– Hello, thanks for answering our interview. What is EMPTINESS currently up to?

We’re preparing the release of the album and try presenting it in the best way. We’re conscious «Error» is not easy to reach because it doesn’t fall into any usual music category.

We’re also working on a new video and planning gigs in Europe.

– First of all, as I guess there may be some people who aren’t familiar with you, could you please share some history about the band?

Olve (guit/artwork) and me starting writing music for Emptiness in 98. We’ve always tried to look for originality in structures and a different sound. The concept hasn’t changed that much, but to create an identity some experimenting was needed. We like to question everything and take our time to release albums. We create confused and oppressing universes, where human has no place.


– You have just released «Error», how is its feedback being so far? Are you satisfied with it?

We’re really pleased with it! There has been no outside influence and you can feel that. Our life is happening underground in our own recording studio. Proud of the production, of the visuals, and the lyrics, everything has come out of the abysses we created ourselves.

Curious to hear some reactions, we’ve had really good reviews up to now, let’s see but I reckon only a few people will plough down and discover what it really is about.


– The band was formed back in 1998 but you have just released three full-length albums, this new one has been released after 5 years of silence. Why do you take that gap of time between each new release? Will we have to wait so many years until your next opus?

Simply because Emptiness is not exactly spontaneous, we don’t do what has been already proven before.

We just let time feed us with ideas, different directions and experiment loads.

We don’t want our music to sound sterile, that’s why we record live, the four of us in the same room.

That way a soul is naturally given to the tracks, and the natural imperfections, we almost worship them. They give us a certain identity.

No idea how long it will take for the next one, again we don’t force things, let’s see how it goes.


– Each song on this effort is a journey through different emotional states with a certain progressive but extreme touch. Did you have clear since the beginning how did you want this record to sound like?

We had recorded a couple of pre-productions of the album before we really determined what suited us best.

We did have a rather precise picture of what the result should be.


– Anyway, how could you describe «Error» in just 3 words?

You are nothing


– I read this new CD was recorded in just a few days; why did this happen?

It’s not totally correct, let’s say we’ve had the time to prepare songs and plan the production, but yeh the actual takes were really quick, the playing was well spontaneous.  Then there was a second phase with the recording of vocals, and mixing of effects. We never felt limited with anything and we had no deadline whatsoever.


– Within the band’s line-up we can find two members that are also playing in ENTHRONED. This is a good way to get more attention from people interested in extreme Metal, but maybe they could be surprised after listening to you because you don’t share a really similar musical style from their. Do you think this is something positive or the opposite?

I think Enthroned fans will not find what they’re looking for in Emptiness. It does help a little bit in terms of exposure, but it’s quite awkward to see people linking these two bands together or trying to compare them. They are two very different entities and come from a very different place indeed.


– How was the songwriting process for your new offering? Has this process changed throughout the years?

The basics are always written by Olve and me. We have a good idea of how rhythmics should come together. Lately we tend to simplify songs quite a bit when trying them with the whole band, we can leave out riffs or whole songs or make new ones. All new ideas and arrangements are made with the whole band. There is also a part left to improvisation in the recording. For this album I wrote lyrics on my own in french, my mother-tongue. Olve has an input there too. Later I get help from Phil (guitarist) and an outside friend to make it a consistent text in english.


– Could you please tell us what do some of the lyrics on this piece deal with?

«logic and evidence feed my hate i implore images self destruction don’t even think you’re something you re nothing you suck still man would be his own god ? i think i’ve met this very god one day he was quite nice he taught me never to believe and i believed him you better worship your dirt your beloved child your shape to remind your betrayal fight the earth without whom be dead no earth is a path»no earth – error


– And what could you comment on the artwork (the artist, its meaning, the link with your lyrics, etc.)?

Olve is in charge of all artwork and all emptiness cd covers are paintings made by him. He’s a polyvalent artist and a weird guy.

Like many of his latest painting series, this one illustrate the contrition and hardship of embodiment within a surrealistic world.

The use of dark colors and many elements among amorphous shapes give a feeling of discomfort and complexity that illustrates our music very well.


– If I’m not mistaken this has been your first record with Dark Descent after leaving Agonia. How is everything going with them thus far?

Our relation with Dark Descent is great, I’m glad someone has the balls to release this! We can feel he’s attached to the concept, and I’m sure they’ll do a good job. Definitely a label of good value.


– And finally, what are the near-future plans for the band? What are your plans in support of your new «Error»?

Get ready for shows to come and try to find good support to let people discover «Error».

We’re starting to get ideas to shape the new material too.


– This has been everything from our side, thanks again for your time. If you want to add some final words before we wrap this interview up, feel free to do it.

Thank you for the interest you showed.

Phorgath (bass/vocals/producer)

Sergio Fernández



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