– Hi Mr. Joe Lynn Turner and thanks for your attention and time. We can start with the questions if you agree.

JLT: Thank you for your time and support.

– SUNSTORM was started in 2006 with the self-titled album that was a complete success, in my opinion the best album by SUNSTORM. But, when you decided to start with this project, could you ever imagine it would be so successful and would have the continuity it is having?

JLT: I thought it was a great idea that Frontiers came up with so I did think it would be successful but I am surprised and happy that it has been successful enough to warrant three CDs!


– And now, with your third album recorded, what do you think about the SUNSTORM project and its continuity? Are you satisfied with the outcome?

JLT: Absolutely! The fans seem to love all three discs! I do have a bit of regret in that more of my songs from my archives could have been a part of this third Sunstorm but that was not possible. I was on tour in Russia, Eastern Europe and doing business plus much needed vacationing in Turkey when the song list had to be finalized. It was Frontiers who suggested all the song ideas but it seems like the fans love it so I am happy to hear that!


– I have a question about the project’s name. Why “SUNSTORM”? Does it have any particular reason? And who come up with the idea or how was this name created?

JLT: I believe the guys at Frontiers came up with the name so you would have to ask them but I do think the name sounds great and it seems to fit. It lent itself to a great logo and cover art as well.


– If you would have to choose one of your favourite SUNSTORM songs, within more than thirty tunes that you have in three albums, which one would be?

JLT: I do not really have any favourites. I do think some songs are stronger than others and I agree with you in that the first one had some especially strong songs on it. The songs on the CDs are all like children to me, even if I did not write them. They are all special in their own way. I also hate to pick favourites because I’d rather have the fans tell me what their favorites are when I meet them.


– SUNSTORM has had the three original members on all its three efforts. How is your relationship now? Are you friends or just coworkers?

JLT: The musicians that Dennis Ward has picked to use on these projects are amazing! But, no, I have never met them. I hope to meet them some day! It would be great to take this project on tour!


– By the way, tell me a bit of your mate in SUNSTORM, Dennis Ward. What can you tell me about him? How is your relationship with Dennis? And how’s, from your view, his importance within the band?

JLT: Although I never met Dennis I feel like I know him really well! We have similar taste when it comes to producing and performance! He has always been extremely professional when we needed to discuss or change something. And, he is quite a nice person. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him on a solo project and maybe that could happen in the future!


– I think your voice, Mr. Lynn Turner, is one of the most important and best voices in Rock history. Tell me bold but it’s my opinion. But, what’s your opinion about your own voice? What you think when you listen to it?

JLT: well…I think of your opinion…lol! But sincerely I just do what I know how to do and I am blessed that people love it! Forever grateful…and tx for the kind words!


– Talking about this “Emotional Fire” and its tracks, for the recording you decided to look at your different vocal sessions that you did in the 80’s as background vocalist for other artists. What’s the reason behind his? And what’s the main difference of this new record compared to the previous albums?

JLT: In the past, the Sunstorm CDs were collections of songs that I had in my archives combined with some tracks that the staff at Frontiers thought would be a good for the Sunstorm concept. «Emotional Fire» is different from the previous 2. None of the songs came out of my collection of this time…by that I mean songs that I wrote that are still in my archives… but some came out of sessions that I had been a part of…both writing and recording…from my past. But also like the previous two Sunstorm CDs, this one also has some songs that Frontiers picked out because they feel those songs sounded like the melodic rock concept of «Sunstorm.»


– The new album has concretely two songs that were made for Michael Bolton as “Gina”, that was included on “The Hunger” by Michael Bolton and “Emotional Fire”, that was sung by CHER on her album named “Heart of the Storm”. You sung with them in the “original” versions as a second vocalist, didn’t you? How was the experience? What do you think about Mr. Bolton and Cher? And how did they meet?

JLT: This is an example of life coming full circle. Those sessions were really an exciting time because melodic rock genre was at its peak. “You Wouldn’t Know Love” and “Emotional Fire,” which Bolton wrote for the “Heart of Stone” album by Cher were also excellent songs that I sang background vocals on. Michael and I did all of the parts but I tried to rock it up more than the original. I heard ‘Emotional Fire’ from Desmond Child during a writing session and then he asked me to sing background vocals on it! These were really creative and exciting times for this genre of music. I am not sure about Bolton and Cher or how they met. You would have to ask them for a certain answer.


– By the way, this new album is just entitled “Emotional Fire”. Why did you choose that name? Do you have a special affection for this tune?

JLT: Yes, I have a special feeling for that song because it brings back so many great memories of, as I said before, a very creative time in my career. And, I had recently finished my first solo album so this music was very diverse from what I had done with Rainbow. I say that in a good way.


– Recently I could talk to singer Tony Martin and he seems really concerned about the delicate situation of the music industry. I would know your point on this as well, if its possible. What’s your view on the music industry?

JLT: Tony and I share the same opinion! It’s in the toilet! I really don’t know what will happen next.


– I had the pleasure to see you on stage twice with different bands, the first time with your JLT solo project and then at the Over the Rainbow concert both in my city, Barcelona. I have some questions about your staging. First of all, I love see you on stage because you are a showman, and your live shows are really funny. How do you get to be as fit in every single show?

JLT: I live a very healthy lifestyle. When I am on tour, I get a lot of sleep. I try to take one day off between every two shows if possible. I eat very well…mostly fish, lean meat, all organic fruits and vegetables. I try to stay hydrated. I do not drink junk like sugared soda beverages.


– And secondly, I discussed with some friend about your look. Come on, Mr. Joe, tell me your secret about how do you get for no muss, please. How do you manage it?

JLT: Lol! Are you jealous or just curious? …lol! Like you said, it’s a Secret but actually it’s only years of experience that gives anyone the knowledge to keep themselves looking well. With a little help from my friends.


– Now I want to talk about your other projects, Mr. Turner. What can you tell me about Over the Rainbow? Were you satisfied with it? Is it possible to tour again with this band?

JLT: Over The Rainbow is on a hiatus right now. All the guys involved with the band, including myself, have other projects we are working on now. There is always a chance we will get together for another show or two. I like to leave that door open.


– Do you plan recording a new album for your successful solo career?

JLT: Probably not this year, but perhaps next year. There are no definite plans for a solo album at this time. I do hope to release the project I did with Swedish songwriter/singer Christ Antblad sometime later this year.


– And my last question about your other projects is about Brazen Abbot. The last album was released in 2005 and was entitled “My resurrection”. Is there any chance of creating a new opus anytime soon? It could be named “My re-resurrection”, for instance.

JLT: LOL about your idea for the title. Nik is brilliant and always great to work with. You would have to ask Nik about his future plans. He makes those decisions. It’s his project.


– And finally, do you plan touring with SUNSTORM or with any other project? I would love to see you on stage again soon.

JLT: A Sunstorm tour would be wonderful but it would have to have some type of financial investment. Tours are very expensive and if Sunstorm does tour, it would have to be under the right circumstances. Also…Dennis and the other musicians would all have to be available at the same time that I am available.


– That’s all, Master Turner. Do you want to add some thoughts or to tell something to the Queens of Steel’a audience?

JLT: Thanks you and thank your viewers/readers for all their support. I love them all and look forward to seeing them the next time I am in Spain.


– Thanks, Joe Lynn Turner. I wish you all the best in this New Year 2012. Thank you very much.

JLT: Thank you again and best wishes to you and your staff.

Alex M. Romero


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