– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with BLINDED BY FAITH?

We’re currently doing gigs in Canada and promoting our last album Chernobyl Survivor. We’re also in the writing process for our next album, untitled for the moment. Everything is going great so far and we have a lot of songs almost done.

– Your latest album, «Chernobyl Survivor», has just been rereleased so, what are your expectations on it?

For every album, we hope to gain some fans and make our fanbase happy of course. Also a new album is always a good opportunity to do more shows and have some fun on the road.


– They passed several years between your previous «Weapons of Mass Distractions» and this new opus. How do you think has the band evolved or changed (in case it has done it, of course)?

The band has been through some rough patches with some founding members leaving the band after Weapons of Mass Distractions was released wich explains the long delay. During those tough times we tried to have a more aggressive style than with our first two albums. I think this reflects also how frustrated we felt at the time and it shows in the music. We worked a lot to finish the album and find new members for the band. We are currently really happy about the band’s situation and better times are ahead of us!


– Getting a bit deeper into this new opus, I think its title fits really well the cover artwork, due to this I would like to know what do some of the lyrics on this record deal with.

The reason for the album title is that we felt like survivors when some founding members left the band around 2008-2009. The lyrics treat subjects that are more related to the day-to-day life and things that affected us in the past years or so. We tried to avoid conspicary theories and other grand subjects.


– This effort reminds me a lot to earlier CHILDREN OF BODOM, specially together with the powerful guitar melodies with heavy sounds. Have COB been an influence for you? Anyway you also mix different elements so, what have been some of the most influential bands for BLINDED BY FAITH?

You’re right we were definitley influenced by COB, especially in their early days. For Chernobyl Survivor, we were influanced by Lamd of God, Slipknot, Soilwork, All that Remains, Dragonforce and even early Genesis (wather of the skies).


– In fact the band has been through a certain evolution, at the beginning you were a more Black Metal oriented band and now your music has gone toward Death Metal. Was that the direction you wanted to take, a conscious change, or did it just happen like this?

It was a very conscious decision to evolve towards something more actual and be more that just a melodic black metal band. We wanted the soings to be faster, more agressive and more brutal than ever. We wanted to go away from cheesy black metalish stuff and keyboard sounds.


– I could say this is your best-sounding album, and also more complete, with no fillers. Do you believe you have taken the ultimate step to conolidate the band’s identity?

Thanks for the comments! I thtink we’ll always be looking to evolve as a band and in terms musical style. Of course, it’s always gonna be very metal and heavy. I can tell you that the next album will be more technical and progressive, but still as melodic and brutal.


– Into a really prolific extreme metal scene, what are could you say are you bringing to it that other band’s don’t?

I think we differ in the sense that every album is very different and that we mix catchiness and agressiveness in our own unique way. Vocally, Tommy has a versatile metal voice and it shows a lot on our last album.


– All this about «Chernobyl Survivor», how could you describe it in just 3 words?



– And finally; what are your near-future plans?

We’ll gig in Canada and promote our last album Chernobyl Survivor for the rest of the year. We’re also loopking to finish the writing process for our next album, untitled for the moment. Everything is going great so far and we have a lot of songs almost done.


– That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

Thanks for the interview and come like us on our facebook page! Also our last album is streaming in its entirety on our web site Fuck Yeah!


Sergio Fernández

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