– Hello, thanks for answering to our questions. How is currently the band doing? What are your feelings on your new album?

Kam: We are very excited about the new album, and feel it’s just a perfect follow up to our debut.

– Without any doubt the concept behind THE GROTESQUERY is really unique. How did everything come up?

Kam: Mainly Rogga and I are fans of Lovecraftian horror and other classic gothic horror tales, as well as the occult and the macabre.


– How and why did you and Rogga decide to form another band together? Are the lyrics and concept the only difference between THE GROTESQUERY and BONE GNAWER?

Kam: I think there is a musical difference between the two bands. BONE GNAWER is much more basic Swedish style Death Metal. When THE GROTESQUERY is open for more influences… of course the root of the style lies with-in Rogga’s writting, and if you listen to all of his bands… you can see a similar style with each band. And that is his signature writting style that comes thru.


– Lyrics are a really important part of the band. How did you come up with this new story? For those who don’t know about it; could you please shed some light on the concept behind this new piece?

Kam: I’m just filled with all sorts of horror and stories bursting at the seams to be explored! At first I wasn’t going to do another ‘concept’ album, but because of so much fan demands, I decided to go forwards to making another ‘concept story’.

This story centers around the main character of Mason Hamilton. It takes place during the time he is locked up in an insane asylum, after his encounter with strange beings on an uncharted island. It’s the story that unfolds as he recounts the events that happened to him while on the island… the things he experienced – and the tragic horrifying events that took place while exploring the place. Something happens to Hamilton… something he can not explain… and something seems to have forever changed him.mainly I take influenve from H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, but also other writters of the genre, such as Clark Ashton Smith, August Derilith, and Brian Lumely as well.


– And how did you approach your lyrics? As this time the listener gets directly into Mason’s mind.

Kam: Unlike the first album… which had these dialog intros… (the readings of Ward’s diary pages), I decided to forgo the intros, but instead get listeners directly into the music.

The lyrics – are in fact ‘The Tesimony’… as you read and listen along with the lyrics… it’s just as Hamilton himself would be explaining it… the way he wrote it down… and what he expeirenced and encountered is what comes forth from the lyrics.


– With lyrics as such, does the writing process differ to the process of other bands you have been in?

Kam: No… not really… I always prefer the music come first… and I build my lyrics around the music, Of course I have the general idea… the ruff draft… for what the songs will be about. but I build my lyrics around the music. I feel this is better and a natural fit. I’ve heard bands that make the lyrics first, and then try to make it fit to music. I can always tell when a band does this because the lyrics always seemed ‘forced’ into the music. I like the lyrics to evolve around the music… like another instrument… rather then be the dominating drive. I work with the rythum of the music, the guitar riffs – and of course the drum patterns. I try and fit the lyrics into a groove instead of walking over the dynamics of musical parts.


– And talking about this, how did you work on the creation of this new effort? (I’m specially curious about what does come first: lyrics or music, as the atmospheres fit perfectly the lyrics). Do the Scandinavian work together? And haven’t you met Rogga yet?

Kam: uuummm… didn’t I answer that above ^.

Rogga is the main music writing force… he comes up with all the riffs… of course Brynjar is open to make his drum parts, as well as Johan with his bass licks. I think by listening to THE GROTESQUERY… that ALL the musician complement one another. All the musicians in the band are magnificent in their own right, and always come up with the best parts and peices to form the music.


– I could say this new opus is more well-cared than your debut album, in every possible way. Maybe are you now more used to THE GROTESQUERY and know better how to do what you do?

Kam: I think both Rogga and I esp. now know where we want THE GROTESQUERY to go. We still will expeirment with new things… but we know what boundries will be safe to push, and what others not to bother with.


– This being said, what could you say are the main differences between «Tales of the Coffin Born» and this new «The Facts and Terrifying…»?

Kam: mmmmmm, main differences would be I guess a more coherent sense of direction.


– The artwork also seems to be really well-cared; what do you want to express with it?

Kam: Turkka the artist… is just as much an important figure in the band as the musicians. He is the visual side to THE GROTESQUERY. The mad man behind the mad men. I have said before… if Rogga and I were the writer and director of a movie… then Turkka would be our visual choreographer.


– This time you have teamed up with Dan Swanö for production duties. Are you satisfied with his work?

Kam: Of course… his mix is fantastic!


– Rogga has stated several times that PAGANIZER is his live band and the rest are more of studio projects but, have you thought about playing some gigs in support of the new THE GROTESQUERY’s album?

Kam: I would be very open to perform live with THE GROTESQUERY… it is something I would like to do, but it’s up to Rogga and the others to decide for this. Also – some musicians with-in the band… have other priorities and obligations that will not allow them the freedom to tour. So we would have to find ‘replacement’ tour musicians for them as well.


– You seem to be an actual workaholic and are still involved in different bands but, what does THE GROTESQUERY provide you other bands can’t? Or what can you do differently in this project?

Kam: I pretty much have come to terms with that I’m not one of those musician’s that will be ‘locked down’ to just one band.

I will continue to do many studio projects, and just enjoy doing music… I’m older then most everyone else in the death metal scene. I’ve been doing this since 1983, and have one of the longest running history in death metal. So now, I don’t feel that being – in just one band… is at all that important anymore. That is an old outdated way of thinking… and an almost lame excuse. I will not be hampered by the fact that my musicians are not all living with-in a two block radius of my house. I also do not feel that it is important to play ‘live’ and tour’. It DOES NOT make me less of a musician or the bands I do less of a band… just because we do not perform live. We are musicians… we are creating and writing music together, and recording the music to be enjoyed. Just because we don’t perform together onstage… does not make us anyless important then those that do. As I said above, I’ve been doing this since 1983… I was performing «live» and «touring» before over half of the people who are in the scene now days were even born. So I don’t feel I have to prove myself… with «live performances».

Having studio bands that work together and write music together… is just as much a band as a performing band.

Some may disagree, but like I said… those are the ones with an outdated mind set and ways of thinking. Those who still think in small terms.

We live in the world of technology, and the internet. And the internet has opened the world to many… why not utilize it?

THE GROTESQUERY is just one of the many extensions of my musical outlets. What it does provides is a way for myself to tell these horror story concepts, and to be able to make them come forth.


– Finally, what are your near-future plans (musically, not just with THE GROTESQUERY).?

Kam: I will be recording the full length album for my band GRAVE WAX next… as well as doing a few more guest vocal appearances for bands, as well as new songs for a split with THE GROTESQUERY with the band INTESTINAL.

I’ll always be busy… I keep myself this way.


– That’s been everything from my side thanks once more. Feel free to add some final words.

Thank you for the support!

Tania Giménez



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