– Hello, thank you so much for answeing our interview. How is the band currently doing with the release of the new album?
Well… The album was released on January 20th 2015. We’ve been getting a lot of great reviews! Pure steel records has also released the album on vinyl. Only 250 were pressed. We’ve been playing some shows here in the U.S…. Getting great feedback from audience!


– Have been a lot of years since you released your last record, so how has the songwriting and recording of your new opus been like?
The song writing has been coming along great. These new songs were written very fast. The recording went very well. Working with bill Metoyer was a great experience. We are currently working on new music for next album…this is just the beginning again for us. We have a lot to prove. Next album is gonna be even better!


– Tell us a little bit the concept behind the album. What does RUTHLESS sing about nowadays and what’s the meaning behind the title and the cover artwork?
ruthlessThe concept behind this record is to do what we do naturally. We are not trying to be like any other band. The cover & title I think sais it all. «They Rise» Ruthless Rises again! Sammys lyrics are about the world today. Corruption, politicians, war…..

– Listening to the album I noticed it somehow follows the pattern of your earlier releases; Heavy Metal songs, melody, epic mid tempos… Are you pleased with the outcome?
Yes, we are pleased with the new release. We were very rushed in the studio. We feel we did the best we could with the budget we had. The songs have some great melodies & a good mix of tempos. We are looking forward to the next record. I think the next album will be even better.

– You have also included some classics by the band as bonus track. Was this something planned? I think is a good option for people that haven’t heard you yet.
Pure Steel Records thought that it would be a good idea to put «Metal without Mercy» our EP from 1982 as bonus tracks. We hope we can expose new people to Ruthless. So, yes…. I think it was a good idea.


– In line with the previous questions; what differences do you see between your 80’s albums and this new one?
I think the new album «They Rise» is right where we left off back in 1989…. It was unfortunate that Ruthless broke back then. We are very pleased to be back in the Metal world again. I don’t think there’s a big difference from our old songs & now. We are just keeping the same classic metal style. I believe that the new music is a bit updated though.

– As I have the chance of interviewing you, I would like to dwell a little bit into the band’s history. How did RUTHLESS born and how were those early years like?
Ruthless was formed in 1981…me & Sammy put this band together.. It was a great time! Bands like Slayer, armored saint, quiet riot, Metallica were all playing around the Southern California Area. We were right in the mix of it all. In fact, we recorded in the same studio where Slayer & Flotsem & Jetsom recorded. We were doing shows with Slayer, Lizzy Bordon, Great White… And more! I just wish we never broke up. I think we would be in a greater position at this time. But, we are gonna keep on going! We have a lot of great music to put out!!!

ruthless 4
– And what repercussion did your 1984 and 1986 albums have? What are your memories from those albums and those moments?
On our «Metal without Mercy»EP. We loved what we recorded. I feel we never got that person or label involved that could have took us to next level. We had developed a great following locally. But we did not get support from any management. It was a frustrating time!

– Nowadays the two albums, as well as the EP and the 90’s LP are cult records. During that period you were unknown, at least in Europe, only us the ones we used to buy import albums without knowing who the artists were got to know of your existence. How do you feel about those albums after so many years?
On our » Discipline of Steel» album we had brought in a new Drummer & Guitarist. So, the song writing started to go in a whole different direction. Me & Sammy were not happy with some of those songs. And once again label did not support us. But, all in all…. We had some great times!!! Looking back on both albums…… A great experience. I never thought that Ruthless would be back again. We definitely made some impact on metal heads around the world. And more Metal to come!!!!!!!


– Have you noticed that a lot of new fans discovered the band with the easy access to Interent? I personally know really young people that looks for your albums. How have you experienced this?
Yes!!!! Internet has made it easy to get new fans. It’s good & bad. The bad news is that anyone can find our music for free. Here in the U.S. There is not many record stores left. So, finding new fans is harder..but, Metal will never die. We have a lot of younger kids showing up to our shows.

– And back to the present days, how is the touring situtation? Are you touring? Is there anything planned?
We are doing a lot of live shows! We are heading to Europe in July for some dates. We are also playing shows in the states. We are gonna play as ruthless 2many shows possible!!! We need to get out there and show fans that Ruthless still kicks ASS!!!

– I had the chance of seeing your at Keep it True and I was stoked by managing to see a band from whom I owned their albums and thought I would never see you live. How was this experience like?
» Keep it True festival » was the beginning of our come back! It was a great experience to go play there with a lot of Los Angeles bands that we know & played shows with back in the ’80’s…   We had no idea how many metal heads knew about us in Germany. We were blown away!!!! Oliver the promotor is Responsabile for our come back. He is a first class act! Wow!

– I remember that same day we were at KIT eating meat with some of you, as Ken, and some Germans, Belgians and Spaniards. Can you recall this?
I do remember back stage area. Met so many great people! Had so many great beers!! I hope to see you at Head Bangers Open Air!! July 25.. We are on bill with DEATH ANGEL!!

– And on a view to the future, are there plans for new albums or tours and festivals?
Yes! We have shows booked through 2017 right now… We are working on new music for next album. More festivals in Europe. A lot going on…. We look forward to it all!!!


– That’s all from our side, our best wishes and hope to see you again someday. Thank you. If you want to add some final words, it’s your time.
Thanks Paco….. It was a pleasure and hope to see you again!


Paco Gómez

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