– Hi, thanks for your time. What’s currently going on with JADED HEART?

Johan: We’re now planning when and where we’d tour this year. I’m soo looking forward to it.

– You have just released your new album, “Common Destiny”. What are your expectations and how is its feedback being so far?

Johan: We have got fantastic feedback from fans and media. The reviews been awesome. In most of them we’ve got 8 or 9 out of ten.


– After giving the album some listens, I think this album has a similar vibe to your latest records; it sounds quite Metal, heavier. Is this how JADED HEART sound like in 2012?

Johan: Yes, it’s metal but also very melodic. That’s how we like it. I guess there been development when first me, and then Peter joined the band, but we’re all convinced that this is the way we want to go. We’re so influenced of so many bands and styles.


– Anyway it seems like a good blend between your rockier roots and your heavier present. Did you have clear since the beginning this was how you wanted this “Common Destiny” to sound like?

Johan: I guess we did what we always have done, followed our hearts. I mean, we’re pretty sure of what we want and how it should sound, but of course it’s a journey to write a new album. You’ll never know if you have done the next hit-single, you just have to relay on your gut-feeling.


– Keyboards also seems to play an important role on this new release, it provides really interesting melodies. Did you approach the creative process in a different way? Or did it just come naturally?

Johan: Keyboards always been important, and very important to our sound. No, we did’nt work in any other way then we have done since the last two albums at least. As you said, I guess it just came naturally to us.


– Anyway, what could you say are the main differences between this new CD and your previous “Perfect Insanity”?

Johan: It feels like we have a better and a more complex album this time. But hey, that’s the way you feel every time you release a new album I guess, ha ha… : )


– I personally feel like, compared to “Perfect Insanity”, “Common Destiny” is more thought-out, the compositions seem to have developed better. Did anything change on the songwriting process?

Johan: I think we’ve been more focused on the vocal lines this time. I mean, we’ve always worked hard on them, but we have gone through them an extra time this time, and I have had to redo some of them a couple of times before we’ve been satisfied.


– All this being said, how could you describe your new opus in just 3 word?

Johan: Wow, that is hard. I guess people would say it’s heavy-melodic-metal, or one-helluva-release, but I think I go for best-album-ever. Ha ha ha…: )


– You have also had a great production by seasoned Michael Voss. Are you satisfied with his work?

Johan: Oh yes. “Vossi” is great producer with a lot of fantastic ideas. With out him and Chris Lausmann, who put the record together and done the fantastic mixing, we’ve not sound as good as we do. We owe them big time.


– You have filmed a video for “With your”; how did the shooting go? And do you plan doing any other video for this album?

Johan: It was great fun to do it. It took us only a day to shoot it, but we banged our head to the song at least fifty times to get around four minutes of the video. I think we all had stiff necks the day after.


– If I’m not mistaken, “Common Destiny” has been your first effort with Fastball Music/Soulfood, after a relatively long cooperation with Frontiers Records. What are the main differences between both labels? And how is everything going with the new company so far?

Johan: We have so far just started our journey together with Fastball and it feels great. It’s fantastic to work with professionals. We wanted to do a really good record and release it on a label that actually cares. And they proven being absolutely great.


– Finally, what are the near-future plans for JADED HEART?

Johan: It’s touring and more touring. We’ve been on tours over the years all over Europe, and have had great response from our fans. We want to be back on the road asap. Our first tour in Japan last year was a blast, and we’re planning to go back as soon as we can there too.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Johan: I would like to take the time to thank all of our fans in Spain. You always been amazing to us. We’ll be back soon and bang our heads with you. Till then, take care!


Tania Giménez



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