– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions.

Hi – I’m Mark “Gus” Scott – Drummer and maniac party animal for TRIXTER! Great to meet you Tania!!!

– What are you currently up to? How does it feel being back on track with a new album? As you have recently released “New Audio Machine”, your third album and the first one in 15 years. Are you satisfied with the result you’ve got?

I can’t begin to tell you just how happy I am. I truly am one of the luckiest people in the world. First off, making the CD was a real interesting experience. Everything was recorded at Steve Brown’s (Guitarist) home studio. Right off the bat it put us in a very relaxed environment with no time constraints. We didn’t have a recording contract yet so no one was there saying, “Hey guys, we gotta get this thing done!” We just started doing it because we felt like it! Then something really weird happened… The more we recorded, the better the songs sounded! I don’t know what it was, we all were inspired by the songs when we heard the demos, but when we actually started to record, the songs really blossomed! It certainly fueled our excitement levels and made us want to do more and more. Serafino Perugino, President of Frontiers Records heard a few songs and signed us to a deal. We wanted the CD to be release prior to the summer so now we had a deadline. This put us to work and I can not tell you just how excited and proud we are of „New Audio Machine”… more so than any other recording we have done! I know, I know. It is very cliché to have a new CD out and say, „Oh, It’s the best thing we ever did!” But let me tell you – Don’t buy the CD. Go to iTunes and listen to the FREE samples of the songs. I’m willing to bet that you will hear something that turns your head and will make you say, „Wow! This sounds great!”


– First off, what prompted the band’s reunion? When you played at some shows, did you already know you will be releasing new material?

First off, above all else, the members have not changed. Peter Loran, Steve Brown, P. J. Farley & Mark “Gus” Scott are TRIXTER! All Original Members! Funny, it’s the kind of thing you just don’t see very often these days. After a 13-year vacation, we all got back together to rock once again and enjoy what we love to do best…Play Live and Kick Ass! We got back together and played some big shows in 2008. It was really the fans that prompted us to actually get back together. There was an overwhelming amount of inquiry that led us in the direction we took. We did a few outdoor festivals like ROCKLAHOMA, we opened for Poison, the band Boston, Cinderella, Scorpions, and Warrant – Awesome bands – Awesome times! To do it all over again is such a rare privilege.


– And something I have always been curious about; why «Trixter»? Do you still remember how did you come up with the band’s name?

The “Trickster” was a villain in an old Batman Comic book. He was a bad ass little bastard (a lot like us). So we just added the X to make it more “Heavy Metal”. Now we are Big “Little Bastards”!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!


– «New Audio Machine» could look like a simple name for a new album, but what does it mean to you personally?

Over the 15+ years that we have been apart, there has been a lot of growth individually amongst the band members. Now, when you put Trixter back together, you have a “New Audio Machine”……. And she’s runnin HOT!!!



– This new opus has all your trademarks. Is it easy to keep your essence alive after so many years without having any studio activity?

This time around was a hell of a lot of fun with very little pressure. We did it the way we wanted to! But, we didn’t do it alone. The new album is co-produced and engineered by Chuck Alkazian (known from working on the music of Elton John, Vixen, Uncle Cracker, Christina Aguilera, Tesla etc.). Chuck is AWESOME! He helped create a very aggressive sound on songs like “Machine” and “Save Your Soul” and his mix on „Tattoos and Misery” is Kick Ass! Did I mention he is a drummer as well? We totally click! (No pun intended for drummers)…There are some guys that are „In-Tune” and some guys who are not. Chuck is On the Fuckin Money!!!!! He runs a hell of a ship at Pearl Studios in Michigan. He has truly become a part of the Trixter Family! Too bad he lost his testicles in that fight with the midget. I think he still has the teeth marks. Anyway, he will eventually recover. I also heard he was lousy in bed. That report is unconfirmed though so I’m hesitant to say. I personally wouldn’t know but I will be sure to ask around. If it is true, you really can’t hold him responsible. His last boyfriend was very rough on him I heard…Ouch!!!


– Anyway, I think in this effort you have made your sound heavier. Is this how you envisioned the album like when you started creating it?

To tell you the truth, I don’t think anyone had a clue how this was going to turn out. It was a long time since we did something like this together. Steve Brown (Guitarist) had some song ideas that he made demos of and we just started working on a new CD. Then, the weirdest thing happened. The more we worked on it, the better it sounded. It went from demo, to laying drum tracks, then bass, the guitar, vocals, etc….. Every time something else went down in the studio, it just sounded better and better. OK – I admit it. It is very cliché for a band to brag about how good their new cd is. But all bullshit aside, I cant wait for everyone to here this fuckin thing – It truly RIPS and I cant express just how proud we all are of how it came out. Our first single “Tattoos and Misery” was released on March 19th. That will give you a taste of just what I’m talking about. Great guitar riffs, Pete’s Vocal is nothing short of class-act Rock. But please, pay very close attention to the rhythm section. Me and PJ on Bass… It just doesn’t get any better!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!


