– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What’s currently keeping KISSIN’ DYNAMITE busy?

We’re on a german Headliner Tour right now for 2 months and i’m really exited! before we finished and already released our third album and did a little promotional trip through europe.

– You have recently released your third album, «Sex, Money and Power». How is its feedback so far?

It’s amazing! We just hit the german charts on #50!! that’s awesome and i’m really proud on it! It’s an album which polarizes really hard. One loves it, one hates it! But that’s great! because if everyone would say it’s nice, it’s BORING! hahaha!


– Your first album was quite Rocker, with nuances from different bands, then «Addicted to Metal», as the name suggests, was more Metal, and this new piece seems to me a combination of your two previous efforts. What are your thoughts on this?

The first two albums were kinda like finding ourselves and we were talking a lot about what we are and where we are going before start to write songs for the third album. In our mind Kissin’ Dynamite is sleaze rock. Means to heavy for sleaze rock and less heavy than heavy metal. Mötley Crüe meets Accept so to speak. We finally found ourselves and if u listen to the album, after a few seconds of any song you know that this is Kissin’ Dynamite!


– Could you say maybe you have now shaped your own sound?

Definetly! It’s the sound and style for the future of Kissin’ Dynamite!


– Despite being less heavy than «Addicted to Metal», I could say «Sex, Money and Power» is your most powerful album so far. Was this something you were looking for? Did you have clear since the beginning how did you want this record to sound like?

Absolutely! I had it in my mind from the very beginning! The 3rd album of a band is a really important so it had to be the most powerful! So thanks for realizing it =)


– All this being said, how could you describe your new opus in just 3 words?

Mötley meets Accept!


– Your first «Steel of Swabia» was only released in your country, but just a few years later, with only 2 other albums, you are considered the «next big think» out of Germany. How do you feel about it?

It feels great but i’m very grounded about that! i see the things really realistic. But anyways, we have a great chance at the moment at we defiantly are going to use this chance! KD never stopped growing over all the 10 years we’re making music together and that gives u a good feeling about it and let me smile and let me be exited about the things going on in the future!


– In fact if I’m not mistaken you started as a cover band but also with some own songs. Did you ever imagine back then you would get where you are today?

you are right and i know that i’m living a dream at the moment! I’m so thankful about the situation! I never thought that we’re going that far because i just did that what i want to do and what gives me fun!


– Talking about this, on your second effort you covered DAMN YANKEE’s «High Enough». Have you thought about covering any other tunes? Which ones would you like to cover?

there are a lo of songs i wanna cover actually, but at the moment i’m more into writing own songs which are even better than the songs i wanna cover 😀 HAHAHA!


– On «Addicted to Metal» you even had Udo Dirkscheneider as guest vocalist; how did this arise?

We met Udo on Bang your head Festival in 2009 i think and we met him a few weeks later again on another festival and after a lot of wine and beer UDO told us to take us with on tour and on this tour we asked him if he wanted to make a featuring and he said yes! That was like a knightly accolade! And you know, he’s like a father of KD. If u need a good advice, ask udo on Skype =)


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? Where can people see you on stage soon?

Beside a few international Festivals in Summer we’re going on European Supporttour with Dragon Force in Autumn! I think there will also be a few spain dates. But the dates aren’t 100% confirmed yet!


– That has been everything from my side, thanks again for your time. If you want to add some final words, is your time.

Wonderful, thanks a lot! To all the spanish fans and friends of KD out there: Please support us and buy our new album Money, Sex & Power cause i wanna come to spain as a headliner soon! have great time and take care!

Tania Giménez


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