– Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. How is everything going right now with VORUM? You will soon embark on a European tour with MAVETH. How are you feeling about it?
Hello. Right now we are preparing for the tour, sharpening blades and crushing our skulls in Helsinki, Finland. We are hungry and eager to go.


– Starting to dig into your newest opus, «Current Mouth», I must admit both the cover artwork and the album’s title caught my attention since the first moment. I think both are quite unusual for VORUM. Would you mind to elaborate a little bit on the meaning behind both and the link that connects them? Anyway the whole EP itself is quite surprising too.
An obvious connection for us is that we picked up where we left on Poisoned Void. When in the last stages of recording that album we were already on our way towards what would become Current Mouth. The title is what has always been and is Vorum, we have both understood as of lately and what we have the urge to fuel even more, the raging force of the sea around and below us and as the mouth which opens wide, allowing us to sink and penetrate deeper into madness.


– Anyway I think with all your relesaes you have taken a big step further. For instance there was already a big contrast between «Grim Death Awaits» and «Poisoned Void». Is this just a natural and logical evolution or rather a conscious effort?
It is what is bound to happen when embracing Death’s Metal.

– Talking about your past, you recorded such demo («Grim Death Awaits») still under the name of HAUDANKAIVAJA, but it was never released. Why was it unreleased? And what prompted the change behind the band’s name?
It was released as the Grim Death Awaits MCD.

– Lyrics in «Current Mouth» basically tell morbid visions. Was it important to make the cover also portrait that? As well as the music, as it’s pure chaos, madness. Compared to your full-length, «Poisoned Void», «Current Mouth» sounds dirtier. Did you also record the EP analogically?

vorum 3
Music and lyrics were given to Pelle, and he was given free hands with the artwork. We started discussing the concept around the artwork already 2 years ago and had a common ground to build it upon. In our opinion it turned out brilliantly and also seeing the work progress simultaneously continued to further infect the ongoing recording.

– This has been your first release with Sepulchral Voice, which considering their rooster seems to fit you. How are things working thus far? How did you hook up with them?
Nothing less than superb, everything has been working our exactly as planned. We met them through H.Death of Degial and almost immediately got working on a plan for a release. A great label with a splendid vision it is.

– Starting to dwell into the music on tis new «Current Mouth», you are still super fast, deafening, still managing to never bore the listener or being monotonous. Is ti something easy to get or something that just comes out naturally?
There is no time for mercy. Only sonic violence and throatslitting malevolence.

– I never use to read press releases so I don’t get influenced by them. And when I started to listening to this opus one of the few bands that came to my mind (because even though you can have nuances to different bands or styles, you can’t really be compared to any band, and we can’t even notice in your music a main influence), was DEGIAL, and once I did my review I also saw you were compared to them in the press release. DEGIAL is a young band, with a really singular sound so, how do you feel about this comparison? I mean, I personally think these kind of comparisons are more interesting, as there’s already a lot of bands recreating what it was already done back in the 80’s.
We are of the same breed with similar views, so we have no problem with the comparison. However we are separate bands and differ in ways within the two groups and in sound. This is the band closest to Vorum and we also share a member in P.J, which also makes this kind of question difficult to answer as he has view from the inside of both bands.

– What it reminded me to DEGIAL, apart of that sick atmosphere/overall feeling and utter chaos, is the almost assonant guitar sound in a strange communion with the loud drums. Due to this I would like to know how did you approach the songwriting and the guitar and drum sound. Both are instruments that stand out a lot throughout the whole EP, and if for instance «Poisoned Void» had some beautiful yet dark guitar melodies, here isn’t barely any melody anymore, nor groove.
On this recording different methods and constellations of writing has been practiced. The approach however, remains the same; DEATH METAL.

– In my review I also mentioned SADISTIK EXEKUTION. I can’t say your music reminds me to theirs, but you manage (at least to me) to evoke the same feelings through your mad sonic assault. Your music transports hate, angst, anxiety, rage, chaos, madness… Baiscally any kind of extreme emotions. Is it important for you to make your music channel certain feelings? What are some of the emotions you think your music expresses?
Thank you for the compliment, and we are pleased to evoke that for you. Yes, of course we want to make people sick, whichever feeling may be causing it.

– «Hungry Wounds» is a song that specially caught my attention. It sounds quite 80’s, even the vocals are into this style. Could you please elaborate a little on the story behind this track? Is quite different to the other 4 tunes on the EP, and I think it’s also one of the most dynamic and complete.

This was the last piece written for the release, a track to shut the door of this recording and to manifest the whole of it. A sacrifice and an ovation to what this movement of Death is to us.

– I also noticed in different songs on the EP certain subtle Thrash elements, and a few guitars and drums ala SLAYER. Do you feel like you are broading a little bit your horizons on this opus? With such a unique sounding opus, do you know where you music will take you to in future releases or what direction are you heading to?
We are always forcing and allowing ourselves to sink deeper into the disgusting and madly laughing spiral that is Death Metal.

– In fact I don’t think you are a traditional Death Metal band anymore, but a really singular Death/Black Metal band with Thrash elements, and further, because I even noticed a slight Punk flavour here and there. How would you define VORUM’s sound in 2015?
Total Death Metal.

– And how could you describe «Current Mouth» in just 3 words?
Total Death Metal.

– You are hailing from Finland, which has really interesting bands coming out lately, and has always been a really prolific country for Metal. Is it easy to play Metal in Finland? You are more specifically from Åland. Has this fact ever been a handicap for live shows and stuff?
Metal is very well liked in Finland, as you already may know. In some ways, of course, this has forced us to more hours in the means of travel and logistics, but however it has not limited or slowed us down in any way. Beeing, besides for the occasional contacts through the internet, shut out and isolated has rather only fueled our fire.

– Anyway, at least a few years back, not all of you were living in Finland. Is it easy to get to rehearse and write?
We still live in different places, so rehearsing comes when needed. However, this is the way that the band has worked most of our time if existence, so it is not an obstacle.


– And all of you have also some other musical projects. Is there any interesting future plan with any of them? Any news?
Yes, we keep ourselves burning and insane with Degial, Begravningsentreprenörerna, and Obnoxious Youth.

– And finally, apart from the aforementioned tour, what are the near-future plans for VORUM? Do you have any other songs vorum 2written that didn’t make it into the album? Will there be a sophomore full-length?
We are in the midst of Current Mouth as of now, and that is what our focus is on.

– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.
Thank you for the questions.


Tania Giménez


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