– First off thank you so much for answering to our questions and for talking about the band’s debut album. How are SORCERER and how did the band born during the 80’s?
Sorcerer started back in 1988 when me, Peter Furulid and Tommy Karlsson formed the band. Back then we recorded two demos (1989 and 1991) and the second demo was actually meant to be our first album.


– You didn’t get to release anything official back ten, what was the main reason behind this?
We where really good with everything around the music but we didn´t really know how to aproach the labels in the right way i think. Another thing was that we didn´t play that much live during the early years.


– Later members of the band formed TIAMAT. Did you ever think you would someday release an album as SORCERER?
No. If anybody should have asked me back then i would say never. Things change and today i am really glad that we finally recorded something new.


– And more recently, how did the chance of getting together again and record something arise?
We got a mail from Oliver Weinsheimer (Hammer of Doom Festival/Keep It True Festival) who asked if we could play the Hammer of Doom festival. This was in 2011. I called up Anders Engberg (singer) who was the only one i had contact with since the ”old” days. We talked about it for a while and we weren´t really up for it but decided that we should think about it for some days. After a couple of days i called him and we decided to do it. We really tried to get hold of the other members but didn´t have any luck with that so we decided to look for some other musicians. After that gig we talked a little about doing some new music as we got so good response. We then did another gig in Greece and I think it was after that we really decided to do a new album.


– So now «In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross» has born. Tell us what does this album deatl with, how were the recording sessions and how was the songwriting process like.Gruppbild_003
Every song on the album has been worked on in the same way. I did a rough recording of every song. Then I went to Kristian and he came up with new parts or we changed some parts that I had written. Then we did a demo that Anders got. Then he wrote lyrics and melodies together with a friend of him. After that we listened to songs and changed some small things. After that Robert recorded the drums and then we took it from there. I have to say that it was really smooth to work this way.


– I have had the chance of listening to the album and I think it is a really good one, quite Epic Doom but with really classic guitar solos and vocal harmonies. Are you satisfied with the final outcome?
We are really satisfied. Even today when it is released i can listen to the album and enjoy it. The performance from everybody is so good. From the drums, guitars, bass, vocals, solos to the mixing and mastering.


– If you had released an album back in the early days, how do you think would have this record differ?
Oh that is really hard to say. I hope the same as it is now.


– It reminds me to Tony Martin SABBATH era and to albums such as «Tyr». Is this an influence for you or is just my appreciation?
We all love Black Sabbath with both Tony Martin and Ronnie James Dio. What Tony Martin did for Black Sabbath is underated and he is often forgotten when people talk about Black Sabbath. Headless Cross is top 5 of all Sabbath albums if you ask me.


– Is this the beginning of future albums or will this just be something exceptioinal?
We will release more albums. As this one turned out so good there is no reason to stop. We have already started working on new songs.


Gruppbild_001– Is there any other side project to any of your bands and SORCERER?
Anders also sings in the band 220 Volt. Kristian plays in a band called Demonoid.


– And about tours, are there any plans to support the album? Any festival or tour?
We are booking shows right now for the autumn and next winter. Then after the summer we will start aproaching festivals for the summer of 2016.


– That’s all from our side, congrats for the album and if you now want to add some final words, is your turn.
Thank you for your support and i hope to see everybody on road soon. Don´t forget to check out our album.


Paco Gómez

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