– Hello, thanks for dedicating us some part of your time. How’s currently VORKREIST doing? What are your feelings toward the release of your new album?

We are very proud of this release, and excited to show it to the face of the earth. It’s definitely the first time that we share a complete feeling of achievement. Our goal has been reached.

– First of all, I would like to start telling us the origin and meaning behind the band’s name.

I’d briefly summarize it by saying that we were intending to create a band of our own with all our common artistic and ideological influences and this gathering gave birth to VorKreisT and four albums so far. Our main goal is to combine our Death and Black metal influences into an original mix. The word in itself means «Before Christ» or more precisely «Antichrist». We mixed ideas to sound like our creations and ideas, bizarre and rough. Though, behind the simple letters other meanings are concealed … definitely a name of our own.


– As I said, you will soon unleash your new album, “Sigil Whore Christ”; what are your expectations and what are the main differences between it and your previous “Sickness Sovereign”?

Talking about the concept, the previous album, as suggests obviously its name, deals with the threatening power of sickness above the feeble condition of life. Like a shark hidden in troubled waters, the claws of decay are always open near you, or the virus might already be in your cells already. Which means that you are condemned whatever you try to do to escape the reality of this atrocious condition. The new album is a strong reaction to that previous statement. A reaction through magic as a channel for concentrating force and affirm will facing the tragedy of existence. «Sigil Whore Christ» : A symbol to act over the fake hope of salvation in this deathly reality. Convergence of will , making the band more united than ever, writing the black magic signature of the band. An allegory to SataN, as the real effective will and action in this world of non sense where God is a shadow and trapped humanity in vault of Death. SataN as the will to control Death and to have Death in our own hands, to finally face God and screams at him : «You are nothing and I have the same Power than you, I can Kill and I celebrate SataN in his greatest artistic destruction of your world !” Musically, we wanted to keep the feeling of nausea that lies through the entire previous album, Sickness Sovereign, but we kind of missed the violence and the catchiness of our 2nd album, Sublimation 29A. So we made the perfect combination of the 2, with Sigil Whore Christ that now represents exactly what Vokreist has to be.


– In fact it seems like you are shaping your own identity with each new release. Is what we find on “Sigil Whore Christ” the actual VORKREIST’s sound?

Yes, in a way, but the main goal has been the same since our first demo. The roots and the trunk has not changed. Years after years we just shaping the branches, to explore the different faces our identity‘s prisma. At this precised time of our process, we can say that we reached something more essential than before.


– This being said; how could you describe this new effort in just 3 words?

Sick, brutal, catchy


– “Sigil Whore Christ” is your first opus with Agonia Records; how did you hook up with them? And how’s everything going with them so far?

We were already in touch since several years, and we knew Agonia has interests in us.

Everything is getting great so far. It’s like night and day compare to our previous collaboration with trendkill. First of all, there is… promotion. You feel that the guy is really behind us, likes what he releases, and is not a kind of person who will make tons of promises. So yes, we have great expectations with Agonia.


– In fact you have already worked with 3 different record labels and your two first albums came out via Spanish label Xtreem Music. How was your period with them like? Do you think your cooperation with Agonia will be more steady?

We hope so. It’s very tiring to redo all the processes to look for a new label etc. when you’re not satisified with the previous one. And it’s clear that a longer collaboration can help to build something very concrete, a strong bond between the label and the band.


– Beside the company you have also changed the band’s logo. Is this a new period for VORKREIST?

Yes, that was the spirit. In fact we still keep the old logo, as it’s part of what we are, but as a constant improvement in our path, we needed to mark this next important step. We felt we needed that change. That’s why we use the Sigil in the cover, and in the name of the album. It’s what we are, we are back, stronger and power full than ever.


– The cover artwork it also has a different vibe to the previous ones; how did you come up with the idea?

We didn’t wanted to have something figurative. We wanted to give an impression, a feeling. Something dirty and massive. Beside, we asked some friends of us (Abrakadabra) to do the design. They are pretty new in making artwork of metal stuff, so their approach was pretty fresh. They came up with the idea of the « Trea of life », and it just blew us out ! This is the mystical structure of the entire album, and in a way, as Vorkreist can be symbolised.


– Beside that traditional/old school Black/Death Metal sound you also have some small details which can’t actually fit with this term, due to this I would like to know how was or tens to be like in VORKREIST the songwriting process. Is just something spontaneous?

There are 2 steps. Something I could say « metaphysical », that I can’t really explain, and don’t want to fully understand. It’s the moment when you take your instrument, and « something » goes through you and is spit as a phenomenon. This moment of grace when what is composed really fit to what you have Inside.

Then the second step is to work with this base. After the pathos moment, comes the logos moment. You have to think to channel the pure energy, and add a form, a structure that can still preserve the first impulse.

That’s how I proceed. I compose for several bands, but as they all have a strong indentity I know exactly for which one the music I’m making is for.


– You have recorded the album at Drudenhaus (ALCEST, LES DISCRETS, etc.) Are you happy with the final result?

We are very satisified. Xort is not just a sound ingneer. He takes time to meet the band, to talk and listen, in order to feel which aura has to be spread from the record. All the important steps are discussed with the band. We had an idea, a feeling of what we wanted for the album, and he managed to bring it into shape. Something brutal and filthy at the same time. Very organic, oldschool, and with a lot of dynamics.


– In fact you have always had a quite raw and dirty sound, a production that not so many bands playing Black/Death Metal have. Why do you think this sound fits so well your music?

‘cause we always want to have an organic sound. Something that drools, not something clinical. Vorkreist is a frenetic body, not a cold machine… Dionysus instead of Apolio.


– The extreme Metal scene in France seems to be really strong lately and even growing each day. Are you influences by your compatriots? What are some of the band’s musical influences?

There is a real emulation between us. We have strong links with lot of bands, and it’s helping everybody, for sure. Not musically, I guess, but to rise.


– Even all of you are playing or have played in bands as HELL MILITIA, GLORIOR BELLI, BLACKLODGE or MERRIMACK among others. Is it easy to organise your schedules?

Not always, but so far we never cancelled an important event because of all our bands. This is something we are now used to deal with.


– I have read you will play at Deathkult Open Air. Beside this appearance, do you have any more live plans or offers?

Up to now, nothing sure, but we have already several plans.


– And finally, what’s next for VORKREIST?

Next step is to play live as much as possible. Sigil Whore Christ is an album that is perfect on stage. All its energy, its atmosphere has to be unleashed in front of an audience.


– That has been everything from my side, thank you once more. If you now want to add some final words, feel free to do it.

Thks for the itw. You can « hate » us on Facebook, if you want to follow our path.

Sergio Fernández



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