– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with CIVIL WAR?

All is just going fine here. We’re in the final stages of rehersing for our first gig at Sweden Rock Festival right now. And it feels all great.

– Your debut album, «The Killer Angels», will come out in just a few weeks so, what are your expectations on this first opus?

We have no expectations at all. We’re just looking forward to the reactions from the listeners. So far we’ve had gread reactions on the singles we released, but it’s the whole product that matters most.


– Some of the band members are ex-members of SABATON, this I guess it can be a double-edged sword. Do you think this has more pros than cons, as people already know you and respect you, so this way anything can be easier? Or maybe it rather will always make people to compare CIVIL WAR to SABATON, and maybe that can be a handicap, as CIVIL WAR has its own identity?

This is something that do not bother us really. I think that people will realise that we have quite much of our own identity in the end. Of course people will try to compare us to Sabaton, and at some points they will be able to do it. Of course our past history in Sabaton has given us a few advantages but it doesn’t mean that we take a success for granted. In the end it will be the album and gigs that show if we have any success.


– In fact lyric-wise you reminded me a little bit to SABATON, as your lyrics deal with war themes, history, etc. In SABATON if I’m not mistaken Joakim wrote the lyrics so, who os the main responsible for the lyrics on CIVIL WAR? Or is it a team effort?

This is all Patriks work. We said quite early that we didn’t have to write about war and history. But this is actually one of Patriks big interests also so he wanted to write about it. And it’s nothing new to him either since he wrote alot of lyrics about the same subjects with Astral Doors.


– Musically you have a lot of elements from traditional Hard Rock and Heavy Metal along the Power Metal basis. This can surprise all those who might be expect in SABATON part two, as there also also less keyboards. Have you broaden your limits or maybe anything you listen to and like influence you in some way?

It is Patrik and me that has written the songs for the album. He made about 6 of the songs for it, and his roots are back in the traditional Hard Rock/Heavy metal, and my roots are a bit more power metal. And since we work directly with eachotehr sometimes we get our influences mixed into eachothers songs. I don’t know if we have broadened our limits in anyway……but we haven’t decided yet where to put them. That we use less keyboards came quite naturally somehow. I didn’t feel like there were any big keyboard-arrangements needed for it. And I can’t complain about it either since I just get less stuff to do. Haha!


– And have the band’s members musical influences changed compared to when you were playing in SABATON?

Nothing have changed in out personal influences. It’s just that in Sabaton it was never shown since we had finished songs to play. Not that all of them are shining through here either but we had the chance to put more of our personal touch to our own instruments.


– I also think Nils allow you to have more dynamism on your music. Was this something you were aiming for when you formed CIVIL WAR?

We were not aiming for a certain sound really. But having Patrik on board gives us very many options. His voice is very versatile, and the melodies he writes are catchy. I remember when I sent him Rome is Falling. It’s a very simple and basic song in itself, but when he sent it back with vocals on it I was just blown away. I never thought it would turn out that good. So we can write more dynamically than before in that way. We don’t have to worry about the vocal lines or anything.


– This being said, did you have a clear idea of how you wanted this new band to sound like before forming it?

We had no clue then, and we still don’t know. haha! We just take the songs as they come. We keep on writing, and if we like the song we’ll record it most probably. We won’t be following a typical pattern or anything. Just write what we like


– All this about «The Killer Angels» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Quite Different Stuff. Guess people would have to listen to it themselves and come up with three words. I have heard it so many times that I can’t keep it that short I guess.


– It caught my attention the fact you covered Nelly Furtado’s «Say it Right» on your «Civil War» EP. If you could choose 3 tracks to cover; which ones would you choose?

Probably stuff that are not too much metal from the very beginning. I haven’t given it too much thought really. Maybe Frozen by Madonna, Radio GaGa by Queen….one of my old favorite songs. And for some reason I got Freestyler by BomFunk Mc’s stuck in my head now. That would be a challage.


– And finally; what are your near-future plans?

Wait and see how it goes with the album. Preparing for the Sweden Rock Festival right now and then just enjoy wherever we’re taken on this journey.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Keep an eye open and give the album a listen. I think most people will be a bit surprised….but not disappointed. See y’all in the future!


Sergio Fernández

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