– Hi, thanks for your time. What are you currently up to? How is everything doing right now with PORTAL?

As accordingly as can be expected.

– First off, despite you’ve been around for almost two decades now; could you please share some history of the band?

Many years creating our music for the albums Vexovoid, Swarth, Outre’, Seepia aswell as multiple small releases, time is irrelevant and many paths have been crossed.


– You have just released your new album, entitled «Vexovoid». How is its feedback being so far? I guess expectations may were pretty high due to the overwhelming responses your previous albums got.

Polar opposites as usual, those that are like-minded have embraced the new vibes present on this work, the others are not of our concern.


– Getting deeper into this new release; what’s the main concept behind the lyrics on it?

It is a multitude of concepts, each piece is it’s own world, and in that the reader/listener can make up their own perception.


– And where do you draw inspiration from to write your lyrics?

The main executor of the words is The Curator, his inspiration is drawn from his own imagination, personally I have found it in Nightmares/Night Terrors, Sleep paralysis, Death of people we know, etc.


– The cover artwork really attracts attention but; what did you want to reflect on it?

The mind being overcome with the malign, filtering out the sane.


– On my opinion, «Vexovoid» has something different to the classic PORTAL, being more experimental and way more disturbing than your previous releases. Was this how you envisioned this opus since the beginning?

We focus on what we want each story to tell and the sensation we want to feel.


– I also think, due to this, is the less «easy-listening» one, giving at the same time new sensations fo the listener throughout this journey. Is this maybe a way to refresh things and keep them interesting?

New levels of clarity have been reached because we are a tighter band at what we do in these years, our current drummer has been with us since 2007. However there was no agenda to speak of.


– Ths being said; does the PORTAL’s sound have any border?

We feel free to explore any sound within the boundaries of our mindset.


– Anyway you are a band that is constantly surprising and evolving, and fans can just expect the unexpected from you. Due to this I would like to know if this musical «uncertainty» is also reflected throughout the songwriting process. I mean, if you have certain rules or plans or if you just let things flow.

We let it flow, we know what we want to hear when we hear it.


– You have always had a really singular sound, really unusual, and always setting trends. So I would like to know what are the most influential bands for PORTAL and if your influences have been changing throughout the years.

The main influences on Portal years ago and that we still have alot of time for are, Beherit, Old Immolation, Old Morbid Angel as the key elements. Too many bands and artists to list otherwise for past and present. Our imaginations are our most useful tool in any regard.


– All this about «Vexovoid» being said; how could you describe it in just 3 words?

Bacterial Death Warp


– Now that a lot of bands are following the aesthetics of acts such as GHOST B.C., and years ago there also came out SLIPKNOT or GWAR, I would like to know why did you decide to use such image. Is it way to release from yourself while you are on stage?

We started using aesthetics in this way in 2002, the idea is to represent the music in the ideal imagery, and to immerse ourselves in our own world.


– You are hailing from Australia, that lately has a really solid Metal quary, but I guess it may be harder to success or play gigs as you are geographically isolated. Do you think maybe due to this, though being superb and getting great reviews, you are not so known around here?

This is the least of our concerns, but with things like the internet the World is a smaller place. There is nothing stopping a band from Australia to pursue tours overseas, we have already toured America, some of us twice in other bands. In the case of Portal we will do what we find stimulating as an experience, that is success in itself.


– And finally, what are your near-future plans?

We will be performing at Hells Pleasure in Germany, Metal Magic in Denmark plus side shows aswell as three shows in Japan. After these excursions we will begin working on new matter.

Sergio Fernández


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