– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What’s currently going on into the band’s camp?

Guillaume: Hi Sergio!

Well, we’re actually very busy! We just had several promo days with many interviews. we are also making a new video next week for our second single: «Will it always be the same» and we’ll play with Gojira next week as well. And the album has just been released.

– You have just unleashed your new “Destructive by Nature”. How are the first reactions being? Are you guys happy with the final outcome?

So far the reactions are very good from both our fans and journalists. Which is a good thing, hehe.. We are really happy about this new album. It’s very «us»! We’re very proud of it!


– The album’s title is quite inspiring, what meaning does it hold? I also find it quite fitting to the musical content on the record, don’t you think?

Well, the music is a party music but the lyrics are pretty dark on this album. Of course I talk about humans when I say «Destructive by nature». Humans are really not respecting the earth in general. And they don’t respect each other either. That’s not new but I don’t think it will change. We have some more light lyrics like on «soupracer» but it’s mainly pessimistic with a little positive touch here and there.


– Honestly, after listening to your debut album, I expected from this new “Destructive by Nature” something similar to what you did on your first record, but I’ve been positively surprised when I heard an album with different nuances. First off, this is a heavier record. Is this how did you want your new opus to sound like? Did you envision the album in any way before starting the songwriting?

I don’t know if it’s heavier but it’s more diverse for sure!

We don’t have any plans or ideas on how to do with the album.

The only different thing with this one regarding the composition process is that we’ve been speading in time our composition sessions. So we have different moods on this album and they make it, by this fact, more diverse. We composed the first album in something like 13 or 14 effective working days.

On «Destructive by nature» we worked for example 3 days in january, 3 days in march, 3 days in july and 3 days in september. More things happen in your life in 8 months than in 2 weeks. We have a busy schedule with our other bands and studios so we could not do another way. But in the end it gave a richer album with more different moods and ambiences.


– Overall is a really diverse album, in all the possible ways. Is versatility something important for you? As I guess this makes any album more exciting, both for you as artist and musician as for any listener. An album that dynamic is always more enjoyable.

Exactly dude!!! And I think I answered this question as well in my last answer, hehe..


– You have also had a really better production so, would you mind to shed some light on this process (who took such duties, where, etc.)?

David and I produced the whole album. We both have studios. David and Franck have «Dome studio» and I have «Dogs In The House Studio» so we combine our talents, hehe.. Like for the first album but this time we also mixed it ourselves. That’s what we do for other bands but when it’s about your own band it’s different. We gave it a shot and we loved it! In case we were not satisfied we would have mixed it with Tue Madsen or Fredrik Nordstrom or Daniel Bergstrand or another famous mixer but we didn’t have to.

So we’ll do the same for the next album!!


– All this being said; how could you describe “Destructive by Nature” in 3 words?

Heavy, catchy, party!


– And what could you say are the main differences between this new effort and your debut album “One-Way Mirror”?

The new one is, once again, more diverse! But the catchiness and our gimmicks are still there!


– That debut album came out in 2008, 4 years ago. What was the band up to during that time? Will we have to wait another 4 years until your next CD?

Well, we toured and composed with our other bands, Mnemic, Lyzanxia, Boy Damont, Phaze 1, etc.. David and I also produced other bands in our respective studios.

We’ve been busy. That’s why it took so long.

But I hope we won’t wait 4 other years to deliver a new album!

We’ll make it happen earlier for sure!


– In fact that album was released via Metal Blade Records, one of the biggest labels in Metal, and you are now working with a smaller company like Trepan Records. What are the pros and cons of working with a smaller label?

This is our own structure so we can control everything from A to Z.

It’s a totally different approach but very soon labels will probably completely dissapear. So we might as well try to work without them now to be ready for the future!!


– And finally, what are the near-future plans for ONE-WAY MIRROR?

We’re shoot the new video next week as I said before. But we’ll also make a 3D video for a third single for the song «One-way mirror».

We and our agent are working on gigs and tours for after the summer. We hope to visit as much new places as possible!!

And maybe compose some new material a bit, hehe..


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you want to add some final words, feel free to do it.

Thanx for your time too, man!

Music is just entertainement. It’s not serious! So have fun listening to our new album and we hope to soon play again for our Spanish fans and friends!!!

Sergio Fernández



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