– Hello Sabina, thank for taking your time and congratulations for these 30 years. How are you feeling about it? 30 years is quite a lot for a Metal band!

Sabina: yes, I am now 30 years in Holy Moses and I am feeling wonderful. It is a honour that I had the chance to do such a great hobby for such a long time. I am feeling very happy that I could give my life this intensive energy.

– To celebrate this band’s anniversary you will soon release “In the Power of Now” compilation. How did you come up with this idea? What balance do you now do of these 3 decades?

Sabina: we will release on the 20th april worldwide our 30th years anniversary double album “In The Power of Now” and this idea came up from the whole band. We wanted that all musicians feel the Power of Now in Holy Moses as a unit with all songs from these 3 decades. We talked to the fanclub network and we got all in our inner self and balanced out, which songs are important for us, from the lyrical and the songwriting part.


– And how has the Metal scene changes since you started the band?

Sabina: Has the Metal scene changed? I have the wonderful feeling, that metal stays metal. Only the internet is new and brings us all worldwide more together.


– You have always been the band’s leader but; have all the line-up changes affected HOLY MOSES in any way?

Sabina: yes, I am the only one from the early days which is still in the band and the line-up changes affected a lot in my life. I learned a lot positive things for my life with it. And when I see now the deep feeling in the band I see it affected a lot of positive things in Holy Moses – we are still alive!


– In fact your upcoming compilation has been your first opus with drummer Gerd Lücking; how has everything been with him so far?

Sabina: Gerd Lücking is the new drummer in the band and so far I feel that he really loves to play in Holy Moses. He is full with energy and his kind of drumming is perfect for Holy Moses


– After so many years and so many albums I guess it may be hard to pick your 20 best songs, wasn’t it? Though all tracks are just great and absolute classics, I guess some people would miss tunes as “In the Slaughterhouse” or the already mighty “Too Drunk to Fuck” cover.

Sabina: you are totally right, it was hard to pick up the 20 songs. During we recorded the album, I so full with energy that I liked to record all the songs new, and with the power of now I think, we are able to celebrate our 35th and 40th anniversary and we are doing the next 20 songs re-recorded in the power of now 2017 and 2022!


– All songs are really loyal to the first versions but, comparing them with the original ones, I noticed for instance a clear vocal evolution; vocals now sound rougher. What are your thoughts on this? What could you say differences the new versions with the original ones?

Sabina: It is great to hear that from you, that the vocals are sounding now rougher. For me it is hard to think about that objective, because I just do it. I do not think about how to do it, my voice is coming always out of me like I feel in this moment. I will say, I really can’t control my voice, I am to much into energy and love to sing like I am in this moment.


– You have included two brand new songs: “Borderland” and “Entering the Now”, which I think are 100% at the HOLY MOSES’ tradition but, what could you comment on them? Will they be part of your next album or are they special for this release?

Sabina: we included the new songs, to give an idea for the Holy Moses future and we are working on a lot of new songs right now, and if the fans still support Holy Moses for the next 30 years, we will be real happy. And this songs are for the new album and enjoy them, they will be not on the next album, they are in the power of now.


– Looking back at your history, if I’m not mistaken you started playing bass at a band named DISASTER. What was the activity that band had? And how did you get into Metal?

Sabina: you’re great – you know that? We never played live with Disaster, we just did it and loved to play the 2 riffs we could play in that time. We tried to sound like Black Sabbath but it was a kind of chaos. We was 14 years old, and we did not know that it was called Metal.


– On 1985 you were part of the X-Mas Project, did you have fun with it? And now that a lot of bands (in fact last years was the case of Tom Angelripper with Doro for instance) do special Christmas releases, have you thought of doing some like that again?

Sabina: we had a lot of fun with the x-Mas project and I think you should do so special things only one time.


– On 1992 you disbanded HOLY MOSES and formed TEMPLE OF THE ABSURD just one year later. What prompted putting HOLY MOSES on ice and forming TEMPLE OF THE ABSURD? What was the main concept behind this new band?

Sabina: I put Holy Moses on ice to find out myself and to find out my inner self and I was finding it and I could put all the power I learned back to Holy Moses. Temple Of The Absurd is still one of my most experience I did in my life.


– Anyway already in the 00’s you reformed HOLY MOSES. What made you go back for your old band? Considering all the activity you have had since then, do you regret of not having comeback earlier?

Sabina: Holy Moses was all the time existing and in 00’s the time had come to write the new songs with all the new things I leanerd in my life. It was the right moment, because I had to learn something, and so the comeback was right in time.


– And how has everything been since you came back? Could you say everything has been easier thanks to tools as the Internet?

Sabina: Since I am back with Holy Moses I did new steps in my life and I am still learning. The tools of the internet are great to be in contact so fast with all my friends all over the world. This is wonderful and one site sometimes really confusing me, ‘cause I see how many friends I have and it’s so great that they are accept, that I am not always online.


– During these decades you have influenced a lot of female singers. In fact (I don’t know if you know her), but I interviewed Cadaveria a few days ago and mentioned you as her only vocal influence. How do you feel about this? And what were your influences as vocalist?

Sabina: I always are impressed to hear that I could influence female singers to start. The wonderful internet helps me right now, to check out Cadaveria on you tube. If you talk to here, you can give her the message, that I love her voice and music, I will check of her. Hopefully I can meet her one time. When I started up my influence was only Ozzy Osbourne and AC/DC, ABBA, and Nina Hagen, more I didn’t now.


– From Queens of Steel we have always brought special support and promotion to women into the Metal scene, so I can’t actually help asking you a couple of things about this matter. First of all, could you say there’s discrimination into the Metal world? In any way, as I don’t just mean giving women into this music a wrong role or undervaluing their work, but also making differences just because the gender can be considered a way of discrimination.

Sabina: it is great that you are supporting and promoting women in Metal, thanks a lot for that. The gender thing is always very interesting, ‘cause when I started up I did not know that this could be a discussion and a lot of years I thought it is not existing, but I learned that people are discussing this. I still do what I love to do, and I am who I am and I am a free women and I kick ass. So all girls and women reading this, don’t talk, don’t think, just do what you like to do, and you will be a free women.


– I would also like to know your view on the role society use to give women into this scene, as it seems to be harder for ladies to be noticed at first because of their skills instead of the physical “skills”, as well as if has this changed since you started.

Sabina: Since I am startet, I think it changed, because I just did it and like I feel, a lot of girls and women started to do it, like I did it, and this is wonderful.


– After all these years into the music world, what’s left for HOLY MOSES and Sabina Classen personally to get?

Sabina: I get everyday new skills for my life!


– And finally, what are you going to do next? Do you plan doing any special shows to celebrate this anniversary?

Sabina: the next I will do is rehearsing with the band for our first show after 15month, and headlining the Walpurgis Metal Days in Passau, Germany as our release show. And we are waiting for new great offers to play all over the world. And what I do now really next, is doing a nice walk with my little lovely dog – he is my heart and my soul. –


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more for answering to our questions and hope you will be on track for the years to come. If you now want to add some final words; last lines are all yours.

Sabina: thanks for the wonderful interview and I take the chance for some final words: thanks to all my fans, to give me the chance for the last 30 years in Holy Moses and for the next 30 years in Holy Moses, and to all the girls (and guys) – Just do It!

Tania Giménez



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