– Hi Jackie, thanks for your time. What are you guys currently up to?

Well I currently just woke up. The first thing I did this morning was take a look at the big roach sitting on my kitchen table and say. ohhhhh that mother fucker. I was too far too lazy to kill the bastard so I’ll just have to deal with it. the next thing that went through my brain was. I can’t believe I have a smoking hangover. You ever get that man? It’s exactly what you think. You smoke a pack of cigarettes in like 2 hours and feel all fuckin wonky afterwards. hahahah but seriously. We are working on tons of shit. were starting to work on a new skull fist video. We have some gigs with sabaton coming up so were syked as hell for that. We all just started smoking dope again too. Just for funzies. jamming out hendrix songs. you know what im sayinggg mann hahahah weve got a canada tour coming up. A USA tour coming Up. festivals in europe with a spain tour as well. Also were planning out another tour in a certain country involving a giant man eating city crushing lizard. Ttrying to keep ourselves on the road as long as possible mann

– You are a quite young band and have released just one full-length album so, first of all, could you please make some history of the band and tell us why did you form it?

We formed because all the other cool bands arent cool anymore. formed in december 2005 technically but didnt name the band until 2006. I was from Porcupine ontario. a northern canadian tiny butthole town. mind you. there was a few not bad skate spots haha I moved to the city. time to rock., rock rock rock rock rock n roll highschool! It took until 2010 to find the proper people to actually release anything. 2010 was the basement done E.P. 2011 brought us the year of the fist.. 2012 will infact be the year of the jackel. but Like i said. I did it because noone else was going to do it. so I said. fuck. alright. If noone else is willing to play badass tunes. then fuck it. ill do it. naa. ive always wanted to rock. its a calling man


– It has been almost a year since your debut album, “Head of the Pack”, came out. Now that it has been a while since then, is there anything you would have liked to make differently or something you would like to change about it?

Well the album came out at the end of august. so I geuss really its only been half a year. hahahaha but Yeah. tons of things always. but fuck it man. It worked. We didnt have much moula but we laid it down and said fuck yeah. thats rad enough. put her out. shred it up. givr shit. I would have cut Ride on and saved it for the next album. 11 songs is too many if you ask me! ohh yeah. and I would have added more guitar solos..hahahhaha


– Before recording this first opus the band has some line-up changes. Could you say the current line-up is really solid?

I could say that judging by jake or aka frank the tanks drunking status. the band is as solid as its ever been. No. it is. I love the guys right now. I would have sex with them.. if only they wanted too. something about man on man doesnt cut it for them. hahahah me jake and jonny get along so damned well. weve all known eachother for a long time and have spent many times funneling beer and piss. no joke. piss. thats why we say get pist with the fist


– On this effort you included two tracks off your demo and EP, “Ride the Beast” and “No False Metal”. Why did you decide to give them a second chance?

I would have given the whole E.P. a 2nd chance to be honest. but I figured I
had alot of tracks already written for the next album so me and casey said fuck it. lets just do it like this. I like those 2 songs alot. so I figure I wanted them to stick around man! not disappear into the side b collection of ancient E.P. rock.


– You have also featured a cover for TOKYO BLADE’s “Attack Attack”; why did you pick this concrete tune?

….honestly. because we knew it already. it was between that. angel witch – angel witch. a shitty version of wont stop rockin as well as a half assed version of proud to be loud. the most solid cover we knew at the time was attack attack hahaha. and its a fun ass song


– You self-released the “Heavier than Metal” EP and your debut album came out via NoiseArt Records. Did you get more offers from different labels?

none worth considering. oouuuuuu haha yeah we did but what made us decide with noise art was how awesome rock the nation is and how well they did with steelwing


– Especially on “Head of the Pack” your voice reminded me to the strength of Ron Keel but, what are your main influences as vocalist?

for me. that dude from the band steelheart i geuss. uhmm.. kate bush. hahah haha yeah. her for sure. ian from metallian here in canada! dan from striker here in canada! Cunt Riley from steelwing! tall skinny long haired fellow from skid row… whats his name again? sabastian mozart. but I also really like that dude from firehouse. vitas. that guy on youtube chewing the gum


– This first album has got and overwhelming feedback an its still surprising Heavy Metal fans due to this, expectations for your next rerecord are already really high. Do you think it will be easy to top over this first “Head of the Pack”?

pffffff. no sweat. the next album is already written and being demo’d right now. So to the bros and broettes. Dont worry dudes. we arent ready to start sucking just yet. hahahah We know what the fucks goin on and were born to rock.


– There’s lately a huge interest for traditional Heavy Metal, bands as BULLET or ENFORCER (whom you toured with) are proof of it. Have you noticed this interest with SKULL FIST in any way?

20 million album sales cant be wrong…hahaha yeah right. I wish. of course
though dude. I dont know what the deal is or whats goin on or whatever. really. I dont care at all. Just play. just rock do it well and do it hard and the people will come. book it. and they will come. as long as theres a few bangers banging along at the shows then im cool. but really. yeah. it would be rad to crush all the new ridiculous music going on right now. fuck. tv tunes a really really crap man. Like. its weird. I havent seen much in a while. but alot of this shit reminds of that owen wilson movie. Idiocracy which is funny. cause i may have spelled that wrong. hahahhaa


– And talking about Canada specifically, there are great classics bands such as ANVIL, SACRIFICE or EXCITER (in fact Dan Beehler has recently released an album with his own band) for instance; as well as some younger bands as STRIKER or CAULDRON. How is the Metal scene like in Canada nowadays?

metal scene is here is cool. fun. growing. and continously growing. its not as big as europe. but fuck., its still cool man. the harder we rock. the more we tour here. the more metalheads will be converted. thats why we always try to play in canada as much as possible. I want this place to know how to rock man. and its getting there. Life will be worth living again. hahahha


– And finally, what’s next for SKULL FIST?

non stop touring this year. non. fuckin. stop man. cant wait. were going to spend 4 months about living in our van. and really. some neil young and abit of pot. that place is a castle!!!


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.

to my young brothers. get out of your damned parents basement. go out to shows. get fake id’s. be loud. be proud. be strong and dont take no sassy backtalk from anyone. Theres no time for that the evolution of music is getting worse and worse. Heavy metal takes skill. power. a fuck load of imagination and creativity and VISION OUT THE ASS! The Music of the gods. the future. now! tomorrow. Today! hahaha

Tania Giménez



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