– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with DAGOBA?

Ola !! Actually I’m watching Nadal – Wawrinka playing at Roland Garros hahaha ! I got plenty of interviews and many things to care about the release of our new record “Post Mortem Nihil Est”, so it’s good to have a little break sometimes ! Everything’s fine for Dagoba, this release is very exciting, and we’ll be on stage for the Sonisphere France this week end !

– The band has been through some changes since «Poseidon» came out 3 years ago, but it specially caught my attention your long-time guitar player, Izakar, left the band and has been relplaced by Z. Would you mind to shed some light on why did Izakar leave? And what does Z bring to the band Izakar couldn’t?

I guess Izakar got other things to do somewhere else. For a year now Z joined us and we’re very happy with this ! he’s my best friend, and a really good friend of Franky and Werther too, so it’s very good to have him in the band. Plus of course he bring he’s guitarist touch in our sound, wish is definitely a good things for us ! Everything Z’s bringing can be heard on Post Mortem Nihil Est : massive guitar sound, tightness and fun while we’re on the road. The change is big tho…


– You will soon (next June) release your new album, entitled «Post Mortem Nihil Est» so, what are your expectations on it? And how are the first reactions being?

actually the album’s been release in France for a couple of days. The reactions are simply amazing !! we never had such good reviews here and there, and fans seems to be very confortable with our work. we got totally mad comments on facebook, so we are very happy! We played two weeks ago in Bilbao and for the very first time we tried two new tracks, it was insane!!!


– «Post Mortem Nihil Est» is a pretty explicit Latin proverb. Due to this I would like to know if the lyrics on the album have something to do with it.

The whole album is talking about the Armageddon, throught 11 different persons sight.


– After giving the album some spins I could say this is one of your most straight-forward records to date. Was this something you were aiming for? As this way I guess is easier to have a bigger impact on the listener.

you’re right, this is record is dark and brutal, and we wanted to give it the biggest contrast between obscure, death / black metal parts and lightened chorus or atmospheres. We never compose an album thinking about the impact it should have on the fan, but the impact it could generate on four of us first ! we always wanted to create the music we would like to listen at, and if people like it : cool ! But the music we like is the one that make you headbang like a motherfuckin’ freak so…


– It could also be your most complete effort, as we can find all the band’s trademarks really well balanced. Could you say this is the album that describes the band’s personality at its best?

we always tried to give our best, album after album, gig after gig. But I see what you want to mean. Yes, all the elements that makes Dagoba are pushed at their max on this one. It’s totally us in maximum overdrive!


– Logan Mader has produced this new album, and on my opinion this is your best-sounding album to date. Are you satisfied with the work done by Mader? How was the whole process like?

we recorded the album in Marseille, our hometown, in our home studios. Franky tracked his drum parts at the Serial Drummer Studio and I tracked all the rest at the Eagle Black Studio. Then Z and I’ve been to Los Angeles to mix and master the record with Logan. It was such a great experience. Logan is very cool, and as you

said he gave our music the best sound we ever had. I’m pretty sure we’ll be back in L.A in the future. Dagoba – Mader seems to be a good team.


– On the other hand, Seth Siro Anton (whom has always had a really recognizable style) took care of the artwork but, what did you want to express with it? Did you give him any guidelines?

sure we gave him a guideline ! we didn’t want to buy him an already made artwork. We really wanted to collaborate with him, and so he wanted to process. The figure seems to be rooted to the spot, in between death and something else that will never be reached. And there is some water, which is a very important element for us.


– All this about «Post Mortem Nihil Est» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Massive – Dark – Light


– And finally; what are your near-future plans?

touring again and again everywhere and of course being happy.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

De puta madre muchas gracias!


Sergio Fernández


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