– Hello Heavy, thanks for answering to our questions. How is currently the band doing? What are your feelings on your new album?

We are feeling great and we are very proud of the new album. In our opinion it is the best album that we have done!

– First off, what does “Lullacry” mean? How did you come up with the band’s name?

Basically, I doesn’t mean anything. Somebody just threw it in the air in rehearsals. It’s a unique name and that’s only thing that matter. It’s easy to find us via internet search etc.


– Have been none less than 7 years between your previous “Vol.4” and this new “Where Angels Fear”. What has LULLACRY been up to during this time?

Well, we were ready to make an album some years ago but looking back at those songs and even the relationships between the band members were not that great. We needed the time to re-establish ourselves and in order to do that we needed a break. I did two albums with The Black League and Sami did some stuff with a band called R.O.C.K. After working in a different band, with other people, made me realise, and I think that made Sami realise too, that what we had in Lullacry was something special. When we started to write new material, I think that we all felt that.


– And have how things changed into the music world during those years?

A lot, I guess, but it doesn’t matter. I mean what can you do? You just write the best song possible and play as good shows as you can, right?


– Though the album has already been released in some countries, hasn’t came out yet in America and some European countries so; what are your expectations with this album? What can your fans expect to hear on it?

It is a bit more complex, in a sense. There is more variety in the material, more dynamics, more highs and lows. The stuff that has not changed is the good melodies and strong riffs.


– You have always been loyal to your own musical style so; what are the main differences between “Vol.4” and your new opus?

I’d say that this new one has more “balls” to it. A bit darker and moodier too.


– As I said you have always remained true to yourself and sound. Is this something easy to get and keep on doing without copying yourself?

I think that whatever we do, we will always sound like us. I also think that our sound evolves, you know? We reduced the level of distortion on this album so that the overall sound would “breath” more. Instead of getting less heavy, we were able to reach heavier sound this way! And this is only one example.

As a band gets older, they usually always end up copying themselves. And it is not necessary a bad thing. Ac/dc, Motorhead, Ramones etc. They are all great bands but did they change? Not a whole lot anyway. Did they make some of the best rock music ever? Absolutely!! So I think that sticking to a formula is not a bad thing, but sometimes you have to break the rules to make new, fresh music. Doing just that was one of the goals we tried to achieve with this new record. You be the judges of the results!!


– Due to this I would like to know how was the songwriting process this time around and if anything changed at all compared to some of your earlier records. Isn’t getting hard to come up with new ideas?

Sami came up with most of the music. He’d rehearse with me and Jukka, make some demos and see if the music was going to the right direction. Then we’d sit down with Sami and work on those songs. Some of the material was not up to the standards that were set, some songs made it after serious reconstruction and some were right the way Sami presented them the first time.


– This time I could say lyrics are more well-cared, even darker. How did you approach these duties? And what do some of the lyrics on the album deal with?

I wrote lyrics to three songs: All behind, Gatd and Feel my revenge. All behind is a song about a woman who is in a sanitarium trying to make it back to the “real” world. Gatd is about courage to do things now, so you don’t have to be sorry for not doing them later. Feel my revenge tells a story of an actress whose love life did not go according to the plan.

All in all, I don’t want to explain lyrics too much. If too many details are given, the listener can’t make his/hers own interpretation of the “picture”. I don’t want to set limits to imagination, you know?


– The cover artwork this time really gets the audience attention; what does it represent?

We wanted a bit different cover this time. If nothing else, it somehow tells that it is the same band but..somehow a new at the same time! But there you go..


– You have shot a video for “Bad Blood”; how was the experience like? Do you plan filming any other clips?

It was a great experience! And yes, we are just about to start shooting a video for Feel my revenge!


– You are hailing from Finland, a country with a huge Metal/Rock quarry, so I guess it may be hard to stand out but, what do you think makes LULLACRY different? What do you provide to the Finnish scene?

This is hard to explain, but I think that the combination of metal and rock elements set us apart from most other bands.


– And finally, what are the near-future plans for the band? I have read you will play some shows in Finland but do you plan touring in support of “Where Angels Fear”?

We will play anywhere we possibly can!! Hopefully we’ll see soon!


– That’s been everything from my side, thanks once more. Feel free to add some final words.

It great to be back!! Thanks for supporting us!

Tania Giménez



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