– Hello. First of all thanks for answering to our questions. What are you currently up to?

Hi Tania! We’ve recently come back from the first gig set to promote the “Simulacra” album. It was at the Hard Rock Laager open air in Estonia, pretty nice country to go to by the way. We’re now getting ready for the next ones to come, namely Castle Party Festival and Carpathian Alliance Metal Festival later on. Meanwhile some regular tours are being shaped up, so I hope we’ll be given a chance to invade Spain again later this year. Last time we’ve toured your country with Behemoth and Suicide Silence back in 2008 and it was really awesome. You’ve got true maniacs out there and it would be a real pleasure for all of us to come over yet another time.

– I guess, there may be some people who won’t know about you yet so, could you please introduce the band to all of the them? Let’s say some background story of DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS

The official date of Devilish Impressions’ birthday is November 2000. D.I. started as a three piece. Within 12 years of existence we’d faced several personal changes so I’m actually the only founding member of the original line-up. Albums “Plurima Mortis Imago” and “Diabolicanos” were supported by intensive touring alongside the biggest names in metal world. “Simulacra” is the third full length album and opens the new chapter in band’s history. For more detailed biography check out our website MySpace or Facebook profile.


– Still being faithful to yourself and to extreme Metal you have managed to create a such unique sound melting different elements so; how could you describe your music for those that have not heard you yet?

Well, I’ve heard dozens descriptions of what we do as Devilish Impressions, with the majority of those descriptions naming it blackened death metal orchestra or avant-garde black death metal. To me it just doesn’t matter. It’s just that people tend to pin up the labels on everything they listen to. I do understand it though, because it somehow helps to get the attention of particular genre’s addressee.

And even though I don’t think any of those labels fully represent what our music is about, they at least give potential listeners a hint on what’s more or less it can be.


– You have just released your new album, «Simulacra»; how is its feedback being so far?

So far so good. I’d even say most of the reviews are just overwhelming, rating the album at the highest notes. There obviously are a few bad ones, criticizing the album for being way to melodic or so. But none of us in the band give a shit about it, you know? We do not compose the music to fit anyone’s bill…


– All your previous albums have gotten overwhelming responses, both from the fans and press. Does this make you work under more pressure or is it just extra motivation?

Pressure?.. No, not at all! I mean, we weren’t maybe big enough to lose our minds about it. To make this clearer, I have to admit it always makes us happy to hear people say: “you guys have done a fantastic job” or whatever, because such opinions proves the effort we put into it was worth each and every drop of our blood and sweat that have been shed. At the same time it has no impact on what we’re going to do on any forthcoming releases. So, yes! We do listen and respect all the critics yet in fact they don’t in any way affect the path we’ve taken.


– You took some time after you released your previous “Diabolicanos – Act III”, would you mind to tell us what has the band been through during these years?

It’s a reeeeealy long story Tania, and I don’t think any of the Queens of Steel readers would be able to go over it. So, let me put it this way… After finishing over a half-year-long touring cycle in support to the “Diabolicanos…” album, we’d faced shit loads of problems on both, professional and personal levels leading to further shifts in the band’s line-up and temporary stage absence. I wouldn’t really like to go into details as I’m glad it’s all over and left behind. Enough to say we’re back with the strongest record up-to-date, and are extremely eager to yet again hit the stages all over the world.


– After these years of silence we can see some changes in your line-up, as for example this has been your first record with Vraath. What could you say has Vraath brought to DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS?

Devilish Impressions is not only a bunch of guys playing particular sort of the genre. There has to be a very special chemistry between each and everyone of us. That’s why to me and Icanraz, remaining the only members from the band’s previous line-up, it’s been very difficult to find suitable people to work with. I mean, I personally know shit loads of extremely talented musicians who could easily do their job probably much better than anyone of the current ones, but it’s all about this special sort of vibes this machine can’t fully works without. When we took Vraath on-board we knew this is the right person, the person whom – as we have this saying in Polish – we can steal the horses with. Obviously, not that he only perfectly fits the general idea behind the band. On a musical level he’s come up with really amazing parts of the bass guitar.


– And after these 4 years, are you now back with renewed energy?

Definitely! I really believe this is the strongest line-up we’ve ever had. We now also take special care to make sure everything we do presents way more professional level.


– I think “Simulacra” is your most dynamic album so far; is this something you strive for?