– All this being said, how could you describe “New Audio Machine” in 3 words?

Kick Ass ROCK!!!


– Both the musical and technological world has changed a lot since the band split-up. Due to this has the recording and production process changed?

The business of music/Recording (not to mention most other businesses in the world) has changed by leaps and bounds. Digital distribution can be amazing. To just e-mail a song…zap…like that. It’s also a lot cheaper than mailing a few thousand cads to radio people around the world. There certainly are a lot of pros! By the same token, piracy has always been prevalent in the record industry. I also believe that we don’t know to what extent piracy exists. Nothing is ever perfect. This is our new world. Better get used to it or get out there and do something about it. I am certainly not going to bitch and complain about it. It is a big difference from the way we used to do things 15 years ago. I’m glad we work alongside of some real pros who know what the hell is going on out there. Media and technology can change so fast and we want to be on top of it. Social media is also something new that can truly be an asset to a band if utilized properly. To be able to get the word out with the push of a button is amazing… and it doesn’t cost anything!!! I remember all of those stamps we used to put on fan mail responses and fan club mailings….


– And about the creative/songwriting process, do you now have new inspirations?

I think naturally, since 20 years has gone by, inspiration has taken an interesting turn. But the TRIXTER sound can still be heard without question. A few friends were also called to collaborate for our new release. Some artists resent having other people „take credit” for work on their CD. I think that attitude is immature. It actually can be alot of fun and if your collaboration yields a great song, well, damn! Isn’t that something special??? As a Songwriter of several “Top 40 Hits”, former Styx member Glen Burtnik co-wrote “Drag Me Down” with Steve and created one of the CD’s hottest tracks. Snake Sabo and Rachel Bolan of Skid Row wrote “Walk with a Stranger” back in the late 80’s. TRIXTER used to play the song live back in the day, ripped it out of the closet and slammed the up-tempo rocker on the new disk. There were a few men responsible for putting the “finishing touches” on the “NEW AUDIO MACHINE”. With production/editing credits from Shinedown and Paramore, Bret Michaels Guitarist Pete Evick was called in to help mix as well. From groove oriented rock tracks like “Dirty Love” to Rock ballads like “The Coolest Thing”, classic TRIXTER sound can be heard from track 1 through 11! There was also a TRIXTER “Classic” that made it to this CD. “Physical Attraction” was a song we used to play back in the old days even before we got our first record deal. It was always a fan favorite – Killer Riff – Sexy vocals – very powerful with a very catchy chorus. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure why it never made it to a cd before now. Our fans from the “very old days” are gonna smile when they here that one!


– I said earlier both the musical and technological world has changed a lot, but how do you think has the Rock scene evolved since the 90’s?

Haaaaaaaaaa! Are you kidding? Absofuckinlutely!!!!!!! However, there is one thing about rock and roll that will never change – It is so much more than just music. It truly is an expression of lifestyle and attitude. If it is fake, you are gonna see right through it. Now I’m not saying we are gonna run around all day naked, drunk and having unprotected sex with multiple women simultaneously (hell, we did that already). But you never know what could happen. Guess you’re gonna have to come on down and see for yourself. Sorry, no photos backstage… In contrast to that, I think one thing that people will see is that the songwriting and song theme has matured (obviously not my interviewing skills)! Let’s get real. The things we experience today can be a lot different from what things were like when we were 25 years old. Then again, we do have a habit of acting like infants!


– Back in the 90´s you released a cover album. If you now would have to do another «Undercovers», which songs would you choose?

There is one song I always wanted to record: “Mississippi Queen” by Mountain. Even listening to the original song today…Awesome guitar sound… great groove! I want to bring it to the next level!


– Finally, what are the near-future plans for TRIXTER? Is this a steady comeback? Can we expect more studio activity from you?

We intend on taking all of the money from the preorders on iTunes and Amazon and we will all fly to Aruba. We will party for 6 days straight, spend all of the money, get one nights sleep and then get back to work! This new CD will be distributed in US, Canada, Australia (did I spell that right?), Japan, Europe and Russia. Our Record Company President Serafino is also working on other markets as well. Let me just say that we will be very busy in the next year to come. We intend on Rocking This Planet very hard! If there are people to play to, we are there! We will start in the U.S. and systematically rock every area that rock fans want to see TRIXTER! This is what we live for! Playing Live is truly THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD!!! If it were illegal, we would do it anyway!!!


– That’s all from my side, thanks again for taking your time to answer our questions. If you now want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

The best thing I can say is “Thank you.” “Thank YOU!” We would be nothing without YOU! The Fan! The individual that waits in line, that buys the cd. When Mom and Dad tell you to keep it down, you turn it up! It’s YOU – That pays too much for parking at the show. That buys the tickets and waits for the show to start. And when the lights go down and the band takes the stage, it’s you that can be heard screaming your head off… because you love it. And Damn It… We love it too. We Love You …. More than anything we do… We love to play for you!!! Thank you!

We will be coming to see you soon!!! Keep you eye out for us on the road @ www.TrixterRocks.com

Tania Giménez



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