– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What’s currently going on into the band’s camp?

Hello, you’re welcome! Well, in the moment we are trying to gain some festival-slots, as we are a bit late with the release of «Weltenschmerz», due to diverse reasons. We are planning another video-clip, and we are starting to write a new album already

– Why did you pick the curious name of “Godhatecode” for the band?

Well, for us, “GodHateCode” is just a strong word bonded to true life “psycho-sick” happenings and religious constructed point of views. Just an example: Where is God, when a child gets molested and raped by a sick rapist? And where is the deeper religious sense behind this fucking reality? Divine Justice? Does the child deserve it, because it was a serial killer the life before? The name “GodHateCode” has three words in it, that explains a lot if you interpret it as an individual, as you see: GOD and HATE and CODE! Make yourself a picture of it and follow us!!


– You have recently released your new “Weltenschmerz”. How is its feedback being so far?

Really good. When we wrote that album we were a little concerned, if german lyrics could be a barrier somehow. But in the end we decided to do it in my mothertongue because this is rather undiscovered lands, and could be interesting.


– I think for this new effort you have solidified the basis you used with your first “Aeons”. I mean, now your sound is really recognizable. Honestly, do you prefer that instead being successful copying certain bands?

You know, in a Band like GHC, where every single member can look back on decades of being musician, it is self evident to develop an own style of writing music and an own opinion, how music should sound like.

Yeh, we could write some Deathcore-shit and be touring all over the world with all these Hipsters and Gangstas. But we don´t like it. We don´t need it.

We’re more attached to the originals: Malevolent Creation, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, etc. They were (are) all unique somehow.


– This being said; what are the main differences between “Weltenschmerz” and your previous “Aeons”?

I think it is the fact, that our way of working this time had a positive effect on the coherence of the material. AEONS was more kind of a trial, asking ourselves: «Which direction?» This time we felt more confident, which brought us a good variety and a certain recognition factor at once.


– On your bio I have read you are the RAMMSTEIN of Death Metal thank to your different sound but, what are the band’s main musical influences?

Hahaha! That «Rammstein»-thing is probably more a relation to how the lyrics are written.

I’d say our common love is 90’s Deathmetal and Thrashmetal. But we all have a wide range of favorites. From Grind-/ Hardcore, Blackmetal and Melodic- Death to Classic Metal and Rock, even Jazz/Funk.


– Your lyrics are in German so, would you mind to tell us what are some of the lyrical ideas covered on your new opus?

The lyrics are a kind of conceptional thing, written in different persons.They tell of different actual happenings, which prove the human bestiality fetish. In ethical, social, religious or political ways. I wrote them in a swollen, sophisticated german, mixed with cursings and urban terms, which sounds like an ugly poem. They tell of war, greed, stigmatisation, religious delusion, corporal enslavement, decadence, child-molestation, domestic violence, rape and carelessness. Written either as the «offender» or the «accuser».


– And what did you want to reflect with the cover artwork?

Weltenschmerz» means something like «weight of worlds», the pain of numerous worlds here on planet earth. The masked Jesus represents all organized religions, in disguise for sure. Just as we all know them best. His heart beats for war. And the bombers with him and his Gasmask tell you, he won’t bring salvation. Further it´s all in gold to underline the avarice.


– Seasoned and well-known Dan Swanö has mixed the album, who is not an unknown guy for you in that terms. What made you go back to him for this new record?

I’m sorry, but Dan only mastered the album, it was mixed by Martin Zeller. Well, we wanted to have a unique sound, not like all these modern, overproduced stuff nowadays, where every drumkit sounds like one drumcomputer. Mastering today is more like compressing to the max, and turn it up as loud as possible. Dan gave us the perfect dynamic mastering, that still can whitstand the «loudness wars».


– If I’m not mistaken, “Weltenschmerz” has been your first release with Noisehead Records. How is everything going with them so far?

We´re very satisfied. They take care about our concerns, and work really hard.


– You have recorded a video for “Feine Gaben”. How was the experience like? And why did you choose that concrete tune? Is it one of your favourites?

It was actually only a friend of mine, his brother and me shooting that video. We chose that one, because it was the easiest one to have a meaningful, but still sick clip. The shooting was fast and funny. What you maybe couldn’t see in the clip – it’s a «no-budget»-production!


– All this being said about your new recording; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Pure, unfiltered disgust.


– I couldn’t find any “solid” info about this, but I read bass player Tana (AVULSED) played with you, so I would like you to tell us why did you decide to have him and how did you meet.

That´s a funny story. Wolfgang and Tana know each other for years. When Wolfgang and Pelle had the idea to start something wicked, they were thinking of Tana. The thing is, the recording to AEONS happened without Tana, due to logistical reasons. Same story with the first shows, so we decided to make things easier and recruit our friend Philippe from DISTASTE. Unfortunately the label never changed any of these facts in the online-PR.


– GODHATECODE is a band formed by members or ex-members of well-known bands into the Metal scene. Do you think this fact helps you getting more attention or don’t you notice that? If so, would you bother about the fact some people could know you guys because certain member played in GRAVE and DISBELIEF or maybe you don’t mind about things like this?

I think that was helpful in the beginning, to catch the attention from fans of our other bands. But not anymore. Anyway, i guess there are not that much people caring about that.


– The band was formed in 2007 and all of you are or have been involved in different acts. What was the main reason behind forming GODHATECODE?

To play Deathmetal. As severe as it can get. Not only brutal… but hateful, aggressive, desperate. Dedicated.


– And finally, what are the near-future plans for you guys?

Recording a new album for sure, and preparing ourselves for some club-shows and festivals next year. A tour will happen. And we’re heading for some more diverse apparel.


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you want to add some final words, feel free to do it.

You’re welcome! Cheers!


Sergio Fernández



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