– Hello, lots of thanks for answering our interview. How is everything going with WISDOM OF CROWDS?

Everything good so far, the album is out and in a couple of weeks we will have our first ever gig in London.

– You are a new band, and will soon release your debut album. Due to this I guess some people won’t know about you yet so, first off, could you please tell us how did the band get together?

I got a request from our label Snapper Music to see if I’d be interested to sing on an album they were working on together with Bruce from The Pineapple Thief. Once I heard the music I got interested and me and Bruce started talking.


– Bruce is playing in THE PINEAPPLE THIEF and you are still playing in KATATONIA, which has always been a pretty active band so, is WISDOM OF CROWDS just a paralel project or a steady band with future plans?

We don’t know yet what time will allow us to do in the future, but we had a really good time and we already talked about taking it to the next level.


– This first album is entitled «Wisdom of Crowds» and will soon hit the streets. What are your expectations on this opus?

Since it’s a debut album, I just hope that people will get to know about it and pick it up… and enjoy the music of course.


– If I’m not mistaken Bruce already had some songs ready with your voice in mind even before you joined him so, what was your take on those songs? How did the «cooperation» arise?

Yes, I was told so. I felt that the songs had a musical quality to them and I was interested to see what my voice could (hopefully) add to them.


– Then you kept on writing some tunes together. How was this process like? Did you both have a clear idea of how you wanted to sound?

We didn’t work on the songs together as far as writing goes, everything was ready when I came into the picture. I was just the singer for this one.


– Anyway you have a pretty diverse sound, being basically a really melodic and melancholic Rock but with differents elements, as from Progressive or certain electronic nuances. Is this diversity something you were aiming for? I guess it may help getting things fresh and interesting.

I definitely think so. As we can hear already in The Pineapple Thief Bruce is a very diverse and musical composer, he has got influences from all over I believe.


– In fact each song on the album has its own essence. All tracks are a different world but with a common thread I could say, that is the dark atmosphere. Do you focus specially on atmosphere or does it just come out naturally?

I think it is a natural thing both for me and Bruce. It’s the kind of business we are in, so to speak.


– The overall sound is really melodic and melancholic as I said. Is the emotion on the songs a mirror of your inner self or your current mood? Where do you take inspiration from to create the WISDOM OF CROWD’s music?

I really can’t say as I have not been writing any music or lyrics for this one.


– «Wisdom of Crowds» is also an effort full of mid-tempos. Maybe is it easier to take the listener into the proper mood with mid tempos?

Well, yes, I think the tempos are pretty standard for this kind of music, ranging from slower stuff to a bit more upbeat.


– Anyway you have always played a pretty sad music, with bands such as KATATONIA or even OCTOBER TIDE back in the 90’s (maybe the biggest difference could be BLOODBATH). Could you ever play more uplifting and cheerful music?

I have never been interested in happy or cheerful music, so I doubt it.


– Now that I’ve mentioned OCTOBER TIDE, have you heard their two new albums? What are your thoughts on them?

Good stuff.


– All this about «Wisdom of Crowds» being said; how could you describe the album in just 3 words?

Elegant, smooth and wise.


– And from now on, what can we expect from you?

As said, next up is our debut gig and then we will see what happens.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thank you for the interest in Wisdom of Crowds!


Tania Giménez


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