Oh yeah… You know, when working on this record we knew not only we have to get ready for yet another battle… It was more like we’ve got to be ready for war. Time flies and even though there are people here and there who never stopped believing in us, most of the fanbase we’ve had have probably perished. That’s why we’ve decided everything we’ve been doing around the “Simulacra” album has had to be of the top notch quality, and this also applied to the music itself as well as to the album’s dynamic production.


– And due to this, could you say «Simulacra» is a challenge both for you as artists and for your listeners?

I believe so. I mean, when writing the music for the album not for a single moment I’ve been thinking about it this way, yet once it’s finally done I can say it can be considered this way indeed.


– It’s also more complete and solid. Could you say this mirrors the current state of the band and the current line-up? Do you now feel as a strong unit?

As I have mentioned earlier, this is what I truly believe in. Everyone’s now 110% involved, no matter what sort of the band’s activities certain issues deal with. As for the music though I wouldn’t say this is the most complete and solid work we’ve done so far thanks to the new line-up, simply because it’s still me who compose almost entire Devilish Impressions’ music. Yet, when comes to arrangements and the energy of every other member I must admit we all work on every single shit together now.

– Another element that I could stand out from your music is a certain epic feeling provided with symphonic elements. What inspires you to compose it and what do you want to reflect with this? As it has always looked like an important part of your musical identity.

It certainly is… I do believe though the orchestrations we use are slightly different comparing to those being used by other bands. And, while on the previous Devilish Impressions’ albums it was mostly me involved in the synth writing process, this time we let it be done by other artists (Flumen – Asgaard; Lestath – Metransmissional), suggesting them only where exactly their parts should appear at, and more or less how we’d want them to sound. Other than that it was all their job, their ideas and their way of having it done and recorded.


– I honestly think you have gone, once more, a step forward with this new offering, anyway you have been evolving constantly. Is this a chosen path? As I guess it’d too boring and easy to do the same over and over again.

You’ve got my point Tania! Devilish Impressions is constantly evolving and we do not want to record the same shit every single time.


– All this being said, how could you describe «Simulacra» in just 3 words?

3 words only? Hmm, let me think… Got it! Extremely good album heheheh. Don’t really now, I’d rather want people to check us out and give their own opinion about it.


– The artwork was crafted by Xaay, who has already worked with several well-known Metal bands. How did you work on the artwork and what did you want to express with it?

We’ve had this general idea on how to reflect the music and lyrical content of the album onto its cover art as well as of its artworks. Lot before the works had started we’d discussed a lot what we want to express, what message we want to pass on those who’d get hooked by the record. Xaay has perfectly got our point so the rest of the job went on pretty smooth.


– On the other hand, you’ve also had several guest artists as Orion or Flumen among many others. Could you please tell us how did everything arise?

There’s a session synth appearance of Flumen whom I play in Asgaard with. Not only he’s a very good friend of mine, but he’s also one of the best out of his kind in the entire country, and this made the choice to work with him pretty obvious. This time we decided to let it be done by two artists, that’s how Lestath joined us for the recording session with his own, hell lot different ideas on the orchestrations / fx / samples from the ones proposed by Flumen.

Apart from that, we’ve also got a very special guests appearances of Orion (Behemoth, Vesania), Jacek Grecki (Lost Soul) and Roman (Lecter). I’ve known all those guys for years, respect them as a friends and as extremely

talented musicians. Orion was actually supposed to take part in the “Diabolicanos…” recording session, yet we’ve had some technical problems at the time and couldn’t made it. But I’m happy it eventually worked for the “Simulacra” album. To sum it all up – while Jacek laid down and amazing lead on one of the songs, Roman took over parts of the acoustic guitars in few others.


– Finally, what the near-future plans are for DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS?

We’re now looking forward to hit the road in order to promote the album. As mentioned earlier, there’s a bunch of fests we’re going to play at pretty soon with regular touring being scheduled. Hope it’s going to be as intense as the promotional campaign we did for the “Diabolicanos” album.


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you want to add some final words, feel free to do it.

Thank you Tania for supporting our work. Those who haven’t checked us out yet – make sure you’ll get yourself a copy of the soon-to-be-released “Simulacra” album.

Devilish hailz to all of you out there!!!

Quazarre / Devilish Impressions






Tania Giménez


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