1.Hello and first of all, thanks for taking the time. How is everything going right now with ERAZOR? What are you currently up to?
Max:  Hey, thank you,  it’s our pleasure. Firstly, we would like to say that we’re very proud to release a new album after 5 years.  Since the release, we are looking to play shows or maybe do a tour to promote our music. We also have some release-plans for the future but that’s not very important at this point.


­2.First off, as you have recently released your second album and I guess some people won’t know about you yet, would you mind to share some history of the band?
Fredi: Erazor was formed by me and two friends in 2005 to play the purest form of German Thrash Metal. The time before our debut LP was a hard time because we were only recognized by people from our region. Furthermore, we were punished by many line-up changes so we were forced to stagnate in the false moments. But over the time we evolved from a three piece band to a serious fellowship of five passionate musicians. In fall 2010, we released our first and self-titled album ‘Erazor’. Just a few months after this important release there was a change in vocals. Our current vocalist Black Demon entered the band. Shortly after the release of the 7“-Split with Protector in 2012 and the exit of our guitarist Katte, Alex completed the guitar-duo with our longtime guitarist Max. Until autumn 2014 we played numerous gigs and wrote most of the material for our second album ‘Dust Monuments’.


­3. This new album is entitled «Dust Monuments» and was released in February. What are your feelings on the overall final outcome?

Alex: Very well! Really, we are very relieved with that outcome. The finishing process of that album took much time. Everything was very time consuming and it is the first album with that line-up. So it is also glad to see, that the teamwork worked so good. Now everyone of us is really satisfied with the result and very lucky.


­4.I guess a debut album might be more of a learning experience, a first step into the quest for your own sound. So could you say you are now closer to your own identity? Did you have your ideas clearer for this new release?
Alex: Yes, that describes it very well. With that new album we found our musical identity, I think. The first one was of course important for the band to define it´s musical direction. That was really important for the second one, because we wanted to get the new songs more heavy, more direct and a little bit shorter. The style should be the same: aggressive Thrash Metal with some melodic elements and a dark atmosphere. It is good to see, that all new songs follow this concept, although they are differ from each other.


­5.As expected, this album is nothing but a pure 80’s (and early 90’s) Metal onslaught, built upon a classic Thrash Metal basis, with both American and European flavour. This is just who you are and I know you are honest and passioante about it but, did you have a clear vision of how you wanted the album to be like when starting to create it? Or is the songwriting process something more spontaneous?
Alex: As answered before, the vision was to write aggressive Thrash Metal with melodic elements. We didn´t define if the songs should sound more American or European. As you already mentioned, this was really spontaneous. We are all listening to bands from both continents, so we even get the influences of both. Sometimes when we write some guitar riffs and present it to the other guys in the band, we start to think to what other band that might fit. But finally we have to decide if that riff fits to our own sound, that is most important.


6. In fact your country, Germany, has given birth to a lot of great and classic bands into the style, but considering your music I wouldn’t say you are too much or strictly inspired by German Thrash Metal bands so, what acts have been the most influential ones for ERAZOR? What are those bands that made you want to start a band like this?
In the very beginning we just wanted to pay tribute to German Thrash Metal bands of the 80s like Sodom, Darkness or Deathrow, but over the years we focused to evolve our own vision of blackened and fast metal. Our goal was an independent version of Black Thrash Metal we would like to listen to. Not another copycat of the old legends. Don’t get us wrong here! We definitely love Teutonic Thrash Metal, but every member has some his own major influences from NWOBHM till Swedish Black Metal of the mid-90s. Erazor is the result of our entire influences and our common ground.


­7. And what did those decades have that is lacking into the today’s scene and you want to bring back? Starting to dwell into this opus; what’s the significance behind its title?

erazor 3
The title of our new album ‘Dust Monuments’ contains a paradox: Monuments are ment to last forever or a very long period, but most of them are made of dust and turn into dust. In my opinion the scene today is not a closed scene like in the 80s because it’s impossible to get to know every band worldwide. Even in Germany it’s more like a rapid-flowing stream with new people entering the field. Of course there are some individuals which remain more than just a decade but it is hard to catch up while the so called scene is moving faster and faster from a hype to another. It’s important to remain steadfast this times.


