– Hello, thank you so much for answering our interview. How is everything doing right now with FIREHOUSE?

*Thank you very much for your interest in FireHouse. We are very busy with our 2012 World Tour. *

– Last year you released “Full Circle”, a nice way to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary. What balance do you now do of these decades of existence for the band?

I *think the balance comes between our musical life and our family life, We all come from similar upbringing so that helps maintain our positive working relationship.*


– You are one of the 3 founder members remaining in FIREHOUSE so, what have been both the best and worst moments with the band?

*There are many highs and lows throughout a band’s career. Not getting an earlier start was difficult for us because the music scene changed just as we were about to break in to arena headlining. As for the best moments, there was winning the American Music Award, having our first hit, the first multi-platinum record, and perpetuating our career for more than two decades worldwide.*


– This being said, is it something positive for FIREHOUSE to have such a solid line-up? Is this something easy to get?

*For us, it comes pretty easily. We have a natural chemistry onstage that the audience can feel.*


– The album’s title is quite inspiring, have you closed any kind of “chapter”?

*I think there are many more «chapters» to be written in the FireHouse story*.


– Despite being a compilation album, for “Full Circle” you re-recorded all the tracks featured. Why did you decide to do so? As I guess most bands would have gone the easy way and just collect the original versions.

*Sony Music had already released various prerecorded compilations. These collections were not sanctioned by the band. Through the years, we have received feedback from our global fan base as we continue to tour and they wanted certain songs in particular to be on one CD. We went back in to the studio in 2011 to make something new out of the older songs. The collection is completely fresh and it is something no one has previously owned. It is our gift to ourselves and our fans , and we are very proud of it.*


– These new versions maintain the original spirit but have a slightly more modern sound; could you say this had something to do with a more up-to-date recording process and equipment?

*Having a more «modern» sound was part of the motivation for rerecording these songs*.


– You have a really long career and a lot of hits; was it hard to choose that concrete tunes off your entire discography? Did you follow some kind of protocol for the tracks’ selection?

*As I said, the track selection was based on fan and band favorites.*


– And now that it has been a year since “Full Circle” came out; do you think you overlook any song that should have made it on the record?

*There is always just one more song, one more adjustment, or one thing more that an artist feels could have made their work better. The trick is knowing when to let it go…..*


– So after so many years into the music world, do you have any goals yet to accomplish?

*More new music to more people. More of our classic songs to audiences everywhere that will listen, and appreciate our message and artistry*.


– Anyway you still have a lot of energy, as last year you formed RUBICON CROSS. What prompted you forming a new band?

*As an artist, you need to express, and create. Rubicon Cross is another facet of myself that could not be expressed in FireHouse. It is much more modern and heavier and it has received accolades worldwide for being just that. The full CD will be out in 2012 and you can find it on amazon.com.mp3 and iTunes.*


– And what does keep you motivated and inspired?

*My family, friends, and my music*.


– With FIREHOUSE you have always had a really successful career. What have both the band and the music industry taught you?

*Persistence, perseverance, and patience*.


– Anyway, is there something you regret about having done or about something you didn’t do?

*I wrote Love of a Lifetime before FireHouse ever existed. I gave half of the writer’s credits to Bill and I really would have liked the world to have known that the song was my creation. As an artist, it is difficult for me because that song is so definitive in the FireHouse story*.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? When can we expect the full-length debut album by RUBICON CROSS? And do you plan releasing a new record with FIREHOUSE?

*The full RUBICON CROSS CD will be out in 2012 and you can find it on amazon.com.mp3 and iTunes. Thank you for asking. I am really proud of this set that Chris Green and I wrote. I have the same feeling I had right before the first FireHouse CD broke big. This music is receiving a similar buzz.*


– So that has neen everything from our side, thank you once more for taking your time. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

*Thanks so much for inviting me. Thank you to our fans around the world for allowing us to live our dreams. Here’s to another 20 years.*

Tania Giménez



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