– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. What’s currently going on into the DEZPERADOZ’s camp?

After the release now, we’re planing the Tourdates and Sngleshows, Festivals etc for this year. Lots of Promodates and the rerelease of the «Dawn of Dying».

In may the release of our small «Italowesternmusicvideo» and in June/July our Russiatour.

– First off, you are a really singular band into the Metal/Rock world, tagging your style as “Western Metal”. How did you come up with the idea of forming a band with such an original theme?

Oh, was a long time ago at my USA time. I studied guitar technique there, and I spent 1.5 or two years in Los Angeles. That was when I got very interested in this Wild West thing. But I’ve been a spaghetti western thing since I was a kid, I like all the Sergio Leone movies. So I got this idea to have a crossover between Metal and Italowesternmusic.

So i wrote a few songs and asked my Friend Tom to sing those songs. He’s also a great wildwestmoviefan. It fits perfect to start this whole thing in 1998.


– When your debut album, “Eye for an Eye”, came out, you were named DESPERADOS. What prompted the later band’s name change?

You don’t get to much boos, before you find DEZPERADOZ if you’re try to google the name

It’s absolute okay to say the mexicanstyle DEZPERADOZ with «Z». It’s much better for the Band !


– With “Dead Man’s Hand” you are showing you are really alive after 4 years. Is still an excitant moment when you are releasing a new effort?

Yessssss, vor shire. I work very hard for every album and I’am very proud that I have the honor and the chance to make songs, a record, a worldwide production of my own art. I have to say Thanxxx for that!


– Since your debut album until “The Legend and the Truth” where 6 years, and since your previous “An Eye for an Eye” and this new “Dead Man’s Hand” have been 4 years. Did the label changes have something to do with this?

Yes, I’ve got the feeling that the old label was not confirm with my kind of music anymore and I think they don’t understand it. But thats very important for this kind of style, music and whole flair.


– In fact after leaving AFM you are working again with Drakkar, the company that released your debut album. What made you leave AFM and go back for Drakkar?

Boggi and the whole Drakkarteam got that feeling for DEZPERADOZ and the right euphoria that I need. You can hear that on the album. The Energy and positive spirit. We’ make music, not only a «product»


– For all those who may be interested; how could you describe “Dead Man’s Hand” in just 3 words?

Gambling, Girls and BOOOOOOOOZE


– Each album you have released tells a different story so, could you please tell us what’s the story behind your new album?

This fourth Dezperadoz album was inspired by the life of James Butler «Wild Bill» Hickok, taking you from his early days in the army during the civil war, through his times as a lawman, until him being shot in the back during a poker game in the famous Saloon No. 10 in the town of Deadwood. Wild Bill was a notoriously known gambler and had a reputation as a quick gunfighter with a dead eye aim.


– In fact it seems like this new one has more “light”, is less dark than your previous effort. Maybe the sound reflects the mood on your lyrics?

Absolutly right !! For me every album is a world. For shire you know after 5 seconds, oh it’s Dezperadoz», but the storys are totally different, so the songs and the spirit, like a movie.


– I’d dare say “Badlands” is one of the catchiest song on this new opus, maybe was this the reason why you released it as a single?

We release a few songs for Videos (Bullet and Yippieyeah) , for Radioetition (just tha way the cowboys do) and also Badlands for single. For me every song is a single. Badlands is very «special» It’s a song about the «Chinatown» of Deadwood with all the whores, opium, alcohol and other drugs. It’s the story of McCall the murderer of wild Bill direct before he shoot him down and his mad thoughts and dreams before it with a lot of THC in his veins.


– Anyway, do you have any favourites on the album? If so, which one/s and why?

Every song of my records are my favorites and I try to make a book for every album to tell the story behind every song. Thats not a joke.


– You have filmed a video for «Yippie Ya Yeah! (More Than One Good Reason)». How was the experience like? And do you plan shooting any other clips for this latest release?

Yes, we got more than 90.000 «Klicks» for the clip in a very short time. Thats pretty cool! The next Clip is that «Spaghettiitalowesternclip» for «Bullet with a name» in may all over. It’s a real Cinemaflair on it.


– Before wrapping this interview up: what is your favourite movie? And your favourite actor?

il grande silenzio !!

Clint Eastwood


– And finally, what are the near-future plans for DEZPERADOZ?

Touring, playing shows, touring, playing shows everywhere !!


– That has been everything from my side, thanks once more for your time. If you want to add some final words, feel free to do it.

Thanxxx a lot and a big Yee-Haaw for ya all.

So long, Yippieyeah 1

Alex Kraft


Sergio Fernández



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