­8.Musically you are following the pattern of your debut album, but I think «Dust Monuments» will leave a bigger impact in the listener with an even more straight­forward approach and shorter songs. Was this something you had in mind or just a result of how things went?
Max: You’re right, we wanted to create catchier songs than on our debut. I think there is a red line from the beginning to the end of Dust Monuments. We changed the process of songwriting from our debut, for example, this time, we didn’t use computer programs for editing tablatures; every song of the new album was written in the rehearsal room without computers- just us and the instruments.  I think that’s the meaning of being in a band, to play and write your music in the rehearsal room.


­9.Even though all songs are aggressive and straight­forward, I’ve noticed a lot of quite melodic guitars, which seem to be inspired by the NWOBHM. I think this creates a good contrast and makes the brutality even more brutal. Is this an important part of ERAZOR?
Max: First of all, thanks! It’s true that the twin-guitar thing is a popular stylistic device in our music and I think this is what separates us from other Venom or Bathory influenced Black/Thrash bands. Of course every one of us likes that type of Black/Thrash as well, but we prefer to play our Black/Thrash with some more diversity.


10. And you don’t forget about catchy elements either. Is it easy to bring catchy parts without diminishing the whole ferocity on the album?
Max: As I mentioned before, it was the plan to place a red line with catchy parts through the whole record. It’s true that you need to take care not to diminish the main atmosphere. Of course we changed some parts here and there, but that’s the normal process.


­11. Once more production is excellent. Could you please tell us how did the process go?

erazor 2
Max: Yeah, indeed. Patrick Engel of TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY did an excellent job. Of course we all know his earlier productions, for example, HELLISH CROSSFIRE, DESASTER or VENENUM just to name a few. We knew that he always finds the band’s perfect sound and that he catches the atmosphere. I remember, when he told us during the recordings “A band has got only one sound and my job is to find the specific sound”. I think that quote describes his work very well.  The process was very efficient, our drummer recorded the album in 3 hours, which was outstanding and made more time for the rest of the band. We were in the studio for 6 days; everything was totally relaxed and we had a great time.


­12. There are lately a lot of bands bringing back the 80’s sound into different Metal subgenres, but you unleash a special passion, and I also think you manage to bring variety adding some NWOBHM nuances to your music. But what could you say differentiates you from the rest of the bands into the style?
Black Demon: Well, of course we like 80’s metal. All our favorite bands released their best LPs in that decade, but it’s equally fair to say that every member of Erazor has their own diverse musical background. Roman, our drummer for example is a real Death and Grind maniac. Max (g) loves Blackmore and Uli Jon Roth, as well as what you would refer to as the NWOBHM as a whole. But don’t get me wrong, we can totally live with this comparison. In Erazor, every member brings his own Influences to the overall sound, I feel that thats our «secret formula“ and I’m pretty sure it’s readily audible.


­13. This being said, how important is for you as musicians and songwriters to keep things diverse and interesting?
Black Demon: I don’t think we paid too much attention to these points in the beginning. It was only after we finished all our songs that we changed some small details here and some other stuff there to make the songs more interesting. That being sais, if you listen to the title track…it becomes very obvious that we made a conscious effort to showcase our sound as both interesting and diverse. Atmosphere was really what we wanted and strived to create, and as I said before, we all have different music roots which helps us in this regard immensely!


­14. All this about «Dust Monuments» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?
Black Demon: Atmospheric, angry and fast!
­15. And finally, what are some of your near­future plans?

erazor dust monuments cover
Black Demon: There are already some shows confirmed for 2015. We will play some clubs and as well as at Stormcrusher Festival. But I reallywould like to play some shows beyond the German Border. I’ve never been to Spain for example, so it would be awesome to play some shows in your country one day… Organizers: Feel free to contact us.


­16. That’s all, thank you once more for answering our questions. If you want to add some final words; feel free to do it.
Black Demon: Vamos a la playa!

Tania Giménez

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