blast recording with Nicke! He has good ears and great ideas for the production. He has the ability to bring the best out of you! I already think about doing the next album with him.


– All this about «Shadowline» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?
Heavy boogie rock!


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? If I’m not mistaken you have a small tour booked for September. Have you got any offers to play Spain?
Black_Trip_Shadowline_Press_1Yes. We’re finally going down and do some proper touring in Europe! We would love to come down and play in Spain! Spanish people has always had a great ear for good rock n roll! Contact us through Facebook or our homepage if you wanna book us down there! Cervezas and rock ‘n roll forever!


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.
Thanx for the interview! See you all when we come down to Europe! Cheers!


Tania Giménez

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