– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What’s FOREFATHER currently up to?

Hi. At the moment we are dealing with the day to day running of our website, t-shirt and CD sales and dealing with the occasional bit of distribution. Just label business really. The music side of things is fairly quiet, though we are always in the process of working on songs very gradually.

– The band has always been formed by just both of you. Have you ever considered having someone else on FOREFATHER? The fact of being brothers, does make things more difficult or easier, as I guess you may know each other quite good?

In the early days of the band we did have a drummer but it didn’t work out with him in the end. It was mainly creative differences. Since then we’ve never seriously considered getting more members. I think the brother relationship means the band will last longer, using the “blood is thicker than water” theory, but some musical friendships may be just as strong so it really is just a theory. I think it does make things more stressful – as you are dealing with the usual family bickering, but these are things you just deal with.


– “Last of the Line” was released some time ago but know the US version has just hit the street. How has the feedback for this album been? Are you satisfied with the final outcome?

Feedback is mostly very good. I think a lot of people have recognised that it sounds like a mature album, and a good evolution. A few people seem to be dissatisfied with it compared to Steadfast. Maybe it’s not “viking metal” enough for them. Personally I am as satisfied as I ever am (never 100%!), but I always feel we can do better.


– I personally think this album is less aggressive, which is something that has been slowly developing. On this new effort there are a lot of slow passages. Is there any concrete reason behind this?

No, there is no pre-planned reason, it’s simply what we happened to write at the time. Even if you try to plan things fate can lead you in a different direction. The only thing that will influence your musical output is your mood at the time of writing.


– You have always released high-quality musical pieces which have been accepted in an overwhelming way both for your fans and press, specially your previous “Steadfast”, which was a masterpiece. Does this fact motivate you when it comes to keep on releasing such good albums or, in certain way, does it make you work under pressure?

It does increase the pressure, but you have to try to put it out of your mind. Anyway, it’s not going to change how we write music. Of course if you hear positive comments from people about your music it does inspire you and help with motivation, which can often be a problem.


– Anyway, what could you say are the main differences between this latest “Last of the Line” and “Steadfast”?

LOTL is calmer and less chaotic than Steadfast. The production is clearer. Perhaps it’s a little more positive sounding, though there are dark moments. Overall LOTL is a more rounded album. I sometimes find it difficult to listen to Steadfast because it’s so intense.


– “Last of the Line” is a quite inspiring album’s title; does it have any hidden meaning?

The title was influenced by two themes: 1. King Alfred the Great and the kingdom of Wessex being the last line of defence against Viking invaders in England c.878. 2. From JRR Tolkien’s legends – Elendil escaping the falling Numenor and being the last of the Numenorean bloodline to settle in Middle Earth. These ideas set the general mood of the album, particularly for tracks 1,2,11 and 12.


– All this being said about the album; how could you describe “Last of the Line” in just 3 words?

Epic, Melodic Metal


– You have your own label, Seven Kingdoms. What are the pros and cons of this? Specially in this rough times where not so many people seem to be buying original albums.

The main con is the reduced distribution and promotion links which come with smaller labels, so inevitably the news will reach less people, but this is weighed against the pro of having total control over you music and the details of manufacture. This means you have more work to do ,which can be overwhelming but also rewarding when it goes right. To be honest we have sold more CDs in recent years than ever before, so I don’t worry about this modern phenomenon too much (but of course our popularity has risen). Either way, we would still make albums if we didn’t sell any CDs at all so it’s not too relevant. We also have downloads available so we are still learning about the benefits of this format, mainly that it’s much easier for us!


– And finally, what are the near-future plans for you guys?

Perhaps some more merchandise (funds permitting) and then eventually some more music, though I can’t predict exactly when.


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you want to add some final words, feel free to do it.

Thanks for the interview. All our news can be found at www.forefather.net. And you can buy our CDs/shirts from www.seven-kingdoms.com. Any facebook page is unofficial so questions won’t be answered. Thanks to everyone for the support.


Sergio Fernández



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