– Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. To start, please explain us what are JUNGLE ROT currently up to.

James: We’re gearing up for our North American tour in April with SUFFOCATION, EXHUMED, and RINGS OF SATURN! Working out a setlist and practicing our asses off.

– You have just released a new album entitled «Terror Regime». What are your expectations on it? Your previou album I think it was the one the got the hardest acceptation into the great reviews you have always got, of course. Did that make you feel more pressure when you started to create this new opus?

James: We felt no pressure. Naturally we started writing TERROR REGIME immediately after we finished KILL ON COMMAND so there is a natural continuation in the sound. We just wrote what came out naturally.


– I could say this is a darker, faster and more thrasher album. Was this the direction you wanted to took or did it just come out naturally?

James: It’s just how it came out. We didn’t try and do anything different, we don’t really think too much about it, we just get together and see what happens. It usually just flows out a certain way, I think we had some aggression to get out on this one, haha!


– Could we say this is a more «Jungle Rot» album than the previous ones? Is it nearer to your actual personality?

James: It’s definitely Jungle Rot in the purest sense.


– We can also find a great improvement in the lyrics. What do they deal with this time around?

James: Societal issues, political corruption, current events. I write the lyrics based on what is pissing me off at the given time.


– The artwork has been, once again, crafted by veteran Gyula Havancsák. Why did you decide to go for him again? What did you want to express with the cover artwork?

James: Gyula never lets us down, this is his third cover for us and it’s beautiful. Usually we give Gyula the title and lyrics and let him do his thing, he sends us a couple ideas and we go from there. The artwork is very much representative of the weight of oppression.


– And all this about «Terror Regime» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?



– I’ve read you hate to talk about the past, so I would like to know what can we expect from JUNGLE ROT from now on.

James: We have no intentions of slowing down. We plan on touring our asses off for this album. We have a North American tour with Suffocation in April, and we have a European run scheduled in August with some festival dates! We hope to score a couple more tours and then start crafting the next album!


– And finally, what are your near-future plans? How’s the live situation right now?

James: I pretty much answered this in the last question, haha. We’ll be busy, for sure.


– That has been everyting from my side, thank you once more for taking your time. If you now want to add any last words; feel free to do it.

James: Thank you so much for your interest and support! Order our new album now and exclusive t-shirts at www.victoryrecords.com

We’ll see you on tour!!





Sergio Fernández


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