– Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. How is everything going right now with CUT UP? What are you currently up to?
Hey! Thank YOU for taking the time to ask us questions and doing all the hard work out there to spread the death metal word, we really appreciate it. Everything is going great at the moment; we are rehearsing as much as possible so we are ready for the first gig in Cut Up´s history this week. (26th) And also writing riff´s for future songs.


– First off, how does the story of CUT UP arise?
When we decided to call it quits with Vomitory back in middle 2013 me and Tobias (Gustafsson) said to each other that we still want to play together and play death metal together so after we did the last show with Vomitory we started the new year 2014 to talk to people we wanted in the band, both Anders Bertilsson (ex Cold Worker) and Andreas Björnsson (Fetus Stench) was our first choice of people so everything worked out fine there. Then we started to write songs and rehearse, Tobias already had a song and Andreas also brought a couple of songs and then we just kept on going. We didn’t have any type of death metal in mind but I guess some influences from Vomitory can be heard here and there even though Andreas wrote most of the songs. Then we recorded the album in November 2014 and after everything was mixed and mastered we started to look for labels.


– Your debut album is entitled «Forensic Nightmares», and will be released next June 26th, but checking out review on the album we can already say it’s getting a really good welcome so, what are your expectations on the album?
So far all revious has been 9/10 or 4/5 so we are really thrilled that the record has been so appreciated by magazines and people in general, of course we are now looking forward to the release so we can hear what the metal people out there have to say about it, cause in the end, that is what matters the most. But so far as I said, we are really happy when we read and hear that people like it a lot.

– You sound to me like a perfectioned (in song writing terms) and more old school sounding VOMITORY. How has your musical background influenced what you are now creating with CUT UP?

Foto por Soile Siirtola
Photo by Soile Siirtola

I guess we tried some NOT to sound like Vomitory, but then again when we build songs we kind a build them the same way as always so therefore it might sound a little Vomitory. But this time we recorded in a smaller studio and kept it more simpler when we mixed and mastered it so I guess that might have to do with it that you think it sounds more old school then Vomitory, cause the last records we did there was really polished in the studio sound wise. And also we have a wider spread age wise in Cut Up so of course we have some different influences when it comes to metal.


– And how could you describe the sound of the band?
In your face death metal, maybe a bit thrashier then Vomitory and also maybe more straight forward and faster as well. And the fact that we use 2 singers we also get some more variety in the vocals.

– This being said, what are your main musical influences?
Oohhh! haha that is so many bands so I can’t even start to write them, let´s say more or less all metal bands there is have influenced us over the years and if you want me to say any band we want to sound like I can’t, cause we never meant to sound typical Swedish or American or whatever, we just want to play death metal and this is what we managed to create.


– Something really positive about you is that all songs are quite short and straightforward, something effective into this genre. Were you specially looking for something with a huge impact or did just everything come out naturally?
It just came naturally actually, every new song we wrote was just an continue from the next one and they all made sense, think we had some songs maybe 1 or 2 we listened to and had to rebuild but all the others was done from the beginning. And we don’t think when you play our style of death metal you can’t make to long songs cause then you get tired hearing it.


– As I said earlier, production sounds really «old school»: crushing, heavy and organic. How was the whole prouction process like? Did you get the sound you had in mind?

IMG_8693_photo_Soile Siirtola_b
Photo by Soile Siirtola

Yes more or less, we preferred to aim for more brutality then good this time I guess, cause when you start to polish the sound too much you loose some of the brutality in the sound and I think we managed to keep it this time.


– All this about «Forensic Nightmares» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?
Extremely, violent, aggression.

– This album is being released via Metal Blade, probably one of the most well known labels in Metal so, how do you feel about it? Is it an easier way to reach out to more people?
Yes definitely, when we worked in the past with MB they always did a good job so we are really pleased to be back there again, they have all the connections with magazines, radio shows etc etc that many smaller labels don’t. As you say, everyone knows MB so it opens many doors and gives us some sort of approval in the industry, which can help us moving faster, then if we had chooses a smaller label.


– Next 26th you have the release party in Karlstad, with NIFELHEIM and PUTERAEON, such a killer line-up. How are you feeling about it?
Will be great, looking forward as hell, first off I haven’t played live for 18 months so that will be good to start doing that again, then we think this line-up is perfect mix of music, Puteraeon is slower and heavier then us, we play fast grinding death metal and then Nifelheim close it all with there black speed metal. I guess it will be a night to remember (if possible after all booze 🙂

– And finally, what are your future plans from now on?

Foto por Soile Siirtola
Photo by Soile Siirtola

To book as many shows as possible, tours etc hopefully play a lot of festivals next summer and then record another record and just keep on going in that circle. Since we are a new band it will probably take some time to make people aware of the band Cut Up but we will do our best to spread the music and with the help of people like you it will go faster.

– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.
Thanks a lot again, hope to see you on the road sometime, somewhere, horns up. Cheers Erik


Sergio Fernández

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