– Thank you so much for answering to our questions. How is the band currently doing with the release of your first release, entitled «Time Machine»?
Thank you for your interest in our band! We pre-released the EP at last weekend’s Taunus Metal Festival (10th and 11th of April) and the reactions were absolute incredible, there was a really huge interest in our band. The official release at High Roller Records will be the 17th of April, and we are already excited how things will develop from then on.


– Tell us a little bit about the story of this first release. Why an EP?
We recorded the EP already in September of 2014, where we just didn’t have enough songs for a full length album. But we wanted to show the world who we are and wanted to release it by ourselves, until high roller records got interested in us. It then unfortunately took so long to release it, because the vinyl and CD producing factories have more than enough work to do.


– Listening to this opus you seem to take inspiration from classic Heavy Metal to Speed Metal or even NWOBHM. Are these important influences for the band when it comes to the songwriting?
Yes, definitely. We formed Blizzen as a Heavy Metal Band. We all love Heavy Metal and started getting into that kind of music by the classical heavy metal bands like Judas Priest, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Accept and so on. But we do not meet and say: Let’s write a Heavy Metal Song like this Band or that Band, it just comes as it comes.


– It has reminded me a lot to bands such as TOKYO BLADE. Is this band also an influence for you or is it just my perception?
I wouldn’t call it a main influence, but I think everybody in the band likes Tokyo Blade.


– Do you have any other songs already recorded? Are there any leftovers for a possible full-length album?

Except of the three self-produced demo songs and the EP we don’t have anything recorded yet. But we already have nearly enough songs for a full-length album, which we plan to record in the end of 2015.


– To all those who we don’t know that much about you yet, I would like to know something about the story of the band. How did BLIZZEN arise?
Daniel, Andi and Marvin knew each other for a long time and decided to form a new Band, because everybody really wanted to play Heavy Metal! We all had some ideas and even complete songs, before we founded Blizzen in January/February 2014. We worked out some songs and recorded them for ourselves and soon found Gereon as our drummer after having shown him the songs and jamming for a couple of times together as a real band.

– Who are the band members? Are you a team when it comes to create songs or is there any main songwriter?
There Are Marvin (guitar), Daniel (bass & vocals), Gereon (Drums) and Andi (guitar). We all bring our ideas to the rehearsal room and complete the songs together. Even our drummer can play guitar a little bit and presented a whole song that we will play live in the near future.


– Have you played in any other bands prior to BLIZZEN?
We all had bands before, but they were all no big deal. Besides Blizzen, we all do not have any other Bands.


– And talking about the present days, how is the situation to support the album? Is there anything planned?
No, nothing like touring or something, except of the promotion that our label and promoter does.


– On a view to the future, will there be more albums by BLIZZEN? If so, will they follow the pattern on the EP?
Yes sure, we plan to play music as long as it’s possible. And it will always be Heavy Metal!


– What do you think are the 5 albums that have influenced you the most of your most beloved ones?

blizzen 2
This is different for everyone in the band, but I think everybody loves the classics of Maiden, Priest, Accept, Saxon and so on.


– That’s all from our side, our best wishes and hope we could see you soon in Spain or at a European festival.
Thank you, it would be really great coming to Spain! I hope we will make that one day!!

Paco Gómez

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